Ripped Jeans

7 September 2014

Hey guys! I didn't actually end up wearing this outfit, it wasn't really appropriate for my days activity or the weather and I knew that in the evening I was going out to Wagamamas so I didn't want to wear such a short top, but I thought it was a cute outfit and I cant wait till I actually can wear it! I remember once in English I was told I use too many exclamation marks and now I am always so conscience of the amount of exclamation marks I use. Just in case you thought I use too may, I am aware. I guess I just exclaim everything.
I didnt wear any jewlerry so I'm just showing you the top and how pretty it is! Ahh I love the roses. Although my camera is kind of out focus here, annoying. Oh well. :)
I'm mad that I found this outfit just as summer is ending because I think it's perfect for summer. With a wing eyeliner and a peachy/nude lipstick it would look adorable. The top is actually my sisters, after her huge uni clear out I went and scavenged to find good stuff. It's annoying because she has loads of cool jeans, but we are not the same jean size at all. I am much taller than her and different sized waist/hips, I cant even attempt to squeeze in and its so annoying because she was throwing out disco pants and I really want a pair. She was also getting rid of a pair of jeans which I really want but alas, they did not fit. I then let my friend try all the jeans and stuff on and they fit her all. I was so jealous. I don't know why I'm using past tense, I still am so jealous. Fortunately I can wear the same tops as her, so I got a lot out of that. Even though they're all summery clothes so i cant really wear them at the moment which sucks. A lot of them are also very snazzy and I have no need to wear them on a daily basis, but at least when the time comes I will have loads of clothes to wear.

I don't know what was happening at the time of the picture on the left but it my belly genuinely looks like an alien in it, creepy.
Top- Topshop
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- Asos (mine are mens ebcause at the time mens were the only ones where you could get plain black but now I think you can get womans ones too)
I paired the top with these ripped jeans, which I don't think have featured on my blog yet. I got them at the beginning of the summer holidays and I always seem to be wearing them. They're from Topshop and oh my god they are so soft. Obviously they're comfy, I think we've established by now I only ever dress for comfort. They're not exactly high waisted, but they don't rest on my hips either. Mildly high waisted I guess? Sometimes it hard to find a top to go with them because some of my crop tops finish exactly where they begin so it looks like I have no figure, or they're too short and too much of my belly is on display. Although I have no found many outfit combinations which work with these jeans so that's all good.

I look so sporty in the pictures, with my hair up and all, but my hair up didn't last. Some people can rock a pony tail, some people just can't. I'm trying to learn how to rock one, or how to be a visually acceptable pony tail. Sometimes it works, usually not. I'm also trying to learn how to be able to do a messy bun that doesn't look like someone molded my hair around a cactus. See you soon guys!:)x


  1. those jeans are gorgeous! love them.. ive been looking for some like this for a while! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I'm so jealous of them jeans because I can't pull them off at all!! I'm also very jealous of your stomach, tan, hair.. everything! :P I definitely over use exclamation marks too but I can't help it! And I don't understand people who go out for food in crop tops, I just couldn't do it, i'd look awful by the time I had eaten!xx

    Pillarbox Post

  3. Sooo cute, lovely outfit. I'm really into ripped 'boyfriend-style' jeans lately, I'm wearing mine a lot :)
    I've recently just started blogging about fashion, I'd love it if you could check out my latest, 'Topshop wishlist' :) xx

  4. really cute outfit :) i love the jeans! I just nominated you to do the Top Ten Tag where you talk about your favourite makeup products and it would be really cool if you did it!


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