The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream | Review

17 February 2016

Hey guys, around last year I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream and I didn't really like it. It felt sticky on my skin and kind of smelt weird (in my opinion) and didn't look good on either. A few weeks after I bought that I heard about the Body Shop All In One BB cream and ever since then I'd been meaning to buy it. Low and behold, almost a year later I have it! It's a bit pricier than the Maybelline BB cream as it costs £12 but oh boy is it worth it. They had a 'buy one get second product half price' deal going on and my Mum offered to buy two but I said no because I wasn't sure if I would love it enough but oh man it's great. Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure the Body Shop make-up is near the top of my favourite lists, because I love their blushers and bronzers too.

Anyway, this BB cream only comes in five  shades but I was lucky enough to find a shade that fit my skin tone extremely well. It comes out white then as you rub it in it changes colour to your skin tone. According to the website 'Pigment-filled capsules burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside' which is a pretty fun description. It also says it 'adapts to your skin tone' which I'm no 100% sure it does but it definitely really matches my skin tone. It's really light on my face and makes me feel like I'm wearing nothing and leaves a really natural finish. It makes my skin look healthy and natural which is the look I'm going for and provides a light-medium coverage although I only usually apply a little bit (partly because I'm scared it will run out and partly because I don't want that much coverage). My skin isn't too bad recently (touch wood) but I like to wear this just to kind of even out my skin tone and just because I personally believe it makes my skin look wonderful. It's also really quick and easy to apply, so is perfect for school. It lasts quite a while too, especially paired with the classic Rimmel powder which is needed because sometimes it can leave my face looking fairly..damp? Not damp actually that's a gross description. I just feel the need to use powder because lately I've discovered it may leave my face a little too dewwy. I never usually pay much attention that much to how long my makeup lasts but I guess that's a good thing because I never look in the mirror half way through the day and feel horrified at the state of my skin. 
I don't have much to compare this BB cream to, but I honestly think it must be one of the best BB creams out there because I don't know how it could get better. It does everything it claims (well I'm not sure about adapting to your skin colour but it does seem to match mine awfully well so maybe) and also because it's the Body Shop, it's trustworthy, you know that it's been made with the highest of ethics which makes me happy. So yeah, if you need a BB cream I definitely recommend you check this one out!

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