Iron Men

9 September 2013

A lot of my friends Dads compete in triathlons and have started to do Iron Mans too now. Incase you don't know a triathlon is an athletic contest where people swim, cycle and run, an iron man is exactly the same except MUCH harder and longer. Yesterday I went to Henley on the Thames to watch my first ever Iron Man, it was my friends Dad first ever time competing in one too. 
I never realised before how hard they must be do to do, obviously I knew they had to go far and it takes over 10 hours to complete, completing it in ten hours would be amazing! But watching that one yesterday made me realize how much of an accomplish it is!
I don't know if every iron man is the same, but yesterday they had to swim 3.8km, then cycle 180km (bearing in mind they rarely take breaks during all this) and then run a marathon. He done it in a total of 12 hours 30 minutes which is AMAZING especially in his first ever one. We were all so proud,just imagining doing that exhausts me! I can barely run for 10 minutes, let alone do a huge swim and cycle before it!
I tried to get pictures when I went, because Henley is beautiful, but unfortunately all I had was my phone, and its camera is rubbish!
It's a shame it was really rainy and cold yesterday, but we all had so much fun watching people complete this Iron Man and cheering everyone on! 

On top of all this, just to make my day even better, I got to wear my favourite shirt, because I finally decided it was cold enough! I'll upload a picture of my outfit maybe another time. 

I'm just using this blog post as an excuse to not do my spanish homework, but I must do it!
Comment if you know anyone who does triathlons, or if you do them yourself!
Or if you know any good places to get shirts because I feel I deserve another shirt...;)

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