Plane Outfit In The Rose Gardens

15 July 2015

Hey guys! Woah today has been hectic. But the afternoon has been enjoyable because me and my good pal Lauren went to the Rose Gardens near us and we got some cute outfit pictures! For once I'll actually have nice pictures rather than just boring old my room. I just edited the pictures and now I'm really excited because wow so pretty flowers! Although it was impossible to take serious pictures because you know those people who you just always smile when you're with them? Lauren is one of those people. I just wanted some pictures of me looking 'whimsical' or whatever, or just cool pictures of me in my outfit but it was impossible. Also in loads of pictures I look really menacing, I really hope I don't always look so frowny because damn. But we have decided to venture to the Rose Gardens more often so hopefully as this summer progresses I'll nail my poses. It was so cute and pretty there though, I always underestimate it. And so peaceful. I'm excited to go there during summer and just read a book and lie in the sun. Who cares about hay fever!? Although to be fair it wasn't that bad today. 
I don't even care what people say my poses are on point.
The dress is just a little sundress from H&M (I can't find the link sorry) and the top underneath is just a white crop top from Topshop and the sandals were in the Topshop sale and I can't find the link
When you see a bee
I wore basically what I decided what to wear on the plane because it's just so comfy. Although near the end of the day the shoes began to rub my little toe, but for the majority of the time they were so comfy! Except I forgot to paint my toes and three of my toes (very specific) are on show when I wear these and god, event though no one was judging me I judged myself. But the way the shoes wrap around my feet made them feel so homey. Is it possible for shoes to feel homey? Usually I would wear a tight white top underneath this dress, but I was being a pain in the ass and kept changing my outfit and then was worried if I wore the top I planned for the plane and if I began to smell then I couldn't wear it on the plane so I settled on a different top, because plane outfits stress me out too much and I did not have it in me to plan another one. Saying that, my topshop dress was my backup plan but whatever. This is so exciting I have so many different pictures! I hope I'm able to do more outfit posts like this in the future. I just need to stop being such a hermit and go outside and be social more often! 
The only fairly serious picture. Well, there are a few where I'm not being an idiot but my face is so angry and moody. I feel like this serious picture doesn't really belong here but look how cool the back of my dress is!! 
The only downside about this dress is that sometimes it makes me look really wide, but the upsides outweigh the one downside. In my opinion. 
Anyway guys that's it for today, and I will see you soon! Eurgh in the process of this I completely smudged my nails, I did not think this through. Also I have such tiny toe nails and whilst painting them I made a mess and now my toes are covered in nail varnish and I can't use a cotton bud to get rid of it because knowing me I'll probably end up removing half of the paint on my nails. Oh well, in the end having pretty toes will make it all worth it. But yeah, bye (I spelt bye like buy god I'm such a material girl)(I think that's the right phrase) guys!


  1. What lovely photos! That dress is the cutest ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. haha i have a friend who makes me look ridiculously cheesy in photos too(: i totally get your plane outfit stress too. #relatable and i'm a big fan of t-shirts under dresses as well!

    1. There's just something really comforting about wearing tshirts under dresses I feel. I like wearing them without but sometimes I just need that extra clothing!x

  3. I love this post so much Libby! The outfit is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for summer! I totally agree about the photos thing though, sometimes there just isn't time to be photo serious!


  4. Libby, I love your outfit so much! The dress is gorgeous and I love how you've paired it with a crop top - definitely stylish! x


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