29 August 2013

I really want a camera of my own. We have a family camera, which everyone in my house is allowed to use but I want a camera to myself. So as my search for cameras has deepened its just making my decision even harder because there are so many cameras, so many brands, different styles, different looks and its proving very difficult to choose. During this quest for a camera, I have found some very cute ones which I will show you now, I would do more types of cameras but I would probably go on for hours..


These cameras are Diana F+, if you Google them you can find them anywhere. I saw these on lomography. com. They're mainly around £80/£90, but the gold one is £109.
These cameras are super cute and I love the colours of the second one and the fanciness of the gold one. They look fancy and according to reviews, they capture dreamy shots, a bit blurred and the lens is prone to light leaks, but the shots are all very artistic and look like an instagram filter has been put on them.
I think this camera is good if you just want arty, vintage shots, but I'm looking for sharper images. If I had the money I would get this and another more professional camera, but unfortunately I don't.
You also wouldn't be able to put the images off this camera on to your computer and the film costs a lot and once you have film you would need to find a developer somewhere which also costs. The shots you take you cant delete either, so if you take a bad one you cant delete it and retake it, you would just have to waste that bit of film.


The other day I mentioned to my mum about cameras and how I want something thats good quality and digital but also how a Polaroid camera seems so fun to use. She then mentioned the fact she used to have one, so we went on a little Polaroid hunt, and low and behooold we found her old Polaroid camera!
I love it. It's so fun to use and (obviously) you get the pictures straight away and, well, its pretty hard not to love. However with ours, the pictures seem like they have a sepia affect on them, we don't know why and we are going to try use it in different lighting, but I don't mind, I still love it.
It doesn't look very vintagey or old fashioned like the ones some people have, its not very attractive either but its very fabulous.  However, you have to use the film very sparingly, because it costs loads to buy now. Saying that, I just found some for £8, 10 shots which is quite a bit but considering last night me and my friends could only find 10 shots for £15, I'd say that's a bargain!!
Anyway, I love the Polaroid, but I wouldn't necessarily buy one, they are fun but they cost loads and plus the cost of tape its all too much. I highly recommend asking your parents about it though, because they might just have one! Or you could be extremely lucky like my friend and find one in a charity shop for only £4! Not only was it that cheap but its also a really pretty cream colour. I couldn't find many pictures of Polaroid cameras, even though there are probably loads but I found a really nice one off Urban Outfitters website, online exclusive. (£120 though!!) The blue one is ours, clearly..

I apologize I have no idea why its this way round...

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  1. Hey!
    I do photography, I recently done a lomo project and wouldn't recommend any of their cameras for anything other than fun. My friend has a Diana F+ which broke straight away and I had a Sardina from the same company, which broke twice! It was very stressful to say the least! Think twice about getting them!

    Drops of Brandy


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