Marathon/Birth Day

4 May 2015

Hey guys! So last Sunday it was my birthday and it was also the day of the London Marathon which my mum ran in, which (not going to lie) I was very impressed by not only because it's the freaking marathon, but also because she hadn't stuck to the training schedule and hadn't run for about a month before due to injuring her ankle. However she proved me wrong and done absolutely amazing!!
We had to wake up super early which was a bit of a bummer because the whole point of having a birthday on the weekend is so you can sleep in, but hey ho. Then we woozied on down to the marathon, we drove to the place where the marathon ended so after my mum wouldn't have to walk far and then got on trains which was horrific. Of course hey we're all packed, of course there was absolutely no space on the train and my father still pushed me on causing the whole carriage to have to rearrange to account for the fact I had just been shoved on, of course basically all train rides of the day were similar and every time I was in a crowd I had to pay so much attention to my breathing to try and stop freaking out. I'm not claustrophobic but put me in a crowd of people and it will take me a long time to feel comfortable and not feel like I'm going to drown in all the people. It was a pretty hectic day, and after we left my mum at the place she was meant to be me and my dad and sister (she came back from uni for the event) were meant to go to a pub to meet my mums pals who were coming, needless to say my dad and sister argued and we spent an hour in an awkward silence which I tried to break but my dad likes to do this thing where either he's deaf and he genuinely can't hear my questions or he's just ignoring me. I'm pretty sure it's the latter. I asked four times before he replied to me where we were going and then he was really snappy and rude about it, like okay soRRY FOR ASKING A QUESTION AND TRYING TO BE NICE God it was actually very frustrating but I won't go into to much depth about how he ignored every single bloody question and then would snap at me when I asked it rudely. Like what did he honestly expect me to just give up without hearing the answer like no I'm asking for a reason, punk. Okay no I won't rant about this we would be here forever. 
Pre warning, I'm lazy and tired, many of these aren't edited. Also, in the picture on the left thats my Mum in the pink coat and the man shes with is a family friend whose ran many marathons hence why he seems so calm and collected.
So yeah we went down, cheered people on and travelled round in a little pack. It was freezing, I was told it warm up later on in the day, I don't believe it did. I have two super warm comfy coats at home but I was told I would be too hot in them so I wore my thin camouflages jacket and a Hoodie and let me tell you the entirety of the time I was outside my teeth were shattering and I was shivering and I resented my family for telling me it would warm up. Also because it was so cold nobody could see my supporting top, but I wanted people to see because I wasn't going to waste the fact I was wearing some god awful orange top for charity and not have anyone to see, if I'm supporting someone and something I will do it to my best ability. So I followed suit of my mums friend and put the top on over my jacket, did j look like an absolute wombat for having a size XL top on over my extremely large jacket and coat and my scrawny legs dangling about the bottom? Absolutely. Did I care? I would say no but I did at first but then it helped me retain more body heat so I stopped, plus we saw some other people in the same charity (she ran for Sense- a charity for deaf blind people) and it was nice because it was just like yO and had a nice bonding moment.
(Part of) The supporting crew. We made banners yes. Also, the middle picture literally no one is prepared for the picture, look at me. Just look at me. Why do I look so judgemental whilst eating my banana? The end picture is me and my sister, I wanted to put this one picture in of us two so you could see the height difference between us but I looked so gross in the picture that no amount of editing could save myself. 
Also, at one point my hand were so cold I couldn't do up the button or zip on my jeans because my hand wouldn't move enough to allow me so I had to get my sister to do it for me.
We had a really great time though, and I got some super nice pic n mix which is always a bonus. I really wanted a picture of me and my mum at the end and I got one, but I look absolutely awful in it and I know some people say that when really they still look lovely in the picture but I honest to god look like some enormous goblin next to my mum.

(I pre-edited this because it's on my instagram) But look at the picture on the right! That was at the final part of the run, and look how cheery my Mum looks. I would look dead and she was just there bumbling away. 
Then after we went home and had a nice wagamamas (I would had preferred something else and seeing as it was my birthday I thought I should have decided but long story short my sister was a butthead about it and said we couldn't get Chinese because my mum had to eat too and she doesn't like Chinese. Did I ask for Chinese though? No. I was told on the Saturday we were getting waggas tomorrow and I said 'oh I don't really want that I basically had that today' because I did and then she replied 'well we have to get something mum will eat we can't get chinese'. Did I ask for Chinese though? When would I ever ask for Chinese? Do my family even know me? Why did she think that? But you know when someone uses a really rude tone of voice and it's just like hey don't speak to me like that or I'll cry you complete utter butthead. I just wanted Italian. It was a nice wagamamas though but still I don't like the way it was so forcefully reinforced that we had to have it, if she had said mum will want it I wouldn't have minded she didn't need to be so bloody aggressive). Whoops rant there. For my birthday I didn't get many clothes, I did get an awful lot of underwear though which I could talk for ages about, but I won't however I will tell you something upsetting I realised. I got this rad bra from Victoria secrets and I got it in the wrong size and I was so excited to wear it and it fitted when I tried it on but today I wore it and it was too big, I was very disheartened but oh well.

I got a denim skirt skirt for my birthday and now I'm pumped to go back to urban outfitters to buy this super cute top I found in there, I tried it on with the skirt but I couldn't buy both items so I had to prioritise. I thought I had a picture of the outfit but, alas, I do not. I was going to say also, but I do say also far too frequently. AS WELL AS THIS (bringing in new connectives) does anyone have any fashion ideas that will enable me to show off my Calvin Klein bra without seeming too slutty?

This would look so pretty edited. But can we just appreciate how majestic this array of pic n mix was. The options of fudge oh god it was heaven there were so many to choose from, and of course because it was my sweet sixteenth my Dad couldnt be mad when I got blatantly too much. In my defense I was planning on sharing, but everyone declined or ended up getting there own. What a shame it was..more sweets for me. Although they didn't last as long as I though they were going to. 
Writing this there have been so many times I've ranted in my head but refrained myself from writing out. I'm sorry for the late post I won't blog properly until after GCSEs probably but I will post at least once every two weeks. My revision is going awfully at the moment, after school I'm always in such a terrible mood that I psychologically  can't revise because I'm just in too much of a bad mood or too tired. The worst part is it's not even like school is useful, it's honestly the biggest waste of time and we don't even get study leave and eirgh it's just annoying knowing how much revision I could be getting done if I didn't have to sit in class. The other day in Spanish we answered two questions from the rest of a paper and then marked it. It took an hour. It really should not have taken that long. It pisses me off how people are still wasting so much time when our exams are so soon, like please stop being so selfish and just do the work I don't care if you don't care about your grades, I care about mine so shut up so I can do some bloody work. God. I hope all of your revision is going better than mine.
I should crop this. I was going to end on a picture of me as a joke but it seemed way too vain and if people were to misread my sarcastic caption it would have been awkward so we end on my mother and grandparents, wahoo!

Good luck with all your exams buddy's if you have any coming and see you soon!

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