Elbow Pads

21 September 2014

Hey guys! Oh my god, ages ago when I was going through my One Direction phase, I remember there was a picture of Harry Styles in a jumper and I remember this picture so well because I saw it ages ago, but ever since I have wanted a jumper like that. I haven't found a jumper which completely floats my boat in the sense that it is really similar to Harrys, but today I found one which was remotely similar. To be fair I feel like a place that sells Dad clothing would see the type of jumper I want, I just don't know where to look for that though! I'm pretty sure Marks And Spencers would too, and I remember the other day my sister asking if we should keep the 30% or something off mens wear at M&S and it only just occurred to me that M&S would have the jumper I've been looking for.

I took all the hoodies/jackets off my door for this picture, I forgot those pictures were even on my door. Good old McFly and Drake and Josh.
Leggins- Asos
Jumper- (similar) Primark
White Top- (similar) Primark [also how cute is this top]

But anyway, I found a jumper kind of similar. I was having a lazy day on this day, and I think its a really cute lazy day outfit, still acceptable if you're going to quickly see someone but comfy enough to be able to lounge around in and feel like you're in pajamas. Also in winter with some black skinnies, black boots and a dark lipstick would make a cool outfit. Or maybe even a blouse of some sort underneath, with a cute white collar. Oh that would be so cute! But yeah, it's a really versatile jumper which could be worn a lot of ways. It even has elow pads, how cute! Although it is pretty old, I think Primark maybe one or two years ago, it did belong to my sister. They'll probably sell similar again this year though, I hope so! Maybe without the elbow pads because I don't think they're as in fashion this year, but I wish they were.

I really like the colour of this jumper and like how it looks with the white tshirt peeping through the top, but I think I should have chosen a shorter top so it wasn't popping out of the bottom. Also, this is one of those jumpers that the sleeves can be worn rolled up a little bit, a lot, or not at all and it still always looks good! Well, I personally think that. Man, I'm so happy its finally autumn and all the jumpers. I also really want some black skinnies, but that aren't that skinny, well they are but hm I dont know how to explain. All my jeans are skinny jeans are super skinny ones from Topshop, but I think I want some kind of baggy ones, but I'm not sure. Primark probably have some, then I can see if I can rock the skinny-but-not-completely-skinny look.
Goodbye for now amigos!:)


  1. I think it looks great on you!


  2. I'm looking for a jumper just like this but in burgundy! I'd never have thought of wearing green at all really, but this looks so nice! Love your hair too! :) I loveeeee Winter and all the jumpers! x

    Pillarbox Post

    1. Ahaha my hair was a bit of a flop here, I was meant to be having a lazy day but was pretty proud of my outfit! I think it would look pretty good with ripped black skinny jeans, I really want some ripped skinny jeans but god, money!x


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