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29 November 2015

Sorry for the blur, I don't know what happened to my camera here!

This post was meant to be a generic 'my favourite hair styles' post, but then I realised that will take much more preparation than what I have time for, gosh dang mocks. So, I figured I would tell you why french/dutch (I know they're different but in this case they provide the same qualities) is such a good hairstyle.

1) It's cute. I feel like everyone can pull of these types of braids. Whether it's one or two or multiple, they always look cute. I can only really pull off two when they're quite messy rather than pulled tight so I usually do them the night before, sleep in them, then when I wake up they have the perfect amount of messiness. Back in the days of my super duper long hair they looked even better, but honestly all hair lengths can pull them off.

2) They're easy. Some people can't do french braids, and I don't mean in the actual plaiting sense they're easy (it did take me some practice) but just they're easy to maintain. You can sleep in them and they won't get too messy. they help keep your hair not knotty (is there a word for un-knotty?) and they can stay in your hair a while. I usually have a system where I plait my hair, leave them in for two days or as long as I can get away with really, then take them out the day before a hair wash (leading nicely on to the next pint)

3) When you take them out you get mermaid hair! Well, I do, I understand not everyone does, but it leaves my hair looking all nice and wavey and beachy which is a look I love so after keeping them in for so long I can just take them out to get these nice waves and my hair isn't even that knotty despite not brushing it because it's been in plaits!

4) The most important of all the points, they keep your hair out of your face. Those of you who have long or thick hair, know the annoyance of trying to keep your hair out of the way whilst remaining comfortable. I can't do buns, they just flop over when I lean over my desk, pony tails pull on my head too much (not so much now but boy did they used to hurt, now it just depends)(but usually they do) and for me low pony tails just always slip out. Plus low ponytails make me look like an egg. But these are perfect because they keep your hair completely out of the way so comfortably! There's no huge weight pulling on your head and no loose pieces of hair because it's all involved in the braid(s)!
Also a bonus, they're good hair for concerts, because it keeps your hair under control whilst you're jumping about so you can't be that annoying person whipping everyone with your hair! 
I used to have french plaits literally all the time, but haven't as much recently. However, with exams resurfacing I've realised I do them more often because I don't have to bother doing anything to my hair in the morning and it just stays out the way. I hate having my hair flopping everywhere whilst I'm trying to do work! Those of you who can't do french plaits, practice! It's not as hard as it seems after a while. I used to practice all the time it would make my arms ache, I'm so weak aha. Although, I say they're easy but I can only do dutch braids, because whenever I try to do french my hair just slips out my grasp all the time! But both looks are adorable (in my opinion) and 10/10 would recommend. Do you guys have any easy, comfortable, out of the way hair styles? I love finding new looks, but I feel like this is always a good one to rely on.


  1. I love seeing people in these kind of braids but then when I go to try it, I literally end up looking like an egg no matter how messy it is haha. You look so cute.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE xx

  2. You look so adorable! Unfortunately my hair is too curly and probably too short to pull these off but I'm super jealous of how nice it looks on you.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  3. I really love plaits too. The other day I tried to put my hair in a plait but it's still too short to last more than five minutes until all my hair slips out of the hair tie. But I can't wait for it to be long enough to plait and 'last' again. You look really nice with that hairstyle and I love the colour of your hair.

  4. These are really cute. I actually did my hair in plaits yesterday but took them out pretty much straight away - I need to do it the day I wash it so that I don't have a side parting otherwise I end up with one really thick plait and one really thin one!

    Megan | Lazy Thoughts

  5. When I had longer hair this was my favourite thing to do - this looks so cute on you! Wish I could still do these with shorter hair!

    Lucy |

  6. I just had my hair like this yesterday and am absolutely loving this look.

  7. I like this post! You've madee reloze how amazing french braids are. I have my har in them the majority of the time, well that or a pont tail! Have a good week!

    1. Ah, well now you can fully appreciate them I guess! Thank you, you too Vanessa!:)x

  8. wow your hair looks amazing like this, this is one of my go-to hairstyles too <3 x

    1. Thank you! It's so cute and easy isn't it?:)x

  9. you look so fab, love this x


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