23 October 2013

Okay this is carrying on from my last post, so you know how I kind of deperatley want Troye to know that I made the bracelet well guESS WHOSE TOP COMMENT ON ONE OF HIS VIDEOS
If you want to give my comment a like I wouldn't mind;)...you know the longer I'm up there the more chance of him seeing.
But can we take a minute, the amount of people who replied to my comment saying 'Can we just what???????????????????' like I don't know let us all just sit here and fan girl together !:D:)

Also I messaged another youtuber on tumblr ((his name is Jack Dodge, go check out his channel, he deserves way more subs than he actually has)) and he tweETED ABOUT MY COMMENT AND AWH GUYS I'M JUST SO HAPPY MY LIFE IS SO FAB AT THE MOMENT BUT IM SCARED BECAUSE THAT MEANS SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN SOON

Just slipping in some more information, I made a post on tumblr about Troye wearing my bracelet and hE LIKED IT. GUYS I HAVE BEEN NOTICED BY HIM. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE AND I AM NOW THE NUMBER ONE COMMENT ON HIS 'HOW TO FASHION' VIDEO. I could not be any happier and everytime I see this it just asdfghjkl.

How are you're lives? I hope all is good and I'm sorry if these posts annoy you, but yaknoooo TroYE 


  1. God I love it when my favorite famous people pay attention to me. *wibble* I wept tears of joy when Paulo Coelho replied to me on Twitter, hahaha.

    - Kate (kateastrophe-everywhere.blogspot.com)


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