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2 September 2013

I think I mentioned this in my first ever post, I love shirts.
The other day during my web browsing I came across some shirts which I love the look of, but alas I'm not allowed to purchase them. They are from places where you have to pay for them to be delivered my Mum doesn't want me to get them incase I don't like them and have to send them back and have to pay to send them back.
Even though I'm pretty sure I would keep them well definitely one, but considering my mum would probably pay for them it's up to her. It's annoying though because one is only £7 but she says no despite the fact I can actually afford that.
All shops I look in don't have any shirts like these, which just add to my annoyance.
These are the shirts I found. Now looking at them I'm not even sure about the patterns. I really like the bagginess of these shirts and the fact they're long enough to cover your bum if you're wearing leggings. They would also look nice with a pair of skinnies rolled up a little bit not tucked in. With disco pants tucked up you could jazz it up a little bit, with a long thin gold chain they would look really nice I think.
My favourite is the end one, from a shop called Elsie&Fred, probably one of my favourite little shops now, but I won't be getting anything from there anytime soon due to the whole shipping thing.
When I have enough money I will buy from there.
The first shirt is from the Asos marketplace, shirts and blouses.
The middle two are from eBay, type in oversized vintage shirts and they should come up, unless they've been brought.
Then of course the end one is Elsie&Fred.
If any of you know where I could get a shirt like these or just like a good old oversized baggy shirt, please let me know!!
I plan on going charity shop shopping soon so hopefully I'll find some there, you never know. It's annoying though, because I have some charity shops up my road but they're not really good ones and when my friend was volunteering there for DofE she said they like to stock up on stuff teenagers wouldn't necessarily like. 
Oh well, I know where quite a few charity shops are and maybe I'll go tomorrow.

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