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30 September 2013

So recently I started to watch a new TV series, which was a BIG mistake because now I seem to be watching too many and it stresses me out, but I can't seem to stop!!

Teen Wolf
So I started to watch Teen Wolf a week ago or something, because I kept on seeing GIFs on tumblr of this boy from teen wolf who was all sassy and jokey so I was like RIGHT a jokey, sassy and beautiful boy? I must watch!
I. Love. It.
It's a bit fake, like you see a wolf and you're like oh my goodness, really?
But it's so good!! Now I'm a crap explainer, but if you want a good little TV series to watch THIS IS THE ONE I RECOMMEND it is the best out of all of them (in my opinion).
I've almost finished season one, and season three ended a month ago or something, so I have a lot of time to catch up before season four starts!

I watched Revolution when season one was on, then I stopped and am starting again since season two has come out, but I'm already behind!
This is quite an actiony series, and it's about all the power in the world going out and these baddies who want to kill the goodies, and it is good and if you want to be kept on your feet you should watch this.

Hannibal is basically about a cannibal, and I keep meaning to watch it. I've watched like three episodes but want to watch the rest of season one but I keep on stopping. It seems really weird but from what I've heard it's really good. I  might start ti watch it properly at Christmas when I will have a break from school and work so I can just watch TV programmes.

There are 8 seasons of Supernatural. The 9th one comes out soon and I am only halfway through season one. I really like it and there is like a main storyline going thorough out all of the episodes, but it is kind of all the same. Like theres a thing, they have to find it, kill it and it is good, but yeah.
However I think it keeps getting better and better through the seasons and I want to carry on watching this, but after Teen Wolf!

Now, this may not seem like a lot of TV Series I'm watching, but there is a lot more I want to start.
The worst thing is, each one of these I started to watch because I had so much homework to do, so I decided to watch a new TV series.
That is not a good thing to do, you get hooked and don't do your homework BUT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS DO YOUR WORK.

This post is pointless really, but the moral is
Don't start to watch a TV series that is almost 9 seasons in because all it will do is stress you out because you are so far behind and you want to stop, but it's too addicting!

However if you do want to start a new TV series and think you have the time, Teen Wolf is brilliant.
What do you watch?
Do you watch loads of series rather than doing work? Please say I'm not the only one who procrastinates this much!!:)


  1. I love teen wolf!! If you like that, you'll probably like Pretty Little Liars, have you watched it? its my fave :) xx

    1. No, I keep on meaning to watch that though! I've seen like the first three episodes, but I feel like it would annoy me because I read the books and they're so different from the books! But I think I will start actually :)xx

  2. LOVE supernatural. I just finished the 8 season & cannot wait for season 9! I think you will definitely love it.



    1. It's so hard to keep up! But I just finished season 1 of Teen Wolf, so think I'll go back and finish 1 of Supernatural :)x

  3. blogger!!! How are you?? :) Just happen to pass by your blog!! :) it's a very interesting post :) but i haven't watch anyone of that series :( ..I prefer to watch movies :) :) :) if you want take a look at my blog!!you make me very happy if you said me your opinion for my last post :)

    xoxo stefania :)

  4. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

    1. I'll follow on bloglovin' but I don't remember my facebook password and never really use it, sorry!:( And thankyou :)xx

  5. I love Teen Wolf. I also love watching pretty little liars! You would probably enjoy that judging by the time of programs you are enjoying at the moment :) Another program I really enjoy is gossip girl! Xxx

    1. I might start PLL depending on how far behind I am, or Vampire Diaries, ooo decisions decisions!! I've heard of Gossip Girl, but never really watched it, might check it out!xxx

  6. we haven't been watching but tv lately, but we really want to get into some of the great shows we've been hearing about. We'll definitely check some of these out. We actually used to watch supernatural years ago when it first started, and loved it!


    1. It is so good but I'm just not as into it as other TV programs that I watch!x

  7. You should watch Vampire Diaries it is such a good series!

    1. My friend told me I should watch that, I think that is one I'll definitely watch when I've caught up with Teen Wolf:)x

  8. Great selection!

    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin, if you want? Let me know :)


  9. Love your blog xx

  10. I hardly ever just start watching tv series because Im actually scared of becoming even more distracted from my college work lmao! I really don't need another reason to procrastinate... I've been told to watch Hannibal and Supernatural but my favourites will always be BBC Sherlock and Misfits. Can't wait for the new series!

    1. I really want to watch Sherlock so when the new series starts I can be straight into it, but I didn't realise each episode was so long!xxx


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