14 September 2013

I have been waiting all week for Friday, because Friday and the weekends are the only time I ever really wear my onesie and I feel like as its colder now I can wear my onesie without boiling to death!
I don't know why I only allow myself to wear my onesie on Friday and Saturday nights, I think its because its the weekend so I can stay up till whatever time and not worry about school the next day and can properly relax!

This is my beloved giraffe onesie. I think I got it off eBay/Amazon or something like that! Just type in 'Kigu onesie' and they should come up! There are so many to choose from! Well when I looked there were; you could be a unicorn, Stitch, a giraffe, a dragon, there is so many!! I went with a giraffe though, because they are one of my favourite animals. They cost quite a bit more than a Primark onesie, but I personally think it's worth it!
It's soft and fluffy and super baggy, I was trying to get a full body shot of me in it, but my rooms a tip so that one will have to do.. the crotch comes down really low, but it's so comfy!! I don't know if you can see on the first picture, but there's a little zip near your bum, so when you go for a wee you don't have to strip off completely!! It keeps you very warm, a little too warm for tonights weather for me, so I chilled out in it, but now I'm back in my normal pajamas to sleep in.
If you're looking for a good ol' onesie this winter, I highly recommend these!! They're so comfy, fluffy, soft and you can be any animal/creature you want for the night!!

Also just a few quick questions:
1) I think I might get that google+ thing but can someone please explain to me what it is, because it makes no sense to me :')
2) What's a good camera? At the moment I'm using my iPad (I know so professional,haha) but I think I might get a proper camera for Christmas (planning ahead)(so many brackets woah) so yeah any reccomendations??
Also this isn't a question but when you guys comment it makes me feel so happy I genuinely just sit there smiling like an idiot, so thank you so much if you do!!


  1. Hey! Your blog is great! (I have a feeling I'm about to start rambling so I'll apologise in advance!) I just read a few of your posts and they are so good! I know what you mean when not knowing what to blog about, I pretty much restarted my entire blog yesterday and have no idea what to blog about! I don't know what kind of budget you've got for a camera, but I recently got a new one that was about £90 when I got it but annoyingly it seems to have gone up in price at most places! But here's the link: I've only just started getting into photography but this has been great for me! Most of the photos on my flickr account have been taking with this camera ( and I've found the focus on it to be really good. Hope that was kind of helpful:) xx

    1. Thankyou!! No that price is great, most of the cameras I found were way over £100 which is certainly not in my budget! Thankyou xx


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