Ripped Skinnies

26 November 2014

Hey guys! Quick little outfit post right now because I took pictures for this on Sunday and firstly, I thought it was such a cute outfit, secondly, I miss blogging. Man I can't wait till next week/the week after and mocks to be done. Can you believe that the thing I look forward to all year, I'm a Celeb is on right now and I can't watch it because I just don't have time!? Even though today I'm not sure what I done exactly, I just kind of sat at my desk when I got back from school just staring at pages and not actually revising.

Enough about my boring life at the moment, everyone has to go through exams, onto the outfit! The thing about this outfit is that it's so easy but doesn't look it. I had an outfit like this in my brain for ages and ,clearly, finally decided to wear it, but me and my friends were just popping out quickly and this outfit is just so easy but looked way to extravagant for our very quick excursion. I think with either a dark lipstick or bright one will also make this outfit so much better.

I really need to work on my outfit picture faces.this has also made me realise how much i want a watch. In case you were wondering.
Jeans- Topshop
I love ripped black jeans, I had wanted a pair for ages and low and behold, I finally got a pair! They're from Topshop and 10 out of 10 would recommend. Also, my shoes, my Vagabonds, my babies. I love these shoes so much. Also, I never realised how much a difference adding a bit of length made like woah I looked so tall. But yeah, everything about this outfit I love, ahh especially my Vagabonds and black ripped skinnies. The shirt is from Camden, but its just a generic flannel shirt, you can get them anywhere and also a beanie because why not, they keep you warm and looking cute. For Christmas I think I kind of really want a black beanie with cat ears but I don't know if that's just lame or cute. I think I'll just do it anyway because its been a want of mine for a long time. or in pink ohh that would look so cute.
Ignore my messy room, its tidy  now and that's all that matters.
I'm getting ahead of myself, I cant start talking about things I want for Christmas till after my mocks. or at least till the weekend where I can internet shop till my hearts content.

But yeah, hope you enjoyed this post, goodbye, I love you all and hopefully Ill be back soon! probably near the end of next week since that is my main week of mocks, oooh scary.

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