Maybelline Brow Satin

26 December 2014

Hey guys! So recently I've began to fill in my eyebrows more because although I have quite dense (is that the right word to use?) eyebrows, like they're not very gappy, the front is kind of a mess. I've never really known what to use and what works best. I really want to try the Benefit brow kit,  but I don't think I could allow myself to spend that much for eyebrows when I could buy the Naked 2 Basics kit for less than that.

I had a phase where I used 'buck' from the naked 1 palette but recently I've been using Maybelline Brow Satin. At first I didn't really use this right, my eyebrows looked okay-ish but very blockish, they didn't look natural, however recently I've gotten the hang of it (I like to think so anyway) and I have been getting a few compliments on my eyebrows to back up this belief.

The 'device', I'm not sure what to call it, it's not really a pencil, has two ends which I would describe but I'm not sure how so I'll just show you.

I begin by using the pencil kind of end first and kind of draw upwards from the bottom of my eyebrows to fill in any gaps, but I don't colour them because then to 'spread out' these lines I use the spongey end and just kind of glide that along my eyebrows to merge what I done with the pencil. Oh my god my explaining is atrocious. The thing has instructions on it, don't worry.

I was so proud of my Christmas nails, not going to lie.
I really like eyebrow thing and it's gotten me quite a few compliments. I have very dark eyebrows in comparison to my hair..kind of. My hair is a variety of colours to be honest. But yeah, I have quite dark eyebrows and I use the shade medium brown and I think it suits me, you can make it darker by layering on the pencil more, or you know, just buy a darker shade. I really like using this though, I never really thought using an eyebrow thing would make much of a difference to me seeing as my eyebrows already are pretty defined? Is that the word? But it really does, when I use it you can hardly tell how gappy the beginning of my brows are! My friend uses a Mac foundation in a really dark shade to fill in her eyebrows which I really like, it looks so natural and flawless! But I don't really want to buy a £20 foundation to only use for my eyebrows. If I buy a Mac foundation I would use it for my face! (Also Im meant to be getting my first ever Mac product for Christmas- their face and body foundation- people say it makes you break out but others love it, feel free to let me know your opinion, please!!) I've gone off topic.

I was going to include a before and after picture, but my eyes look so bizarre in all the pictures, but trust me, this is a good 'un.

Anyway, this eyebrow thing is good, I would recommend it.
I love you guys, thanks for putting up with my absences and I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas!


14 December 2014

Hey guy okay catch up time. But firstly, how are you? Sorry for my absence, but I hope you are all doing well and expect some future posts for my hiatus (I hope I'm using this in the right way) is over. For now at least.

Okay, now prepare yourself. I am ranting.  But before I began I have questions for you. Firstly, any good books you recommend? How about makeup? What are peoples opinions of Mac Face and Body foundation, I really want it but my sister said it would make me break out but it looks so beautiful! Also where can I get one of those eyebrow brushes things that people use that look like a mascara wand but it's just an eyebrow brush?
Enjoy the first ever picture I took with my camera ages ago because I feel like you deserve a picture but nothing really relates with this post so why not have my dog looking gorgeous in my blankie.

Where was I? Well, I had some school exams which I had to revise pretty hard for, even though they weren't our 'proper' exams, they're still important. Due to me being crap at time keeping, I couldn't handle blogging and revising very well.

We've been told to revise over Christmas, but that does not fit in with my plan. My plan is to do a revision timetable for when I'm back at school and make lots of posts, then when I go back to school I'll hardcore revise and have some other posts to fall back on when my time keeping goes to poop. This holiday is probably going to the last two weeks I'll be able to relax for a loong time, I don't plan on revising! Unless I find out what I need to retake. Mistake me if I'm wrong, but I find it pretty unfair that we get our results when we go back to school in the first week and if we get two below our target grade we have to retake, which is fine I totally understand that, BUT apparently we have to retake it in our first week back as well. My issue with this being that we will have no time to revise. So we're being  told to revise everything over Christmas and I know I have a lot coming at me when its alevels and university and stuff but I don;t want to revise over Christmas. Simple as that. If I know what I have to retake, I will gladly revise because I want to do well. Yet the fact they're telling us to revise just in case we have to retake really makes me mad. I know that next year will be harder and blah blah and all future years but I would really like to just have these two weeks off then when I go back I plan to work my butt off. I just really want these two weeks to not think about exams and just relax and catch up on sleep and my TV shows and my social life. Just these two weeks, but the fact that we're being told to revise 'just in case' pisses me off so much because why can't tehy just tell us what we have to retake.

It also kind of upsets me. We aren't being congratulated that we finished our mocks, nobody has said well done for working so hard. All they do is complain and say we need to revise more which you know I can handle but I would really appreciate just one teacher saying well done and understanding how much work the majority of us put in. Instead they just talk about how they done afterschool and lunchtime sessions when they didn't have to. Don't get me wrong I am really grateful for that, I am, but we didn't have to attend them either. If I knew they were going to go on about it for ten years I would have rather they didn't to be honest. They helped, but I'm just so sick of hearing how hard they work, I know they do, but why cant they also accept that we worked hard too? I've put all this effort into these bloody mocks and I feel like I haven't done very well (we don't even speak about English oh my god they went so terrible) but I tried. Then if you do bad its because 'you didn't work hard enough, you didn't put enough effort in' but no. I did. If I've done badly it just means  I need to improve my revision technique, not that I didn't work hard enough.

I just hope that this week is more relaxed and we watch Christmas films in school now that the mocks are over I have no effort to learn anything else, but alas, I know fully well we have no relaxing lessons. But on Friday we have this Christmas talent show thing which is enjoyable, and gets us out of lessons. Maybe we will have more chilled out lessons, but I doubt it.

Man I could moan for ages, but I'll stick with the whole exam theme for now.

Actually no I won't, I'm done for now, I'm sleepy.

One more thing though; I'm finally in the Christmas spirit, after ages of not being feeling it I'm almost getting there, now that the stress is over, huzzah! I have gifts to buy and I want to decorate my room Christmassy, I hope I do that soon. I'm going Christmas shopping with my mother tomorrow, so I think Ill buy all the gifts and stuff then and maybe some Christmas decorations.Also, last night I saw family friends I hadn't seen for ages, that was nice. I don't really know what else to add, but yeah, I hope you guys are all good and thank you for staying.

Ripped Skinnies

26 November 2014

Hey guys! Quick little outfit post right now because I took pictures for this on Sunday and firstly, I thought it was such a cute outfit, secondly, I miss blogging. Man I can't wait till next week/the week after and mocks to be done. Can you believe that the thing I look forward to all year, I'm a Celeb is on right now and I can't watch it because I just don't have time!? Even though today I'm not sure what I done exactly, I just kind of sat at my desk when I got back from school just staring at pages and not actually revising.

Enough about my boring life at the moment, everyone has to go through exams, onto the outfit! The thing about this outfit is that it's so easy but doesn't look it. I had an outfit like this in my brain for ages and ,clearly, finally decided to wear it, but me and my friends were just popping out quickly and this outfit is just so easy but looked way to extravagant for our very quick excursion. I think with either a dark lipstick or bright one will also make this outfit so much better.

I really need to work on my outfit picture faces.this has also made me realise how much i want a watch. In case you were wondering.
Jeans- Topshop
I love ripped black jeans, I had wanted a pair for ages and low and behold, I finally got a pair! They're from Topshop and 10 out of 10 would recommend. Also, my shoes, my Vagabonds, my babies. I love these shoes so much. Also, I never realised how much a difference adding a bit of length made like woah I looked so tall. But yeah, everything about this outfit I love, ahh especially my Vagabonds and black ripped skinnies. The shirt is from Camden, but its just a generic flannel shirt, you can get them anywhere and also a beanie because why not, they keep you warm and looking cute. For Christmas I think I kind of really want a black beanie with cat ears but I don't know if that's just lame or cute. I think I'll just do it anyway because its been a want of mine for a long time. or in pink ohh that would look so cute.
Ignore my messy room, its tidy  now and that's all that matters.
I'm getting ahead of myself, I cant start talking about things I want for Christmas till after my mocks. or at least till the weekend where I can internet shop till my hearts content.

But yeah, hope you enjoyed this post, goodbye, I love you all and hopefully Ill be back soon! probably near the end of next week since that is my main week of mocks, oooh scary.

New Desk Space

10 November 2014

Hey guys! Okay firstly I'm sorry for being so inactive my posts wont be that regular till after December because I have my mocks in December and the majority of my time is spent doing work but after then I'll be better (for a bit anyway, then once GCSEs are over I'm all yours)

Secondly, I was going to show you my room in this post, however as I was taking pictures I realised it wasn't nearly as finished as I thought, I reckon Ill finish decorating it fully after my mocks, but for now I'm going to show you the part of my room that is finished. I also really want to do a talky post and just chat and catch you up with some things, but now is not the time because I know I'll start rambling and I'll just be there forever typing. Gosh I'm rambling now there is no time to ramble.

Lets get down to business. Kind of. I'm just showing you the desk part of my room to be honest because it's the only place that's properly complete and because I love it. Even though there are loads of random 1p coins on my desk which aren't wanted on my desk. (Update I just uploaded pictures onto my laptop and found loads of pictures for posts)(Heck yeah)

Excuse the textiles folder and random bag on my wardorbe. I have no idea where that bag came from.
Within the 24 hours of taking this picture my desk has turned into a mess. I'm not even sure how I haven't done half the work I was meant to do today. I took a break to do some doodling and ended up taking an hour, I'm not sure how at all. I always find it hard to revise though when there's a lot on my mind but there's not much I can do to fix that. Once somethings in your brain its there for hours.
Oh gosh rambling. But yeah this is my desk space, I love it. It was so annoying buying the desk because my family have had such a large input into decorating this new room, it's like they found it hard to except that although they done most of the painting and came up with lots of ideas, it is my room. None of them liked this desk, or they didn't like the legs or the way it didn't take up the whole space. I had to battle to get this desk and thank god I did because I love it. It's just the right size and I like the antique vibe from the legs. Although, I'm not sure how but its been like drilled into the wall somehow and is only standing on two legs. I don't understand it at all. But hey ho, it's sturdy.

On my desk I have this jar and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this jar, I'm going to look for ideas on pinterest or something, but I just think its such a nice jar. I'm not sure why i feel so strongly towards the jar, but I do. I just realised you cant see my jar. Woops

All fromIkea.
Meet Diana, (this cuite is nameless still), Willis and Pedro. Or known as buddies.

Also my cacti, oh gosh my cacti, my babies. Yes, I've named them. Yes, I am in love with them. Yes, I am extremely worried I'm going to kill them somehow. How often does one water a cacti? I googled it and the answer I found was 'not much', like wow good advice people, it's not like I didn't already know that. I do biology, I know how plants adapt, I know cacti don't need much water but I just need to know how often to water them so my babies don't die. Although I need to find my cacti a proper home still, I don't really want ornaments in front of my books, I'm not sure why. I guess its just because I love books so much and I love how I've laid them out, I don't want them to be covered.
Speaking of books, how upsetting, I had to get rid of over half my books when mmovingin to this room, not to mention that about five months ago I had to get rid of half my books again. So this is like a quarter of my book selection. (If you have any book recommendations please let me know, Christmas is coming:)). Man I cant wait to have time to myself and read again.

Also here are some more ornaments. I would talk about them and stuff, but I just saw the time and it's late and I've already written loads.

Jeez my laptop is being so slow. I cant believe that just as I'm getting to the most important year of my life so far (I know A-levels are tougher blah blah but right now it's all about GCSE's for me please don't remind me of the future) I just begin to get a pretty active social life. I am an inside hermit but let me tell you I seem to be constantly busy. I just cant wait to relax and watch TV shows and blog properly (I haven't read blog posts in so long gosh darn). I'll see you soon though guys, maybe in two weeks maybe a week, but I wont get properly into two post blogging for a while but I hope you'll stick with me anyway because I will never abandon this little home on the internet for too long!:)

Autumn Wishlist

27 October 2014

Hey guys! Ah, I'm so happy its finally half term, this has been one of the longest school terms ever it feels like. It's annoying though because there are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to see in this half term, when in reality I should spend most of it revising. Not to mention how much this stresses me out because I know at least three of the days there is no chance of me revising at all. Oh gosh, okay but let's not worry about that yet. Also, I finally moved into my new room, hurrah, but its a mess and totally unorganised still. However when it is finally done and I'm happy with it, I am so excited to show you.

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10

I forgot to number them but the order of the link goes from the coat to the skirt to the body chain to the jeans to the socks to the dress to the striped tshirt to the jumper to the shoes to the beanie. Glad we cleared that out.

I remember last year seeing a coat like that one but in green from Urban Outfitters and I just really love this style of coats. I probably wont get one, because it's outrageously priced (as most of the things on this wishlist are) but maybe one day. Also the skirt, you've probably seen it before it's everywhere, it costs £55 or something but I love it so much, If if I could have one shop where I got all the things from free, it would be a tough choice between Urban Outfitters or American Apparel. I think the skirt is really cute and with a black long sleeved top would look so adorable, but I'm not really a huge fan of skirts and it would  be too risky I feel to spend £55 because deep down, I know I wouldn't wear it much. I did kind of find a cheap copy of it on Boohoo though, it's a skort rather than a skirt, but that makes it more appealing to me to be honest! I'll try and find you guys a link because I'm pretty sure it's less than half the price and it is so similar!

I really want ripped black skinny jeans like those ones in the picture, but I'd rather they had more rips, I brought some skinnies from Primark hoping they would fit and then I was going to rip them, but alas, they fit me really oddly. I'm hoping tomorrow (trip to Oxford Street heck yeah) I can buy some black skinnies then rip them myself, or buy some already ripped some but whichever is cheaper and looks bettert. Also, the black midi dress wasn't in stock when I checked, but oh my god I think its so cute. With one of those long crystal necklaces it would look so nice, and it could be jazzed up or made casual, I've wanted a midi dress or skirt for ages and though this was really nice, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Gosh I can talk or ages about clothes. The jumper at the bottom, I really, really want, it looks so cosy and comfy and with a pair of ripped black skinnes it would look perfect I feel and a beanie. I'm really tempted to buy it but I've forgotten the price and let's be real, it's from American Apparel, it's going to cost a fortune. Maybe I'll be able to find a similar cheaper one from Primarks mens. Who knows. I brought a body chain similar to the one pictured the other day and I will include it in an outfit post soon because it's so cool, I also really want on of those rings like with a chain that goes into a bracelet. If you get what I mean. I just think they're really cool.

Okay that's it for today guys, sorry for being so inactive and for this kind of rambling post, I just want so many clothes and thought this would be a good post but it just kind of went really rambly.

Culotte Shorts

20 October 2014

Hey guys! Gosh, I know it's been ages but I finally have a post that I'm happy to upload. I made loads of posts before but they weren't something that I would necessarily want to read or were particularly good in a any way so I didn't bother posting them. However, I am finally back with an outfit post!! My Asos order came yesterday and let me tell you, I am very excited to wear all these clothe. On Friday night I went to London with my family to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in the theater (it was amazing by the way I highly recommend it) but I thought it would be appropriate to wear some new clothes.

It's a tad annoying because I was running quite late so I couldn't take any good quality pictures with my camera and I was quite proud of this outfit, if we're all being honest, but luckily my mum felt the need to take a picture of me, so I stole those.

These shorts are probably my new favourite thing. They're comfortable and can be worn in summer, and winter with tights, can be dressed up or dressed down and are super cute. In my opinion. I got three pairs of these from Asos, but only kept two since one was £16 and the other two were £8 in the sale so it was like two for the price of one. Although the ones I got rid of were really cute they had a tartan print and I really want the American Apparel tartan tennis skirt (although it's very expensive I do believe I have half of the amount needed on a voucher, but I, not sure) or I found a cheaper similar version of on Boohoo and I'll probably end up getting one of those so I didn't really need to keep the tartan shorts. Also, I don't technically need three pairs of culottes shorts. 

Such amazing quality. Also, sorry for not sorting out my socks for this picture
Shorts - Asos (not exact ones)
Top - American Apparel
Shoes - Office (not exact but similar) (or these but mine are in burgundy)
Socks - Urban Outfitters (I think, they're just generic glittery socks to be honest)(I can't find a link for any though)
Hat - Accesorize (similar)

Anyway I paired it with my black velvet crop top (as seen here), but I also think it would go really nicely with like a black vest type thing, I don't know how to explain what I mean, but basically I think the too you wear with this doesn't necessarily have to be tight or cropped. In my head when I planned my outfit I imagined it with my black Vagabonds (these) but my sister had borrowed them so instead I wore hers (can we just take a minute to appreciate how fabulous it is that we can share shoes oh so glorious) and we were going to swap when we met up in London, but then couldn't be bothered. In case you were wondering. But yeah, also to really jazz it up I wore this black, bowler hat I think it's called? I think I wore this once in a previous outfit post but when it came to going out I didn't actually wear it, but this time I did, and let me tell you in this lipstick and the hat I felt so first class and fierce. I'm excited to wear this duo more often, honestly I felt so prestige in it but in a good way, I loved it!

I finally got a choker from Asos too!I want loads more now as well, they're so cute but I want to find some different places to buy some, so if you know any please let me know! man I cant believe how late I was to jump on this bandwagon, chokers are great! I really want some silver necklaces which I can pair with this to do a layering affect or something. Oh gosh, I just want all the chokers!
Sorry for abandoning you for two weeks, I have reasons, not good ones, but I do not plan on leaving again for that long. Ever. Also, I'm nervous to open Bloglovin' because I'm pretty sure I have like 500 posts to read. I can't believe how long I left the whole blog world for, gosh never again. I will be back soon, possibly Friday, possibly Monday but how ever long it is, definitely not in two weeks time! Also woah I just had to do some HTML editing for this post and woah that was not fun. But see you soon!:)

Favourite Lip Products

6 October 2014

Hey guys! So as winter is coming and so are the dark lipsticks I thought I'd show you some of my favourite lip products but these are mainly from all the seasons. I do have one dark lipstick though, and I plan on getting another one, I remember last year I saw Topshop had a really nice one, but I decided on a different colour from Rimmel, so I'm hoping this year Topshop have the same one.

Topshop Whimsical |  Kate Moss Rimmel 108  |  Carmex  | Kate Moss Rimmel 101  | Kate Moss Rimmel 110

I have two red lipsticks, but this one is my favourite of the two. The other one is a Little Mix one and is more of a deep red, but this one is bolder and brighter which I like. Good for summer and going out. It's matte which I like, but it sticks to dry lips very easily. It also doesn't last that long though and gets really patchy, like the inside will fade and it looks like I have a bright red lip liner on. But I really like the colour and think it is really good, worth the price.

Wow, there is a lot of Rimmel here. I get scared to try new brands in case they're not good and I think these are really trustworthy. I don't have  much to say about this one though except that it's cute and easy to wear. It looks more purple/shimmery in these but it's not, it's really natural and subtle. It makes your lips look a nice colour but not overwhelming.

The Topshop lipstick was one of my daily wears in summer. I like the orange of the lipstick but when it's on it doesn't look ridiculous. It's matte as well, actually I think all my lipsticks are, and applies really nicely. It lasts a while and I don't know if its just because its a neutral-ish shade, but it never stains my lips like the Rimmel ones do, well they don't stain my lips but if  I get a tiny bit on my face and try to rub it away they stay for ages. Plus, this one doesn't leave a weird lip liner look around my lips. It lasts a while and I think the packaging is really cute.

This isn't that dark of a lipstick, well it kind of is. It's a dark red colour, but not that dark. It's cute though and easy to wear and can make any lazy outfit seem appropriate. I know most lipsticks can do this, but I don't know this lipstick really can help make a massive jumper and leggings be appropriate to wear on a nice day out. Not saying you cant wear that anyway, but you know when you just need something extra, this lipstick helps. I hope this makes sense. I think I want a more dark purple though this winter even though I don't need it. Oh well, if I have the money and still want it maybe I will..

Lastly, Carmex. Whats much to say about Carmex, it keeps my lips hydrated, is hydrated the right word?? It refrains my lips from getting dry and chapped basically, which is especially needed in winter. When I first used Carmex I was a bit like,' what the heck why is it minty' but now I'm used to it and it does its job well.

Top 5 : Books

29 September 2014

Hello!  I was going to do an outfit post today, and I did wear a pretty cute (if I do say so myself) outfit on Saturday, but forgot to take pictures then on Sunday I just had a lazy day in. But I've been thinking about doing a 'Top 5' series every month of just like my top 5 things like books, music etc. Someone else probably does it somewhere, but I was pretty proud of the idea. Whether I stick to it is another story, but whatever. Today I thought I'd show you five books I really like. I would say they're my top 5 books, but I just have too many to choose from so yeah, I'm just showing you guys a few goodies. Also I'm trying not to pick really well known ones, but if I do, sorry. It's annoying that most of these are on my kindle so i cant take artsy pictures of books. Oh well.

Eleanor & Park
Okay, I think this is a pretty popular book now but whatever. It's great, I love Rainbow Rowel. With a name like that how can you not like her!? I read this book after I read Fangirl and I was expecting a different ending to this one, but I don't know what you guys consider spoilers so I'll just leave that there. I really enjoyed this book though, I quickly liked the characters in it and enjoyed the narrative, I think she changes the person whose speaking really well and there's a clear writing change defining each character. It's really good and it's not hard to read. I didn't want to stop reading, although I'm usually like that, but I whizzed through and would gladly read it again. You should try it. It's really pleasurable. I feel like I should be writing some of the plot in this part, but nah.

The Fifth Wave
The Fifth Wave is more of a sci-fi book about the end of the world, kind of. I really do enjoy 'dystopian sci-fi' themed books, so if you know any please recommend some in the comments! I think this book is part of the trilogy, I know there's a second book because I've been waiting a while for it to come out, then I forgot about it and now I finally think it's out. Woo. This book is also written from others perspectives and at first I got a bit confused with all the characters, but once I got into the book I was hooked. It's exciting and you do like some of the characters and want them to survive and want to know what's going to happen, which is a good thing for a book to have. I was debating whether to mention this book or The Maze Runner, but I went with this one since I'm pretty sure everyone knows about The Maze Runner now. (If not please go read it is amazing I've read the series loads of times and I had to wait for each of the next books to come out and they were the longest waits ever and they're amazing and appreciate that the full trilogy plus the prequel is out just go read it now okay bye).

The Miseducation Of Cameron Post
A while back I made a post listing a bunch of books I wanted to read and this was one of them. At the beginning of the book, I hated it. I thought it was moving slow and I had no desire to know what happened next. Also I think the fact it was based further back then I originally thought put me off, how ageist of me. Then one day I got to a certain part of the book, I think it was the bit she reached her teenage years, and I got hooked. It's basically about a girl who becomes an orphan and lives with her Nan and aunt, that's not really a big deal though in the book, its more about her sexuality and stuff. Although I really enjoyed this book, I did feel like it was very long, but there was always something happening. It's a good read and (I know I keep saying this) but your really do start to feel for Cameron Post.
Also I know people say don't judge a book by it's cover, but I really do love this front cover. It's a shame I didn't buy this book in real life book form, it deserves to be physically in my library, which is a way i don't feel about many books.

A Walk To Remember
This is also a film, but I don't think I want to watch the film version. I remember for ages my friends would rant about how amazing and sad this film was, and I refused to watch it till I read the book. Then I read the book and loved it. It made me laugh and cry and I was hooked on it. I don't know what else to say about it except it really is a good book. Its not really deep or anything or has some amazing lines like The Fault In Our Stars or something, but I loved it. I don't want to watch the film because I remember when my friend asked me if I cried at a certain part, and I said how that didn't happen in the book and she was shocked that it didn't happen and proclaimed how bad it must have been without that part. But the same thing did happen in the book, but in a different way. I don't want to watch the film adaption I think, because I'm so content with the way everything happened in the book and the way the whole story happened. Just giving you the heads up now though, some parts are very sad and like most Nicholas Sparks books, has a sad ending.

I brought this on my iPad kindle app and read it over summer. Personally, I think it's a really interesting book and I really enjoyed reading it, but it's a very heavy topic. It can also be very triggering to some people so if you were to read it you need to be aware of the fact it has a strong eating disorder theme [1 | 2 | 3 |4], self harm [useful links for both 1 | 2] and suicide. I know you may be wondering why on earth I brought this and I feel like not many people would enjoy reading it, but I did. I'm not sure why. I guess I just found it interesting and different. It's a very unique book and if you want to read it, you should. Although at time the books was a bit unsettling and disturbing, it definitely made me more aware of some things despite the fact it is fictional. However if you struggle with any of the above, don't read it because it may be triggering and upsetting. Also, if you are struggling with any of the above I've linked websites for you which may help, I'm not sure but they're there if you need them.

Hope you liked the post guys! I did write quite a lot, but I can speak for ages about books gosh. Sorry for the crappy pictures though, I have these all, except one, in kindle form so I couldn't take an artsy picture of them stacked up and stuff. But yeah, I hope you liked it and let me know in the comments if you've read any of these, or have any good books to recommend! See you Friday!:)


26 September 2014

Hey guys! Woah change of plan, I think I might try posting Monday and Friday instead from now on, I think I may have an idea how to do this. Possibly.

This is more of chatty post today because I kind of need to write this out and organize my thoughts, usually I would do it in my diary but I needed to write a blog post anyway and this isn't deeply personal or anything so why not.

Over the summer holidays, I forgot homophobia was a thing that still happened. Now I'm not gay, but still hearing some of the stuff people say really annoys me. I understand that some people don't accept homosexuality because of their religion, I may not agree with it, but whatever. As long as they don't go flinging insults at gay people and they just keep quiet about it, it's whatever. But religion is complicated and this isn't going to be that deep about homophobia.

There are different degrees of homophobia I feel and obviously things are way worse than others. The whole spectrum of homophobia/transphobia pisses me off and I could talk about it for years. It surprises me it's still a thing to be honest, it's 2014, who cares what gender people like, it's not like it affects anyone. I'm not going to get proper deep though. it's just since I've been back at school the main insult I keep hearing is 'gay'.

Gay, is just a word to explain what someones sexuality is. It is not a negative word, there should be no negative connotations attached to the word, but there are. Now faggot, that's an offensive word and i despise it. But gay? Seriously? People also get offended by it as well. I was in class the other day and somebody said to their friend 'Oh, you're so gay' and the friend was genuinely offended. He was proper trying to defend himself. But no. its not something you should feel offended by. It's a sexuality. Not an insult.

Or when someone is using a pen and it breaks and they call it gay. Is your pen attracted to other pens? No? Then shut up. Or being called a lesbian, that's not an insult either. That is also just a way to explain a sexuality, yet girls also rush to defend their straightness when called it. I don;t understand why people get offended by this.

Also, people who aren't even homophobic say these things, but they don't realise what they're saying is indeed a homophobic slur. They may be fully accepting of gay people, but it is homophobic to be attaching these negative implications to the word gay and people need to stop. It's just stupid. Also, I don't exactly know how it must feel to have people constantly using my sexuality in a degrading way, because you never hear people go 'Oh that's so straight' in a derogatory way but it must be pretty shitty. And if people are scared about coming out, this must not help them at all. In fact, it may make them thing their sexuality is wrong, when it's not at all.

I hope if you're one of those people who use gay in a negative way, you stop. It's not an okay thing to do and some people don't even know that. I guess by watching so many gay people on youtube and having gay friends, it's kind of made me realise a lot more about homophobic comments and slurs and I am just so fed up of hearing gay be used in a negative way.

Enough of the pessimistic-ness though. Fridays and Mondays,  you will see a post from me! I have a plan! I've got this! Sorry for ranting at you guys, I just have so much anger behind the whole concept of homophobia and thought why not share!
Also, this post needed pictures so I thought, hey why not show you some of my favourite people (all youtubers woops) that also happen to be gay! But yeah, that's all, see you guys soon, thank you for reading :)

I'm setting this post on a schedule, I've never done this before oh wow I hope it works...
It didn't work.

Elbow Pads

21 September 2014

Hey guys! Oh my god, ages ago when I was going through my One Direction phase, I remember there was a picture of Harry Styles in a jumper and I remember this picture so well because I saw it ages ago, but ever since I have wanted a jumper like that. I haven't found a jumper which completely floats my boat in the sense that it is really similar to Harrys, but today I found one which was remotely similar. To be fair I feel like a place that sells Dad clothing would see the type of jumper I want, I just don't know where to look for that though! I'm pretty sure Marks And Spencers would too, and I remember the other day my sister asking if we should keep the 30% or something off mens wear at M&S and it only just occurred to me that M&S would have the jumper I've been looking for.

I took all the hoodies/jackets off my door for this picture, I forgot those pictures were even on my door. Good old McFly and Drake and Josh.
Leggins- Asos
Jumper- (similar) Primark
White Top- (similar) Primark [also how cute is this top]

But anyway, I found a jumper kind of similar. I was having a lazy day on this day, and I think its a really cute lazy day outfit, still acceptable if you're going to quickly see someone but comfy enough to be able to lounge around in and feel like you're in pajamas. Also in winter with some black skinnies, black boots and a dark lipstick would make a cool outfit. Or maybe even a blouse of some sort underneath, with a cute white collar. Oh that would be so cute! But yeah, it's a really versatile jumper which could be worn a lot of ways. It even has elow pads, how cute! Although it is pretty old, I think Primark maybe one or two years ago, it did belong to my sister. They'll probably sell similar again this year though, I hope so! Maybe without the elbow pads because I don't think they're as in fashion this year, but I wish they were.

I really like the colour of this jumper and like how it looks with the white tshirt peeping through the top, but I think I should have chosen a shorter top so it wasn't popping out of the bottom. Also, this is one of those jumpers that the sleeves can be worn rolled up a little bit, a lot, or not at all and it still always looks good! Well, I personally think that. Man, I'm so happy its finally autumn and all the jumpers. I also really want some black skinnies, but that aren't that skinny, well they are but hm I dont know how to explain. All my jeans are skinny jeans are super skinny ones from Topshop, but I think I want some kind of baggy ones, but I'm not sure. Primark probably have some, then I can see if I can rock the skinny-but-not-completely-skinny look.
Goodbye for now amigos!:)

Denim Jackets

14 September 2014

God, my laptop is painfully slow. I have waited 19 minutes for the internet to properly work. I have no idea whats wrong with it. Eurgh. I remember staying up one night and writing dates in a notebook saying when to write posts, when to post them and I have already failed. I don't know when this will be posted, but who cares. I have a schedule, I have ideas, I just need to organise timings a bit better then these posts will actually happen. Although sometimes I look at my ideas and I'm surprised at how lame they are, or how desperate they seem. Well, not desperate, but I don't want to post something just to have something to post, I want to post it because it is something I genuinely want to share.

Today though is an outfit. Surprise. See I do have a schedule kind of, Sunday is meant to be an outfit post, its just my Wednesday posts rarely happen. One day I will.

To be honest this outfit post is more just to show you this denim jacket I inherited. I always really wanted a denim jacket and I remember a couple of years ago ordering one from Asos, which was cute and at the time I really like it, but now I'm not that big a fan. it not over sized and just not very me. However, this beauty was taken, yet again, from my sisters pile of unwanted clothes. I kind of wish it was longer and a bit baggier, but I think it is pretty darn great. I struggle with denim jackets a lot, because Im not really a leggings kind of girl, I'm mainly always in jeans. Or a dress. I' not one of those people that can get away with wearing double denim, so whenever I wear this jacket I pair it with my skinny black jeans from Topshop because I think I can get away with it. I really like the pattern on this jacket, I think its really cute and gives it a kind of 'vintage' feel, even though the label clearly states its from Topshop. It also works really nicely with my burgundy hoody underneath and I think that will be a match worn a lot in winter. Its just a really cute, different type of jacket which I really like to be fair. It can be hard to wear due to double denim and finding a tshirt that doesn't completely clash with the pattern, but no often.
Jacket; Topshop [old]
Top: River Island
I wore it with this black New York tshirt from River Island which I also took from my sister and my Topshop super high waisted skinnies. Topshop really are my favourite jean place, they're all so comfy and east to move in straight away, which cant be said for all jeans!

All though the pictures of my nails is a bit blurred, let me just tell you I had them painted the most adorable colour, it may have chipped very quickly but god damn it was so adorable. Good for summer. Too bad its autumn. Oh well. I wont let seasons stop me from wearing nail colours. 
I probably wont have a post Wednesday because I'll be busy Sunday preparing to move into my new room and doing homework so I wont have time to write a post and take pictures. I reckon once I'm finally settled into my new room and have a proper desk where I can write posts and feel organised, then I will become a better blogger. Maybe not though, I'm not sure. I cant even cope posting twice a week I have no idea how people can post more! But I do have a few ideas and stuff so it's not even like I'm lacking ideas or motivation, I just get sidetracked! Also these aren't meant to be excuse I'm just kind of wittering on. But yeah. I probably wont post Wednesday but definitely will soon and I will get this blog on track just eventually! Hopefully... nah I will.

Ripped Jeans

7 September 2014

Hey guys! I didn't actually end up wearing this outfit, it wasn't really appropriate for my days activity or the weather and I knew that in the evening I was going out to Wagamamas so I didn't want to wear such a short top, but I thought it was a cute outfit and I cant wait till I actually can wear it! I remember once in English I was told I use too many exclamation marks and now I am always so conscience of the amount of exclamation marks I use. Just in case you thought I use too may, I am aware. I guess I just exclaim everything.
I didnt wear any jewlerry so I'm just showing you the top and how pretty it is! Ahh I love the roses. Although my camera is kind of out focus here, annoying. Oh well. :)
I'm mad that I found this outfit just as summer is ending because I think it's perfect for summer. With a wing eyeliner and a peachy/nude lipstick it would look adorable. The top is actually my sisters, after her huge uni clear out I went and scavenged to find good stuff. It's annoying because she has loads of cool jeans, but we are not the same jean size at all. I am much taller than her and different sized waist/hips, I cant even attempt to squeeze in and its so annoying because she was throwing out disco pants and I really want a pair. She was also getting rid of a pair of jeans which I really want but alas, they did not fit. I then let my friend try all the jeans and stuff on and they fit her all. I was so jealous. I don't know why I'm using past tense, I still am so jealous. Fortunately I can wear the same tops as her, so I got a lot out of that. Even though they're all summery clothes so i cant really wear them at the moment which sucks. A lot of them are also very snazzy and I have no need to wear them on a daily basis, but at least when the time comes I will have loads of clothes to wear.

I don't know what was happening at the time of the picture on the left but it my belly genuinely looks like an alien in it, creepy.
Top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Asos (mine are mens ebcause at the time mens were the only ones where you could get plain black but now I think you can get womans ones too)
I paired the top with these ripped jeans, which I don't think have featured on my blog yet. I got them at the beginning of the summer holidays and I always seem to be wearing them. They're from Topshop and oh my god they are so soft. Obviously they're comfy, I think we've established by now I only ever dress for comfort. They're not exactly high waisted, but they don't rest on my hips either. Mildly high waisted I guess? Sometimes it hard to find a top to go with them because some of my crop tops finish exactly where they begin so it looks like I have no figure, or they're too short and too much of my belly is on display. Although I have no found many outfit combinations which work with these jeans so that's all good.

I look so sporty in the pictures, with my hair up and all, but my hair up didn't last. Some people can rock a pony tail, some people just can't. I'm trying to learn how to rock one, or how to be a visually acceptable pony tail. Sometimes it works, usually not. I'm also trying to learn how to be able to do a messy bun that doesn't look like someone molded my hair around a cactus. See you soon guys!:)x

Summer Makeup

3 September 2014

Hey guys! Although summer is basically over now, well actually I don't think there is any 'basically' about it. It is over. Woah. At least here in England anyway. But the other day when I was doing my makeup I tried something different and actually quite liked the result. I thought it looked quite summery, but now thinking about it although it is summery it just made me feel like I looked really fresh. Anyway, I thought I would show you all because it looked quite nice in the end and I will definitely be doing this again. Also, it didn't take long at all. Although I'm writing this quite a while after I done this so I've kind of forgotten what makeup brushes I used and what not, but I know the products I used. This is mainly focusing on eyes since there was nothing extraordinary about my face makeup, but I'll tell you what face products I used anyway, just in case you want to know.

If you're looking at this and getting mad that some of the things are wonky, I know. I tried. I will improve next time, I just realised. 
On my face I used Rimmel Match Perfection because it's the only shade dark enough for me at the moment. I was always too scared to actually buy it in case it made me break out or I didnt like it but then I borrowed my sisters after the holiday and I really like it! I thought I would but I always feel nervous trying new foundations, this one is so great though. It has a good overage but could be built up and I think it smells really nice, personally. I also used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer which is alright, if I had my way I would be using it but its the only thing that remotely matches my skin tone at the moment. Then I used the Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 02 on my cheeks, I got this ages ago and really liked it but just kind of stopped using it because I have nothing to apply it with. I use my hands at the moment which I don't really like to do but I love this shade especially on tanned skin. Then I used the Bourjois Bronzing Powder, woah a lot of Bourjois here.

Wonky again, I know. I'm sorry. I feel nervous that you may have not even realised they're wonky and now I've pointed it out you're like 'Damn' but I just need people to know if they had realised that I realise it too, I'm not blind, just bad at getting things straight. Also hello little astronaut off my tshirt that you can see in the mirror!
On my eyes I didn't bother using a primer, even though I really should. It was pretty simple what I done anyway, but it was cute. I don't know what brushes I used where, but I know I used a mix of the Real Technique ones and the one that came with Naked palette. I began by covering my lid in Sin, I'm assuming by using the Real Technique Base brush. I then put a tiny bit of Sidecar in my crease, using the Deluxe Crease Brush. In the corner of my eye I used Virgin, I usually do this when I'm wearing eye shadow and blend it in because it makes your eyes look bigger. or something like that. I'm not really sure the exact reason but I do it because I think it really helps to open up my eyes.

 Then on my lower lash I used Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Vanilla Sky. I really like using white eyeliner on the lower lid, again I think it helps open my eyes and I also think it looks quite cute. On my eyelashes I used the usual, Maybelline the Falsies. I got this one from the airport and I'm not sure why but its different to all my other Falsies, the brush is different and I actually much prefer this one, but I'm not sure why its different. Its called the exact same as all the others and it has a different pattern on the outside but it has a different want which I much prefer than the other ones. I forgot to put black eyeliner on my top waterline, but normally I do and I think it would have made this look much better because its all so light, it needs some bold darkness.
Then it ended up looking like this:

Excuse my messy eyebrows and the fact my eyes are just staring at you. InCpTIoOn.

I rarely do makeup posts but I really should do them more often because I find them so fun to write. I guess its because I never do any 'woah' makeup but still. its enjoyable. Anyway that's it for today, Ill see you soon. I actually will this time though, I have a schedule! Finally! I also think I will keep to it, I hope so anyway. This year will be a stressful one,  but everyone goes through it and I think I'll blog as breaks for in between my work.  But yeah, thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you liked this post!? Byee:)x


29 August 2014

Hello, so this is a super long chatty post about ages ago when I went to Camden. If you read it all, thank you, if you don't, enjoy the pictures! I'm not sure how it ended up so long but oh well. Off we go!

Man, I love Camden it's all so busy and kind of stressful because you want to see what all the stalls have to offer, and people are shouting at you all the time to come look at their clothes and offering discounts, but it's so much fun.

The top I brought was £25. When the man told me the price I was thinking woah, and I was going to ask if it could possibly be made any lower, but then the guy started telling why it was so expensive and how each one is individually tye dyed (as he showed us no two are the same) and they wont crack in the wash and they have no seams and are made like a sock ( I don't know why that's significant but oh well) and how there were only 3 places who sold them in London, so I brought it. He could have just been lying and saying that to make me buy it, it could have been genuine but either way I was a sucker for the speech and I brought it. I kind of wanted a dolphin top, but they had none and I knew there is probably one on eBay, but I feel in love with this wolf. It's quite a dark t-shirt, not very summery, but cute and will go well over leggings, over skinny jeans. Also with disco pants (which I still really want to get!!) and basically anything that's tight fitting!

As soon was we got to the market place I saw a dress I liked the look of and I went to look at it then as I went to walk away the woman instantly started lowering the price! I felt bad saying no though, since she had lowered the price and all, but there is no point in wasting money. I went to Camden on a mission to buy: a dress, a bag and an animal t-shirt (similar to my unicorn one). Two of the three were successful, I got a bag and a top, but I couldn't find the type of dress I was looking for. Here are my purchases (I forgot to include the bag in these pictures but I will show you because I love it so much!)

After we had looked at all the stalls in the market area (core blimey though, such a maze!) and I considered buying a fake spike earring, we got some food then headed off on the hunt for a toilet. When we finally got to the toilets, which were actually rather nice I was expecting some gross type of toilet or something. We found the amazing graffiti. I would show you a picture, but I took none because my phone doesn't have a very good camera.

It then lead to the stables, where they had the most amazing Indian inspired stalls! I loved them all and they had such amazing rucksacks everywhere, I regret not buying one, and amazing earrings. I settled on this bag I've been looking for a bag like this everywhere, it's just such a chilled bag. If that's even a thing? I don't know, I just think its a really cool pretty bag and good for holding stuff. I want one with another pattern too though, so whenever I next go on holiday (hopefully soon!) I'll get another similar type there, because I know they do these style bag. I remember last year my mum getting one and me taking the mick and now I love it and always borrow it!

I then also brought some little rings from another stall (not the stables anymore ) I call it little but it was actually pretty large. it was all Indian themed too and they such cool rugs and wall hangings and awhh everything was so nice there. I wanted it all! But yeah I brought some rings (5 for £3 woop).
I also brought this little purse thingy, I'm not sure what I'd use it for, but it was cheap and I liked the pattern. Although I was just looking at it and realised some of the threads are little loose, but oh well!

Then I also got a diary from this stool, and I was so excited. I've been looking for a cool diary for ages, and this one was so beautiful and the one on display looked like such good quality pages and so I brought one. However when i got home and opened it I had a pretty nasty shock I guess you could say.
Firstly the pages are really thick like an almost fabric. Also it looks like the pages are covered in hair, so I went to flick it off, but it looks like they are part of the page, which isn't even the grossest part. There are random stains and marks all over the pages and it's creepy! Some really look like blood stains and I'm not sure what they are and how they got there but all I know is it's creepy and weird and scary and I don't think I will actually use the diary, which is sad because it's so pretty but the pages are just so...weird and scary.

After a d few hours of worrying about my cursed diary though, I was told that its just nature and that those stains are actually petals and leaves and stuff. Woops. But the other day I went to Camden and found literally the exact same diaries but the pages weren't stained, so I guess mine was just an unfortunate one!

Oh, I also brought a bandanna! it's pretty stiff and hard to fold into shape, but it feels liker really good quality and I love the colour. I think in summer a bikini with a bandanna looks so nice!

This post has been in my drafts for absolutely ages and I keep forgetting to post it, but hark, today is the day! Hark. Hark? Yes I just used the word hark, I'm doubting whether its a real word but I have no spell check correcting me so I guess it is. I've been to Camden twice since this post, and Im going again today with my mum and sister to hopefully buy a wall hanging for my room, but I'm really not sure what I want to do with the room anymore. There are so many ideas and I was so set on one idea but then I heard others and looked at room inspiration and now I have no idea! I'm also excited to go to his really cool shop I found last time I went which has some really retro clothes in it, loads of the stuff reminded me of Saved By The Bell, oh how I miss it. Although I barely remember it, I miss it. Jeez I've written too much. Okay, bye, if you read this all, good on you! I was going to make it into two separate posts but nah.

Jim Chapman Outfit

21 August 2014

Hey guys! So today has been eventful. I was meant to go out at 11, I woke up five minutes before that, made the plans later then ended up lying in bed for god knows how long watching random youtube videos. Then I hunted through all the clothes my sister is throwing out, which was not the time since I was already like an hour and a half late. After that I had to find a foundation dark enough to fit my skin tone at the moment (hell yeah to holiday tans) but I could not find one and let me tell you, my skin is rebelling against me and spots are everywhere. However, finally by three o'clock after all the procrastinating and searching for stuff I finally went out.

I decided I quite liked my outfit and wanted to show you guys it. I felt a lot like Jim Chapman and I'm not sure why.

The white tshirt is just one of my dads and the shirt is a really old one that belonged to my sister. I think they go well together most of all because the tshirt is super baggy but the shirt, its not not  baggy but its not tight either. It's the perfect size to wear over a larger tshirt and not get swallowed up into a mass of clothing. Although I do wear a baggy shirt over a tshirt, I feel like having a more fitted shirt works best.
Okay I have no idea what happened to the amera quality, my friend Lauren took the pictures, lets just blame her. I'm kidding, I love her all go check out her blog its fabulous.
Tshirt: Next (so soft!)
Jeans: Topshop (not the exact same, but close)
Shoes: Office
Shirt: River Island [very old, but I found similar here!]
Bag is from Primark ages ago, but there are always good lil bags there
The checkered shirt added some colour to the outfit and I felt like because it was quite plain, I would need a long necklace. Obviously, I went to my trustworthy Urban Outfitters necklace which seems to reappear in every blog post. Sorry, but I do wear it a heckle lot. Then I paired it with my new Vagabonds.
I was contemplaing whether to buy these shoes for ages, since they were so expesnive and I knew I could probably find a pait which werent that similar but for much cheaper. I was just going to ignore the ruge for these shoes but it was constantly on my mind, and my wonderful Mum offered to go halves with me. Honestly, these are such comfy shoes and I can walk in them for ages. I love the style so much and Im so glad I did get these because I feel like they will stay in fashion for a while (plus when dont you need a beautiful pair of black shoes!?) and since they're Vagabonds theyre such good waulity and should last years! Oh b oy, I do love them I could talk about them for years. Although I already am rather tall, then again i cant really teel since everyone in my family is extremelt small and apparently so are a lot of my friends so I dont know if I am tall or just an average height. I think I am rarely tall though. Anyway, wearing these make me quite a bit higher than some of my friends, but I think its worth it since they are so beautfiul!
EXCUSE MY GROSS NAILS I SWEAR I HAVE SORTED THEM OUT NOW THOUGH. In summer I alqays paint my nails because like woo Im allowed but I always go for black and I feel like I should jazz it up a little but I love black nails. This is to show you the colour of the shirt and detail better just in case you were wondering why they're here. 
How are all your summers going? I hope everyone got the results they wanted and if not, don't worry everything will be okay! I feel like I cant give very wise words of wisdom though as tomorrow I'm only receiving on important grade, everything is next year for me..Thank you for reading and adios for now friends, I shall be back soon :)x
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