Summer Recall

30 June 2016

Well, two months later I have a blog post. Crikey, I don't know how I left it so long. My plan was to wait till after exams but then I just got into a rut of not knowing what to post/ not having any motivation but now my college has officially broken up for summer and I can never leave my blog. Although to be fair I never thought I' be able to abandon it for a couple of weeks let alone two months!

Oh the irony, wearing a jumper and drinking tea even though the title is referring to summer. Also how adroabel is my Saved By The Bell jumper, who remember this incredible show
Anyway lets all take a moment to appreciate the fact exams are officially over for now, mine have actually been over for a while but oh well. Now I get the joy of writing my personal statement, doing work experience and learning my driving theory but also the joy of summer! I study Classics and we went on a school trip for five days to Athens and oh wow it was such an amazing trip, all the old architecture was so incredible to see but especially because we had studied it for so long. Also they  had amazing tomatoes there. But I won't go into depth about the trip because it would be boring for you guy.s

Summer is also exciting because of all the books I can read, going on adventures, seeing friends and I just love being able to wear sunglasses. My favourite ones from last year broke after I sat on them , tried to fix them but just ended up repeatedly accidentally sitting on them however I got a good pair for this year. It's a weird summer this year though because loads of my friends will be going to uni next year and it's just such a weird concept! 

This is just kind of a crappy recap post, I will improve later on but just need to get back into the swing of blogging, hopefully I'll re-design my blog as well because it has been like this for far too long. Ah I forgot how much I love writing blog posts, even little ones like this (to be fair I'm far too tired to write a good 'un) but adios my friends, oh how I have missed you and see you soon!


  1. I'm sooooo happy to see you back blogging, I'm so excited haha - so lucky you're on holidays already, I still have to wait another 3 weeks (lord help me)!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Oh Thank you so much for this it made me so happy! I didn't really come back but now I am! I hope you survived the three weeks!X

  2. Haha i loved the comment about the tomatoes :) i've still got two weeks of school then I'm off-but how good does no exams feel??
    Have a fab summer!!
    Katie x

    1. Oh my god having no exams is the best feeling ever!!x

  3. So happy to be reading your posts again! I would LOVE to go to Athens, purely because I love Greek mythology! I hope you had a lovely time. Can't wait for your next post xx



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