Culotte Shorts

20 October 2014

Hey guys! Gosh, I know it's been ages but I finally have a post that I'm happy to upload. I made loads of posts before but they weren't something that I would necessarily want to read or were particularly good in a any way so I didn't bother posting them. However, I am finally back with an outfit post!! My Asos order came yesterday and let me tell you, I am very excited to wear all these clothe. On Friday night I went to London with my family to see Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in the theater (it was amazing by the way I highly recommend it) but I thought it would be appropriate to wear some new clothes.

It's a tad annoying because I was running quite late so I couldn't take any good quality pictures with my camera and I was quite proud of this outfit, if we're all being honest, but luckily my mum felt the need to take a picture of me, so I stole those.

These shorts are probably my new favourite thing. They're comfortable and can be worn in summer, and winter with tights, can be dressed up or dressed down and are super cute. In my opinion. I got three pairs of these from Asos, but only kept two since one was £16 and the other two were £8 in the sale so it was like two for the price of one. Although the ones I got rid of were really cute they had a tartan print and I really want the American Apparel tartan tennis skirt (although it's very expensive I do believe I have half of the amount needed on a voucher, but I, not sure) or I found a cheaper similar version of on Boohoo and I'll probably end up getting one of those so I didn't really need to keep the tartan shorts. Also, I don't technically need three pairs of culottes shorts. 

Such amazing quality. Also, sorry for not sorting out my socks for this picture
Shorts - Asos (not exact ones)
Top - American Apparel
Shoes - Office (not exact but similar) (or these but mine are in burgundy)
Socks - Urban Outfitters (I think, they're just generic glittery socks to be honest)(I can't find a link for any though)
Hat - Accesorize (similar)

Anyway I paired it with my black velvet crop top (as seen here), but I also think it would go really nicely with like a black vest type thing, I don't know how to explain what I mean, but basically I think the too you wear with this doesn't necessarily have to be tight or cropped. In my head when I planned my outfit I imagined it with my black Vagabonds (these) but my sister had borrowed them so instead I wore hers (can we just take a minute to appreciate how fabulous it is that we can share shoes oh so glorious) and we were going to swap when we met up in London, but then couldn't be bothered. In case you were wondering. But yeah, also to really jazz it up I wore this black, bowler hat I think it's called? I think I wore this once in a previous outfit post but when it came to going out I didn't actually wear it, but this time I did, and let me tell you in this lipstick and the hat I felt so first class and fierce. I'm excited to wear this duo more often, honestly I felt so prestige in it but in a good way, I loved it!

I finally got a choker from Asos too!I want loads more now as well, they're so cute but I want to find some different places to buy some, so if you know any please let me know! man I cant believe how late I was to jump on this bandwagon, chokers are great! I really want some silver necklaces which I can pair with this to do a layering affect or something. Oh gosh, I just want all the chokers!
Sorry for abandoning you for two weeks, I have reasons, not good ones, but I do not plan on leaving again for that long. Ever. Also, I'm nervous to open Bloglovin' because I'm pretty sure I have like 500 posts to read. I can't believe how long I left the whole blog world for, gosh never again. I will be back soon, possibly Friday, possibly Monday but how ever long it is, definitely not in two weeks time! Also woah I just had to do some HTML editing for this post and woah that was not fun. But see you soon!:)


  1. I absolutely love the shorts! They look super comfy and look like they would go with a lot of things too! x

  2. really cool style! LOVE IT DEAR <3

    x Maria
    New outfit post up on my blog
    featuring MY FIRST SUIT
    Let me know what you think about it :)

  3. I've wanted culotte shorts for a while now, I used to have a pair when I was younger. A few moths ago I went shopping to get some and I wasn't able to find the right kind haha! Loving the shoes and the crop top btw x

    On a Bed of Flowers


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