6 August 2014

Hey guys! Woah long time no see.

The past few weeks I was on holiday and had my marvelous friend Hollie upload my  pre-made posts for me, sine I forgot that scheduling posts was a thing you could do. I underestimated how many blog posts I needed though so sorry for not having regular posts. To be fair though, have I ever had a proper schedule? I don't think so but that will change and but all is okay because I am back!

I wanted to do one of those cool shots of laptops that people do where everything looks so perfect like on my bed or something, but then realised how late I was running so this one will have to do! I didn't really know what other pictures to include and I personally don't like reading any posts without pictures so i thought I would try and add to the prettiness of this post, if you will.  
I want to do a holiday post for you guys but I kind of forgot to take that many pictures whilst I was away...But I went to a little island near Spain called Menorca. I got a braid whilst I was there and it's like 10cm longer than the rest of my hair which is annoying but its so pretty so I have mixed feelings about it still. I probably will do a post about it but not yet because I'm lazy and cant be bothered to go get the cameras and hunt for pictures and I just want to chat today. A very one sided chat, but still a chat.

I am so excited to be back because so much is happening, also when I came back and went on bloglovin' I forgot how many blog posts I would need to catch up on, so today is my 'catch up day'. I was meant to have plans and I got all excited because I already knew my outfit (I'm lame I know) but now they've been moved back to the evening so I have the whole day to chill and blog and watch Teen Wolf and Orange Is The New Black and The Fosters and tidy my room and sort out my life. Basically I'll be procrastinating the entire time so I don't have to do loads of school work. But who wants to do work the day their back from holiday!?

But let me tell you things that are happening this week, you may not really care but oh boy am I excited.

On Thursday, I'm getting my braces off. I haven't even had them that long, around a year I think but gosh darn I am excited to get them taken off. I have always been really self conscience of my teeth with braces because most of my friends have already had them, which didn't really bother me, but it was the fact I could never properly clean my teeth. Then once you become self conscience of one thing you notice it on every other person so whenever I saw other people with braces I would look at their teeth and some people just don't clean their braces very well, and I always got nervous that that was what my teeth looked like. That problem will be gone soon though.

Then this weekend it is Summer In The City, which is a youtube convention for those who don't know. I am so excited I keep having random dancing break outs because I get so excited. I hope you get them too and know what I mean.. Everyone has them. I think. Although Troye Sivan isn't going which I was a little bit upset about but the line up is so great and its going to be so good! Also, I'll have lovely braceless teeth and blonde hair and tanned skin ready for all the pictures! However as I realised looking at some of the pictures of me on holiday I really need to practice my smile. I was told though that I have a really happy smile though because you can also see my bottom teeth, so that's a good thing I guess!

Also at SITC some of my great friends are coming up to London who I met through Tumblr. I know some people don't understand internet friends, but they are some of my bestest friends and I can't wait to finally meet them. I get that you have to be careful in case they're like some pedophillic old men but I know these guys are good and I am so freaking exited oh my god!

I then have three weeks left of summer (that's sad to think, but only one more year of school hell yeah) which I can see friends, yet most are going away when I get back which sucks. But oh well!

All I can think about whilst writing this post is wraps, there's a really wrap place near me and I am really craving one. I feel like I'm pregnant jeez. I think I may have to go get one as soon as possible god.

This was just a catch up post but I am just so happy and excited and wanted to share it all! Although I am a little bit nervous about SITC because my camera uses up its battery so quickly, even though I'm on energy saving mode, so I may need to get that checked out after SITC. Imagine if it runs out though, Ill be so mad! My phone has a really bad quality camera and the whole time all I want to do is take pictures and capture every memory!

How are your guys summer going? Ahh it feels great to be back, and I think it's the one year anniversary of my blog soon, woah. Anyway, I hope all you guys are well and I'll see you soon!


  1. It sounds like you've had/are having an amazing summer! Nice to see you're back to blogging too! :) (And I totally feel your pain with the 'cool laptop' shot!!)xx

    Pillarbox Post

  2. I'm so glad you are back! I was worried about your absence on your blog but then realised it was probably because of exams and whatnot!xx

  3. You're very lucky to be able to go to SITC, it is sooo far away for me :(

    Alice x

    1. I know, I live in such a good place when it comes to events and stuff! That sucks for you though, maybe next year :(x

  4. I went to SITC, It really was a great event!! et so many lovely youtubers :) Did you have a good time?
    Alice x


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