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8 September 2013

Urban Outfitters is the best shop ever. I love it. Not only do they do lovely clothing, but their home decor is pretty damn fabulous too! Honestly, when I'm older my house is going to be covered in their stuff. As long as I'm a billionaire though because their stuff is expensive! 
I always knew they had home things, but never really looked before. However, for my textiles homework I have to do a moodboard of soft furnishings, and I was decided to look on Urban Outfitters. 
I am now completely and utterly in love with Urban Outfitters. Obviously though, once I started looking at their soft furnishings, I just ended up looking at EVERYTHING on the Home&Gifts bit, here is a collection of the things I found and loved. It was hard not to just choose everything they have, but I restrained myself.

These are a few of the doormats and rugs that I saw that I liked. The first two on the bottom row I love because they're quite quirky and I love the patterns, the third one the bottom row is just ADORABLE. Most of these just find cute and would look so lovely in my future house. Also the last one the top is row a Nerdfighters rug!! I love my youtubers so obviously I need that rug, I don't know if its meant to be a Nerdfighters rug but it has DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome) on it so I'm pretty sure it might be. Just in case you don't really know/watch youtubers, John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Looking For Alaska etc) and his brother Hank Green have their own youtube channel called Vlogbrothers, their fans are called Nerdfighters and their little thing is Don't Forget To be Awesome, just like Louises/Sprinkle of Glitters is,Aloha Sprinklerinos.

Somehow the top three are little tealight holders, but I'm not sure how they work. The bottom three are candles. I love how everything is all so  cute and I love the little tealight holders at the top. My favourite out of these is the silver rabbit candle, at the moment I am loving metallic colours, which that rabbit is.


Not much to say about these except they're so fun and quirky!! I am definitely going to get at least one of these pillows maybe for Christmas, but it must be hard for these to match with your house.

Jewellery Holders

I have no proper jewellery holder. I have a little box of drawers which my sister made around when I was born, then she kept it for like a year, then gave it to my other sister who I shared a room with for a while, then when she got her own room the box of drawers were just dumped on me. They have been with me my whole life and they aren't cute they are annoying and if anything just make my room messier. In one of these drawers is where I keep my jewellery, but I feel like I deserve a proper holder, since I have so much jewellery. I love the stag one and the little elephant, but I feel like I need something bigger because I have quite a bit. 

Making this post has made me want to move house so bad. A while ago a house just round the corner of my mine went on sale and it was the cutest house ever, it had proper windows like the ones you slide up and oh I Just loved it! Unfortunately it was brought shortly after it went on sale, and there were two exact same houses next to it and they were both gone as well. Now sitting here making this, I can just imagine what my room would have looked like, but oh well. I want to redecorate my room, but I feel like there is no point. MY room is tiny and always a mess because I have no storage, so there is no point in making it nice. Hopefully we'll move eventually, I'm the only one in my house that wants to move though, but I don't want to move far because all my friends live close and I can walk to school. Maybe when I'm older we can move then I can drive places. I just have the perfect idea for a room, but want a bigger one. We have two big rooms in our house.
There's my parents room, then a big one. It used to be oldest sisters room, but then she went 'travelling' (basically moved to New Zealand) so now my other sister has it. One day though, it better be ine, then I can decorate it perfectly. Or we can just move and we can all have big rooms. Oh well for now I'll survive, at least I don't have to share!:)


  1. Love all your candels !!!


    1. aha thanks! I always internet shop but never actually buy things, but I think I might invest in the candels!!x

  2. I love home posts! The Owl candle holder is so cute! :) xx


    1. I know!! I have no little tealights but I think I may get some just so I have a reason to get one of the candle holders, aha!:)xx

  3. Wow, the jewellery holders are SO nice, definitely want the stag one. May have to treat myself for moving into my new house for uni.

    You have a lovely blog, definitely following xo



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