15 September 2013

So a while back when Blockbusters was closing down (a sad time for everybody) and films were going cheap I got 50/50 . I had wanted to see this film for ages, I can't remember why but I remember being so desperate to see it. So we got it and one night when my parents and sister were out, me and my other sister decided to watch it.
We weren't expecting that much of an emotional roller coaster.
We would be crying our eyes out, but then something funny would happen so we would burst out laughing through our tears. We were crying so much we used around 3 lil packets of tissues but we also laughed so much our cheeks hurt.
So if you want to watch a film that will make you cry enough tears to recreate the ocean but also laugh so much you feel like your cheeks are going to split, I recommend to watch this.
I watched it today again and didn't think I would cry as much because I knew what would happen, but nope I still cried loads, but didn't laugh as much this time. I always find films funnier with other people though.

In case you don't know what its about, its about a man who is diagnosed with cancer and has a 50/50 chance of surviving. It's him trying to get through it all with his best friend, but so much happens in it and you're like 'GOD WHY DO THAT NOOO' but then something good will happen and you'll be all 'YOU GO ADAM (the main character) YOU GO'. I am terrible at describing things, but if you want to watch a film that makes you feel all over the place, watch this!
Also, just now when I was trying to find a picture of it I found out it was a true story. I was going to say something that would have been a spoiler, but I didn't just in case you do watch it.
So yeah I recommend it, it's really good, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in it and who doesn't love him?

Have you ever seen the film? Tell me in the comments what you though of it if you have!xx
I had something else to say but I forgot it whilst I was waiting for the picture to load..ohwell xx


  1. I have seen this film and it is amazing! I love how they make the matter so light and comedic (although I still cried). It's such a good watch! x

    1. It really is! And everytime I go to watch it I think I won't cry as much as last time, but I end up crying even more!x


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