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21 January 2014

This was going to be about Soap & Glory products I wanted, but then I realised I only wanted like three, then I ended up on the Benefit website, then Mac, then Boots and decided to just make this an all round post. I have no money at the moment. Well that's not necessarily true, I'm saving up my money for either a camera or a mac, I'm not sure which one I would rather get yet, but probably a camera since I'm pretty content with my current laptop! And I also want to spend the majority of my money on books (ooh so cool I know) 
So why not show you guys what I am currently lusting over and we can just sit there and..admire these products together, I guess?;)

Face Wise
For Christmas I really wanted the cream blush in shade 'Head Over Heels' then I heard about their little sets where you could buy a blush and lipstick together for £12, which is pretty good considering the blush by itself is £10, but I'm not sure about the lipstick price, but it's definitely over £2 so it was a pretty good deal! Plus they had the lipstick that I really wanted with the blush too, however alas, I didn't get it and haven't been shopping since Christmas (woah!!) so I haven't had a chance to buy it, also I'm not sure if they are still selling them, but I did really want it. I loved the dark lipstick shade in Beguiled and the blush was gorgeous, maybe it's not too late though! Ahh I wish, but anyway yeah, it seemed perfect. However considering I dont wear lipstick that much, and berry shades are more winter, I dont think I really have the need for another year!;)

I also love the look of the Soap & Glory blush in shade 'Peach Party' I've seen swatches from other peoples blog and I think it just looks gorgeous! I love the packaging too and the whole layout of the blush to be honest! It all looks so pretty :)

Foundation wise, for almost a year now I have been using Bourjouis Healthy Mix in liquid, I don't know what the difference is between this and the gel one, but I've used both, but before when I wasn't as in to makeup, but I know there is a reason I stopped buying the gel one..well I think, so I don't want to repurchase it and regret it, but I want to know what the difference is!? If someone could explain I would be grateful :) but I love this foundation, but a while ago when I needed a new one, my lovely Mum said she would buy me it, however she got me two shades paler then I asked for, when admittedly I am probably lighter than the shade I asked for, but not as pale as the one she got me, so I need to go buy my actual shade, but I keep putting it off! I really do need to though, where most people get a line of foundation where the foundation is waaay darker then the skin, mine is the other way round and my neck is far darker then my face! So yes, I must sort that one out! But it sucks, because the other day my sister brought one in the same shade as the one I currently have which is too pale, but for some reason my sister was blessed with lovely olive colored skin so she gave me that one and I brought her a darker one, so we done a lil swapsies, but now I still have another bottle of too pale foundation which is not good!:(

My friend uses the L'Oreal foundation called Lumi Magique  and her skin always looks perfect! I don't know what the coverage is, but since my Bourjous one is very light, I think I may need one with heavier coverage for days when my skins is pretty bad! Even if this one isn't heavier coverage though, I would  really like it since it leaves my friend always looking fresh faced and natural, but with perfect skin! I've tested some on my hand as well, and it doesn't feel horrible thick or creamy or anything, it feels natural and light, which I like best in foundation.

Hoola bronzer from Benefit just speaks for itself really, I've recently learnt a way I really like to apply bronzer and as my 'bronzing skills' grow I feel like it's finally time I go and get myself Hoola! My sisters had Hoola for ages and it always used to fascinate me and I loved the packaging and now that I am wearing bronzer more and more, I feel like its a sufficient time to buy myself Hoola. I've heard so many great things about it and just want it sooo bad.

Finally is a sleek palette, I can't remember the name, but I just really loved it when I saw it in Boots once and though it looked so lovely and perfect shades, I really want a highlighter too, but I've never used one before and don't know what to buy! Whether I should bu a cream one, or powder, I just don't know! I remember watching a reaaaly old Zoella video , where it's her and Louise and they go through their favourite products and Zoe was talking about adding highlighter to her moisturizer sometimes to brighten her face sometimes and gah I just don't know! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I know I've sucked with uploading recently, but I'm trying to get hack into the swing! I was going to do eyes as well for this, but I didn't think I would write this much! I teen to witter on.. so I may do my eyes wish list next week, or on Sunday or something. I would love if you guys could give me any comments on any of these products I mentioned, and whether they are worth the fuss/my purchase or if you could recommend me any highlighters or link me to nay of your reviews of one would be great! Thank you :)xo


  1. I'm the same! Currently saving for a laptop or camera! Probably laptop first as my old one is dying, I can sense it's on it's last days. I'm using up Hoola (gorgeous product) and moving to Nars Laguna! Had my eye on it for a while. Lovely post :)

    Yasmeen x

    1. I really want a camera but cant decide which type to get, there are so many!x

  2. I have been lusting over the Topshop lipstick and blush sets too, and I think you can still get them online, but I'm not sure if they are still in the shops. I might put one on my birthday wishlist :-) Great post! x

    1. Ahh thank you! I may have a look, ohh you should!:)x

  3. I'm trying to save too but then I buy little things like lipsticks or something and I never get anywhere! This is a really good post:)

  4. The hoola is a must buy!! i've been using it for like a year now and it's just such a great product and looks wonderful on so I would suggest definitely looking into getting one :-). Also I have a few sleek products my favourite is the lipstick pallette that has so many beautifully bright and bold colours in it!

    Love your blog and if you have time check out mine, ( only started yesterday )!!

    Danni xxxxx


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