Denim Jackets

14 September 2014

God, my laptop is painfully slow. I have waited 19 minutes for the internet to properly work. I have no idea whats wrong with it. Eurgh. I remember staying up one night and writing dates in a notebook saying when to write posts, when to post them and I have already failed. I don't know when this will be posted, but who cares. I have a schedule, I have ideas, I just need to organise timings a bit better then these posts will actually happen. Although sometimes I look at my ideas and I'm surprised at how lame they are, or how desperate they seem. Well, not desperate, but I don't want to post something just to have something to post, I want to post it because it is something I genuinely want to share.

Today though is an outfit. Surprise. See I do have a schedule kind of, Sunday is meant to be an outfit post, its just my Wednesday posts rarely happen. One day I will.

To be honest this outfit post is more just to show you this denim jacket I inherited. I always really wanted a denim jacket and I remember a couple of years ago ordering one from Asos, which was cute and at the time I really like it, but now I'm not that big a fan. it not over sized and just not very me. However, this beauty was taken, yet again, from my sisters pile of unwanted clothes. I kind of wish it was longer and a bit baggier, but I think it is pretty darn great. I struggle with denim jackets a lot, because Im not really a leggings kind of girl, I'm mainly always in jeans. Or a dress. I' not one of those people that can get away with wearing double denim, so whenever I wear this jacket I pair it with my skinny black jeans from Topshop because I think I can get away with it. I really like the pattern on this jacket, I think its really cute and gives it a kind of 'vintage' feel, even though the label clearly states its from Topshop. It also works really nicely with my burgundy hoody underneath and I think that will be a match worn a lot in winter. Its just a really cute, different type of jacket which I really like to be fair. It can be hard to wear due to double denim and finding a tshirt that doesn't completely clash with the pattern, but no often.
Jacket; Topshop [old]
Top: River Island
I wore it with this black New York tshirt from River Island which I also took from my sister and my Topshop super high waisted skinnies. Topshop really are my favourite jean place, they're all so comfy and east to move in straight away, which cant be said for all jeans!

All though the pictures of my nails is a bit blurred, let me just tell you I had them painted the most adorable colour, it may have chipped very quickly but god damn it was so adorable. Good for summer. Too bad its autumn. Oh well. I wont let seasons stop me from wearing nail colours. 
I probably wont have a post Wednesday because I'll be busy Sunday preparing to move into my new room and doing homework so I wont have time to write a post and take pictures. I reckon once I'm finally settled into my new room and have a proper desk where I can write posts and feel organised, then I will become a better blogger. Maybe not though, I'm not sure. I cant even cope posting twice a week I have no idea how people can post more! But I do have a few ideas and stuff so it's not even like I'm lacking ideas or motivation, I just get sidetracked! Also these aren't meant to be excuse I'm just kind of wittering on. But yeah. I probably wont post Wednesday but definitely will soon and I will get this blog on track just eventually! Hopefully... nah I will.


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