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9 February 2015

Hey guys! Man, I keep wearing this outfit which I really want you all to see, but recently I don't go out till the evening o by the time I'm dressed in my proper outfit the lighting is terrible. trust me though, you will see this outfit soon. This makes it seem like this is the only outfit I ever wear, I do have more than one outfit, but this is my true favourite at the moment.

This is proving to be a tougher post than I thought to write, and I'm not exactly sure why.

Okay, so I'm a fan of lists. I like to be able to see what I have to do and have it in physical form, because if its in my head I may forget something, or it will constantly be pestering me so I won't ever do anything properly because I will be thinking about my next task the whole time. However, I have found that once I'm on a roll with these lists, I either get carried away with one job or I don't finish everything then I get mad that I haven't finished. That's beside the point though, by following a list I often forget to do things I don't necessarily need to do for my education, but I need to do for myself.

Like many people, I have a messy mind with no structure. That's why lists come in handy, but I don't always express myself. Things build up inside there, creating more of a mess. It's important to relieve yourself though. I guess I'm trying to say, don't push yourself too hard. If school or work or anything is making you feel weak or broken, stop. Take a break. Write out everything your feeling in a diary. Draw. Scribble. Do something that relieves stress for you, but keep it separate from your work. That may just be personal though, but I like to keep everything separate. Hence the multiple notebooks.
I know, my art work on the Libby-Jade thing is beautiful. 8 year old me really knew how to be an artist.
Recently I have been doing that. I used to write in my diary quite regularly, talking to friends doesn't always seems too appealing. Plus I don't want a response, I just need to write everything I'm thinking out because then its as if I'm tidying my brain, I guess? I also have begun drawing again. I forgot how much I loved it. I'm no professional or anything at all but I enjoy it a lot. Since I have been doing it as well, I'm not sure, its making me feel better. I also like creative writing, which I haven't done since god knows when.
You got my drawing book, my revision lists, my weekly reminder list up top next to my blogging notebook then oh look next to my phone my good ol' companion, my diary. Except I don't like calling it my diary, I just call it my companion to be honest. I'm so cool, I know. 
Just don't forget what you enjoy doing, or push it aside. It's all fun and games to watch films and stuff, but I don't know really. Just, stay creative. Everyone is creative and I feel like a lot of people stop doing things they enjoy that are creative. Do what you want, it doesn't matter how good you are. If you enjoy it do it. Be creative and don't let school make you think in one way only. Have opinions and feelings but don't contain them. Write a diary and let everything out. Draw or sing, just don't keep your thoughts and feelings prisoner. Let them be free. It will make you feel better.

I suppose the point in this is just to remind you guys that writing lists is helpful and doing what needs to be done is obviously important, but if you need a break take it and find positive ways to let yourself be free.

This is kind of a mess of a post, but I hope it makes sense? I hope you're all doing okay, and dont forget to do things you enjoy.


  1. i love this post! my mind sounds so similar to yours. id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I <3 LISTS ! I could write a list for everything and anything... but I'm similar, I write a list but then don't do the things on it!! xx

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    1. I thought it was a generic thing to like lists but loads of my friends don't and I don't understand how! I need to be able to see what I need to do!x

  3. I love this post! I relate to you so much with this! x

  4. Love this post. I'm a big fan of making list or just jotting down random things. I keep this little notebook in my purse & it's my "everything" book that has notes from Christmas list, to favorite recipes, to things I need to do or buy!


    1. That sounds like a dream to have all those lists ahah! Thank you :)x


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