Who Do I Have To Speak To In Order To Get Some Bigger Models

23 February 2017

This is just a spontaneous post because I can't be bothered to take out my camera and take actual photos but this has been bothering me lately.

I shop at Asos a lot, I know clothes sizes vary depending where you are shopping but my god, sometimes I order things from there in my size and have to get twosizes up or whatever, even though the ridiculously tiny model claims to be wearing my size.

Maybe ridiculously tiny is too harsh a term to use. I just think, self love for all sizes is promoted everywhere, and companies say they are using bigger models but I don't think they are trying hard enough. On Monkis Instagram, they show people of all sizes and shapes wearing their garments and I love that. Give me someone without a tiny waist! Give me someone with chubby thighs or a chubby stomach I want to see all the shapes, let alone just broadening the size spectrum people use (although it is debatable whether these models who claim to be larger sizes are actually what they say to be).

It's not even about self love as much as just not being annoying. As a society we're moving past the unhealthily skinny sized models but it's not the size as much as the shape. I am not sure my aim in this post. I was trying to google about who I had to speak to for companies to get some more representation in their modelling because honestly, there is no reason for this. I don't have a particularity small waist and I still look nice in mom jeans (bad example but I'm typing this in a fit of rage), they pick the ideal figure to model clothes but all figures look good in most clothes! However I found absolutely nothing so I'm hoping someone can help me get somewhere from posting this because it is 2017 and I am sick of all the models with amazing bodies.Yes, they work hard for it but Jesus Christ I want 'goals' to be people with thick thighs and tummys and flabby arms and normal womanly (and men, this is a very female bias post but that is because I have not thought this post through, this is just pure unadulterated me baby) features! We need child bearing hips so let me some child bearing hips! And don't make plus sized models have the perfect curves. And also some short models! I hardly know any girls that are 6ft but bloomin heck do I know a lot of short ones! Give me models with impurities that aren't just to do with skin and hair, give me diversity in the figures and races!!
this is a really old photo I'm just using it as clickbait so people read this and help me figure out how to get some models with a lil more chubs

That is all. I hope you all have a good week


  1. I totally agree with this, the plus size models these days seem to be a size 8! Ridiculous, every size is beautiful so they should show models representing a size properly! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. Ugh this is something that annoys me so much! Like realistically how many girls do I know that are 6ft tall and a size 6? That would be none... H&M are the worst for their sizes, I have to go up two sizes to get into their shorts and skirts, which is not only annoying because I'm constantly returning things, it makes me feel like crap because I can't fit into my usual size so I'm in the changing rooms like "what has happened to my body in the last 4 days?!" Hahahaha. Thanks for this, it's a great post! x

    Maddie | thatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I usually get that with Asos skirts! I don't understand what happens but I wish all companies could decide on a clothing system and to get better models! Thanks Maddie :)x

  3. YES LIBBY PREACH IT. I hate it when I'm scrolling through asos and see 'plus size' models when they should not be labelled that as they are not. I love seeing actual plus size models who still look amazing too. Also why do they have exclusive clothes for plus size, tall or petite? Why can't we all just wear the same stuff if we want!!! Loved reading this x


    1. See I get that stuff may be tailored differently according to tall/petite etc but they're not all the time, you are right abolish the labels!! I just want more models than the tall slim ones and I want all the bodies to be shown!! You would have thought companies would have got their shit together by now!!x

  4. You're so pretty gal, aww - I have the same struggle to be honest, although I am quite small anyway the sizings aren't accurate at all! We need more recognition like this, you go gal!

    Lucy | Forever September

  5. I'm actually soo pissed about how society seems to want to put everyone in a category?! Big corporations/companies just need to embrace our diversity!! Have you seen the Vogue cover for their 'diverse issue?' It's so stupid because all the models are so gorgeous but it just doesn't seem the cater for everyone y'know? There's one curvy model but everyone else is like 5ft8 and a size 6... I guess it's some progress x

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