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15 February 2015

I wasn't sure what to title this. I have spent three hours trying to fix my laptop. I've been avoiding using it recently because it takes so long to do everything, so this morning I deleted things, moved files sorted things out and after the most frustrating three hours of my life; my laptop has only slightly increased in speed. Oh well, on the up side, I have sorted out all my files and got rid of things and put stuff onto a memory stick (which I think I may need to upgrade because it doesn't have much memory, its cute though-its a penguin) and I feel oddly very relieved now that my laptop is more organised. I also found quite a few outfit post pictures which I never posted which is good because outfit posts are my favourite but by the time I'm dressed and ready to go out, the lighting is too bad to take pictures, but now I have these to fall back on. 
Old room throwback, man the lighting in there was so much better than this room. Also sweet jesus my skin has gone so downhill since then. I covered up my feet because some people are weird about bare feet and once someone asked my friend to send them pictures of their feet and I'm not down for that foot fetishes terrify me.
Jumper-?? somewhere in Australia I assume
Jeans- Topshop
This jumper actually belongs to my sister who lives in New Zealand, so I have no way of wearing it anymore but when she was home I absolutely adored it. I like the shape of these types of jumpers and recently I've been tucking jumpers into my mom jeans to get this sort of shape, its a very..nineties vibe I think? Not this outfit particularly but tucking jumpers in to mom jeans, I'm not sure if I mean nineties or some other era. I don't know, recently I just keep trying to model my outfits around Saved By The Bell, the other day I decided to watch it on youtube and man I forgot how much I loved it. But yeah, I've tucking jumpers into mom jeans but I need more vintage/rugged looking jumpers I feel, loads of peoples just wear their Dads but the only clothes my Dad has are plain tops from Primark, and some funky shirts from Next (which I chose, A* daughter over here). Speaking of funky shirts, I really want some of the types of shirts they wore in saved by the bell, I need to go to Camden or something.

The jumper was like embroidery kind of.. I don't know how to explain.
The purple ring is from my Father, I'm not sure where from and the other two are from Camden.
How do I keep going off topic. Then again, I don't really have much to say about this outfit. My mom jeans are an old classic, super comfortable. I thought all mom jeans were as comfy as these but mine aren't really tough denim and recently ice been wearing my other sisters pairs because she's at uni so shes not going to wear them and its as shame to make them go to waste and they're more of a thick denim and I never realised how lucky i was for choosing such a soft original pair of mom jeans. And the jumper is adorable, who doesn't love a bit of pink! I keep coming up with totally irrelevant things to put in this post as they pop into my head. I've probably written about ten pages and now I need to go back and delete half my ramblings.

This post is hardly even about this outfit.
Oh well.

I plan on writing a post every day this week so when I'm back at school I can be on a roll. Less than three months till my first exam woah. Now I need to go an revise. But I'll probably just blog. No I won't, I need some self control. Oh my god half of what I'm saying is so unnecessary what am I doing. 


  1. I love the way you write :) super cute outfit x


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