Floral Shirt

15 June 2014

I never know what to name outfit posts. Some peoples are so majestic and I'm jut there stating the obvious, that I have been wearing a floral shirt. I just realised I very rarely wear shoes in my outfit posts..sorry. It's because I usually keep my shoes by the front door and never in my room so I quickly slip them on before i go out. Although I do keep all my sandals in my room and since it's getting sunnier and sunnier (hopefully) I will start to wear them more.

Okay guys firstly in the pictures I look really short, but I'm not I'd say I'm of an average height. Secondly I look very tanned and again I am not. I am slightly tanned but not as much as it appears in these pictures. Thirdly I usually crop my face out of these pictures but I wanted you to see my hat and now I realise in the pictures I had pulled the hat down to far.
Now that we've addressed that lets carry on.:')
Hat: I have no idea but I think you can get them from Asos
Shirt: Topshop. (kind of a ling time ago)
Mom Jeans: Top shop (not exact in stock anymore)
Zoom in of the pattern. Ignore that random hair. Also, today I decided to add a few mine random plaits in my hair and I personally think it looks so cute! Might have to do it more often! Although when you take them out they go all zigzazzy. I need to stop talking so much in posts but I just have so much unnecessary stuff to say
I always show you guys my rings but I feel so helpless in case you actually want to buy them because they're always either from Camden or some special ones from my Dad which are all unique. Here the purple one and the one on my other hand is from my Dad. The other one from Camden. Man I love rings, I really want to buy some more. Especially midi rings. I have none but really want some.
 Today I went to my Great Uncle's 70th birthday and I had no idea on the dress code, but I don't think anyone else did either. Some people were in jeans and tops some in quite fancy dresses. I decided to wear a shirt (which I really need to sew new buttons on to because I realised today one had fallen off) because shirts can easily be smart and easily be casual. Depends on how you interpret it. Deep.
Then I paired it with my mom jeans because why not, and my new balances which you cant see, but they're just plain black

I've been waiting to wear this shirt for a while since it's so summery and I've never really worn it because I got it for Christmas and decided I would wear it in summer, however know it's summer I rarely do. I will in the summer holidays though, I guess because now it's weekends and I usually do something Saturday and nothing on a Sunday except homework so I really only get one outfit a week because it's either school uniform and whatever is comfortable for Sunday. Although to be fair, all my clothes are comfortable.

I also wore it with this little black hat which is my sisters and when she gets back (she comes home on Wednesday and I haven't seen her in 15 months I'm so excited!!) she'll want it back so I think I'll have to buy my own, but I don't know where to look! And I don't really know what type of hat it is, is it a bowler hat, is it a fedora hat? Who knows!
If you guys know any good places to buy these though, please let me know! I'm in desperate need of my own and feel like they jazz up any outfit!


  1. Love the shirt :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! You could definitely pull off coloured jeans.. your legs are slimmer and longer than mine! Loveeee the shirt x


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