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6 October 2014

Hey guys! So as winter is coming and so are the dark lipsticks I thought I'd show you some of my favourite lip products but these are mainly from all the seasons. I do have one dark lipstick though, and I plan on getting another one, I remember last year I saw Topshop had a really nice one, but I decided on a different colour from Rimmel, so I'm hoping this year Topshop have the same one.

Topshop Whimsical |  Kate Moss Rimmel 108  |  Carmex  | Kate Moss Rimmel 101  | Kate Moss Rimmel 110

I have two red lipsticks, but this one is my favourite of the two. The other one is a Little Mix one and is more of a deep red, but this one is bolder and brighter which I like. Good for summer and going out. It's matte which I like, but it sticks to dry lips very easily. It also doesn't last that long though and gets really patchy, like the inside will fade and it looks like I have a bright red lip liner on. But I really like the colour and think it is really good, worth the price.

Wow, there is a lot of Rimmel here. I get scared to try new brands in case they're not good and I think these are really trustworthy. I don't have  much to say about this one though except that it's cute and easy to wear. It looks more purple/shimmery in these but it's not, it's really natural and subtle. It makes your lips look a nice colour but not overwhelming.

The Topshop lipstick was one of my daily wears in summer. I like the orange of the lipstick but when it's on it doesn't look ridiculous. It's matte as well, actually I think all my lipsticks are, and applies really nicely. It lasts a while and I don't know if its just because its a neutral-ish shade, but it never stains my lips like the Rimmel ones do, well they don't stain my lips but if  I get a tiny bit on my face and try to rub it away they stay for ages. Plus, this one doesn't leave a weird lip liner look around my lips. It lasts a while and I think the packaging is really cute.

This isn't that dark of a lipstick, well it kind of is. It's a dark red colour, but not that dark. It's cute though and easy to wear and can make any lazy outfit seem appropriate. I know most lipsticks can do this, but I don't know this lipstick really can help make a massive jumper and leggings be appropriate to wear on a nice day out. Not saying you cant wear that anyway, but you know when you just need something extra, this lipstick helps. I hope this makes sense. I think I want a more dark purple though this winter even though I don't need it. Oh well, if I have the money and still want it maybe I will..

Lastly, Carmex. Whats much to say about Carmex, it keeps my lips hydrated, is hydrated the right word?? It refrains my lips from getting dry and chapped basically, which is especially needed in winter. When I first used Carmex I was a bit like,' what the heck why is it minty' but now I'm used to it and it does its job well.


  1. I've actually never tried the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks and everyone raves about them! I'm definitely going to try them out now. Loved this post and your blog xx

    Beauty and Fashion blog:

    1. Thankyou! Ahh you should, I think they're really good (in case you couldn't tell from the amount I have!) x

  2. Ooh those are some gorgeous shades! So pigmented! I'm yet to jump aboard the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick bandwagon! I love that Topshop lipstick too. Nice picks Libby! xx

    Daisy Locks

  3. I love the Normal rimmel kate moss lipsticks but I haven't tried the matte ones yet, but I'd really like too! I wish I could pull of a dark colour for winter I think they look amazing! Xx

    1. I have never tried the ones that aren't matte, but I'm not sure why I just never seem to buy them! I'm not really sure if I pull off the dark colours but this ones not too dark, so I feel like I am acceptable in it :')xx


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