Independent Labels

1 September 2013

On Asos, and I'm sure many other websites, they have an independent labels bit. For some reason I never usually look there, which I now realize is a huge mistake. These little places have tops that I have been looking for, for ages.

I love the 'We Are Hairy People' label, all of their garments are hand painted which I think is incredible, when you go through their clothes its hard to believe it was hand painted.
I like these t shirts but you can't really see them because they only had pictures of the tops on the models, not just lying flat out.
The first two I have no problem with, they look nice baggy and comfy, the best type of t shirt.
However with the third one, I have very broad shoulders, and these type of tops don't always suit me, but I really like it. If I were to get it I think it would look best with a skater skirt (that's what the model wears and it looks beautiful) but I have no skater skirt. I really want one though but I'd rather get a pair of boyfriend jeans then skirt. With the last one i love the sleeves and colour, but I'm not too sure about 'dope' written on it. Some people can pull it off but I feel like I'd just  look like an idiot.

Now my laptop won't let me look at the independent brands on their website anymore. I'll do a part two of this post when it starts to work again. I hope it works soon, I am loving these clothes.

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