Going Out Makeup

3 March 2016

This isn't really my going out makeup as it's not that fancy but it's not my daily makeup either. It's like my daily makeup with a little something extra is a good way to describe it I guess. Also before this post goes on, all my pictures are slightly blurry. I have no idea why but it really bugs me when my camera pictures come out bad quality because I may as well have used my phone!

I always start off by doing my base, but apparently you're meant to do that after your eyes. I got a new primer in January from The Body Shop to replace my Benefit one and it may be a heck of a lot cheaper but still is just as good! Then Mac face and body foundation, collection concealer (which everyone loves but unpopular opinion- I don't like at all. None of the shades seem to match my skin at all so I don't know just doesn't work for me) yadda yadda. It's fairly obvious how I apply all this. Although, I have a question, where can I buy an angled brush that's good? And a fan brush. 

For my eyeshadow I used this Morphe palette which is so good! I doesn't last that long in my opinion so I need a good primer but it is good. So many shades! Me and my sister got our Aunt to get them for us whilst she was in America because for some reason it was so much cheaper there in pounds than it is in England. So if you want one I recommend checking the exchange rate soon, especially if you know someone going to America! The shades in this don't have names so the ones indicated are the ones I used, and I also used Snakebite in my crease, Suspect all over my lid and Bootycall in the corner. I also like to use either white eyeliner on my lower waterline or white glittery liner on my lower lash line to make my eyes seem bigger. I have matured in my eyeliner usage and used a liquid liner rather than a felt tip, not out of choice but because my felt tip ran out. However I think the liquid liner went pretty well! Then of course this mascara, which I got for Christmas then lost, so bought another one expecting that as soon as I bought it that the other one would just pop up but it is yet to do so. But let me tell you, this is an amazing mascara, in case you haven't heard of it yet.

I don't have a picture really of the final product because the lighting was awful, but I really liked the look. Oh I also filled in my eyebrows (I forgot to take a picture of the item I used but my eyebrows aren't that great so you're not missing out by not knowing) and contoured using these products (which I also forgot to picture).

I really want to buy another foundation that's cheaper because I've been using this ofr ages and want to try a new one because it doesn't have great coverage, so any recommendations? I also want a fancy bronzer, maybe for my birthday (which isn't till April but I like to plan ahead)  so also any recommendations again will be useful. I just want all the makeup!


  1. I always do my base before my eyes as well, I've done it for years since I started doing makeup, I couldn't imagine starting with me eye makeup now. That Morphe palette looks amazing, so many shades!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Oh there are! I really recommend getting one, I really want another one but I don't think I need that much eyeshadow yet!x

  2. I really want to get myself a morphe palette theres so many shades!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Oh man you definitely should, they're amazing!x

  3. For an angled brush I would definitely look at zoeva-they are about £7 and amazing quality!

    1. Thank you! Ooh I really want a Zoeva brush but I always thought they were so expensive, but I just looked and that's definitely in my price range!x


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