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22 February 2015

Quickly, two things I just have to get off my chest. I'm wearing exactly the same clothes as yesterday. The only difference is the underwear. I think this is a sign I need to get out more often because these are my only clean comfy clothes left. Secondly, I just wrote an entire blog post about shoes (it was absolutely terrible the part about shoes) and then it turned into me talking about all the work I have to do and it was just the bizarrest stream of consciousness I've ever written. So, I'm trying again. 

Reach out and...touch 
Okay firstly we're discussing watches, this was meant to happen later on in the post but I'm rearranging things. That sounds so vain, but I couldn't think of a smooth transition. I love this watch so much, I love maps of the world because, okay me being superficial again, I think they're so pretty. However, not to get too deep inside my own brain here or anything but I find it kind of weird to look at because like, that's the world. That's my entire universe as far as I'll ever know really, kind of. I don't know how to explain. Okay I'll stop.
Please excuse my fading henna. Also, I just realised I haven't said where my watch is from, its from Urban Outfitters.
On the topic of watches, the other day my friend sent me a picture of two watches and asked which one she should get and oh my god I loved those watches, I want one. There were two that she showed me a pink and a purple one, i preferred the purple one so i told her but you know when you see something and it is just a person. Well, its not obviously but the pink watch was honestly my friend in watch form, I could not find an accessory to represent her better, and then she got it and I was just blown away because it looks so adorable and perfect on her. Part of me wanted her to get the purple one so that I had a reason not to get it so I could stop lusting over it, but there is no reason for me not to get it now. I love it so much, the only reason not to is because who needs two watches? The answer to that is me though. I do. I need the watch I always wear and the purple watch. I need all the watches in the world.

Guess who found out a better way to edit pictures. Well at least I think so. Now the crap lighting in my house is less of an issue, hell yeah
The point of the original post was to talk about my Vagabonds which I got ages ago, but I don't think I ever showed you, but I want to, because I love them. Even though I don't wear them much. I'm already quite tall and these just add to my height. I never used to understand how heels made your legs look better, but when I first wore these I understood. Once I was wearing them though and my sister said to me I didn't know how to walk in heels, and I was so offended and I haven't worn them since. I'm kidding. Well, I haven't worn them for ages, but that's not the reason. or maybe it is subconsciously and I don't realise it. There isn't really a reason why except I rarely properly go and require such fancy footwear because I'm just going to someones house. I usually stick with my New Balances (comfiest shoes ever 10/10 would recommend) or my docs. I decided, during the writing of the other mess of a post, that in summer I'm going to try and wear more shoes rather than sticking with my usual pairs because I have quite a lot of summer foot attire and I need to wear them. I'm too comfortable in my New Balances, I need to step out my comfort zone. Literally. I dont even know if that works as a pun god what am I.

Why are my legs purple??
I also had an awakening earlier. I was stalking someone on Bloglovin', seeing who they followed because I want more blogs to follow and I'm never really sure how to find any so I usually just look to see who other people follow. Then I saw my blog on there (nice one) and I realised how atrocious my pictures are. You know on Bloglovin' you see the pictures from the persons most recent three posts, well I saw mine and  I was disappointed in myself, like come on Libby up your game. I have a good camera (albeit I need more batteries) the only thing stopping me from having good pictures is myself. Deep. I generally look at peoples pictures to decide if I click on someones blog, shallow I know, and I have standards, and I don't even meet my own standards. How can I be such a hypocrite? So, moral of the story, I'm going to try and up my picture game. That's why I rearranged my post to talk about my watch first because that was my favourite picture from this post. Sneaky. Well not really because I've told you now but still.

How did this happen how did I end up talking about that. Oh well. I was meant to do all my homework today. I didn't. Now I'm just sitting here mad at myself but still doing nothing about it. I think I'm going to go and do my english an finish my chemistry. Adios friends, see you soon!

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  1. Hahahahah ffs Libby, your rambles make me laugh ;) xx


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