29 August 2014

Hello, so this is a super long chatty post about ages ago when I went to Camden. If you read it all, thank you, if you don't, enjoy the pictures! I'm not sure how it ended up so long but oh well. Off we go!

Man, I love Camden it's all so busy and kind of stressful because you want to see what all the stalls have to offer, and people are shouting at you all the time to come look at their clothes and offering discounts, but it's so much fun.

The top I brought was £25. When the man told me the price I was thinking woah, and I was going to ask if it could possibly be made any lower, but then the guy started telling why it was so expensive and how each one is individually tye dyed (as he showed us no two are the same) and they wont crack in the wash and they have no seams and are made like a sock ( I don't know why that's significant but oh well) and how there were only 3 places who sold them in London, so I brought it. He could have just been lying and saying that to make me buy it, it could have been genuine but either way I was a sucker for the speech and I brought it. I kind of wanted a dolphin top, but they had none and I knew there is probably one on eBay, but I feel in love with this wolf. It's quite a dark t-shirt, not very summery, but cute and will go well over leggings, over skinny jeans. Also with disco pants (which I still really want to get!!) and basically anything that's tight fitting!

As soon was we got to the market place I saw a dress I liked the look of and I went to look at it then as I went to walk away the woman instantly started lowering the price! I felt bad saying no though, since she had lowered the price and all, but there is no point in wasting money. I went to Camden on a mission to buy: a dress, a bag and an animal t-shirt (similar to my unicorn one). Two of the three were successful, I got a bag and a top, but I couldn't find the type of dress I was looking for. Here are my purchases (I forgot to include the bag in these pictures but I will show you because I love it so much!)

After we had looked at all the stalls in the market area (core blimey though, such a maze!) and I considered buying a fake spike earring, we got some food then headed off on the hunt for a toilet. When we finally got to the toilets, which were actually rather nice I was expecting some gross type of toilet or something. We found the amazing graffiti. I would show you a picture, but I took none because my phone doesn't have a very good camera.

It then lead to the stables, where they had the most amazing Indian inspired stalls! I loved them all and they had such amazing rucksacks everywhere, I regret not buying one, and amazing earrings. I settled on this bag I've been looking for a bag like this everywhere, it's just such a chilled bag. If that's even a thing? I don't know, I just think its a really cool pretty bag and good for holding stuff. I want one with another pattern too though, so whenever I next go on holiday (hopefully soon!) I'll get another similar type there, because I know they do these style bag. I remember last year my mum getting one and me taking the mick and now I love it and always borrow it!

I then also brought some little rings from another stall (not the stables anymore ) I call it little but it was actually pretty large. it was all Indian themed too and they such cool rugs and wall hangings and awhh everything was so nice there. I wanted it all! But yeah I brought some rings (5 for £3 woop).
I also brought this little purse thingy, I'm not sure what I'd use it for, but it was cheap and I liked the pattern. Although I was just looking at it and realised some of the threads are little loose, but oh well!

Then I also got a diary from this stool, and I was so excited. I've been looking for a cool diary for ages, and this one was so beautiful and the one on display looked like such good quality pages and so I brought one. However when i got home and opened it I had a pretty nasty shock I guess you could say.
Firstly the pages are really thick like an almost fabric. Also it looks like the pages are covered in hair, so I went to flick it off, but it looks like they are part of the page, which isn't even the grossest part. There are random stains and marks all over the pages and it's creepy! Some really look like blood stains and I'm not sure what they are and how they got there but all I know is it's creepy and weird and scary and I don't think I will actually use the diary, which is sad because it's so pretty but the pages are just so...weird and scary.

After a d few hours of worrying about my cursed diary though, I was told that its just nature and that those stains are actually petals and leaves and stuff. Woops. But the other day I went to Camden and found literally the exact same diaries but the pages weren't stained, so I guess mine was just an unfortunate one!

Oh, I also brought a bandanna! it's pretty stiff and hard to fold into shape, but it feels liker really good quality and I love the colour. I think in summer a bikini with a bandanna looks so nice!

This post has been in my drafts for absolutely ages and I keep forgetting to post it, but hark, today is the day! Hark. Hark? Yes I just used the word hark, I'm doubting whether its a real word but I have no spell check correcting me so I guess it is. I've been to Camden twice since this post, and Im going again today with my mum and sister to hopefully buy a wall hanging for my room, but I'm really not sure what I want to do with the room anymore. There are so many ideas and I was so set on one idea but then I heard others and looked at room inspiration and now I have no idea! I'm also excited to go to his really cool shop I found last time I went which has some really retro clothes in it, loads of the stuff reminded me of Saved By The Bell, oh how I miss it. Although I barely remember it, I miss it. Jeez I've written too much. Okay, bye, if you read this all, good on you! I was going to make it into two separate posts but nah.


  1. I'm dying to go to Camden! Hopefully I'll make it in October, it's just so expensive getting to london from manchester! I love your description of the diary, it's so annoying when you find a cute notebook but the pages are rubbish quality! I also love bandanas but really don't think I could pull one off :( and although it's not my usual style you've really made me want a wolf top haha :) great post :) xx

    1. Thank you, I wasn't sure if it was too long :) I actually didnt go in the end but I feel like I will be going again soon. I hope you do go, there is so many amazing things to buy! Oh no that notebook though, Im still wary of it, I have seen nature and Im pretty sure that some of those marks are blood...but then my friend brought one and all the pages are spotless so I think I just got a dodgy one, dodgy because the pages are messy though or dodgy because it's possessed, who knows :')x


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