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14 August 2017

In my head the title to this post is to a tune; imagine the tune you wish as I can not sing it for you.  
Recently I went to Naples with my boyfriend and let me tell you guys, Naples is so underrated. We decided to go to Naples purely because it had the cheapest flights and we booked it relatively late and also me, being the idiot I am, thought Naples was in Greece and I love Greece. I say I 'love' Greece, I went once to Athens and had an amazing time so I just generalise that experience to the whole of Greece. However, Naples is in Italy, as you probably know to be fair, and so many websites had warnings about Naples. Saying it was dangerous and dirty and that travel agents did not recommend going, but amidst these critical reports of Naples there were some good ones. I didn't believe the good reports and was so sure we were going to be murdered by the mafia. But since I am alive to tell the tale of the beautiful Naples, it clearly didn't happen.

We stayed in the historical centre which was a great location. There were many restaurants and ice cream and souvenir places near us, but to be honest on the first day we ended up going to this place called Shanti (I have no idea what category it falls into) which just became our favourite place. Well it became my favourite place. I have no photos of it really but it had a really nice ambience, like just so warm and welcoming. And they gave us crisps when we got drinks the first time, and I'm a sucker for snacks. They had food, drinks and music. It was just so lovely. 

Naples itself, I didn't see as much dirt as everyone was making out. Maybe because I'm used to dirty areas in London (although in saying that I do think London is relatively clean)(well some of the places)(despite there being pretty much no bins anywhere in London am I right) but yeah, Naples didn't seem that dirty. There was an average amount of litter. It was such an interesting city to look at, like you would look up and there would be laundry dancing on the clothes line in the rare blows of wind and old women smoking passing gossip along balcony to balcony. Oh, another thing is that there were so many beautiful buildings just scattered about that people just seemed to ignore, like giant clock towers or chapels. We couldn't figure out what they were but there was just some beautiful, old architecture that was just ignored. Well maybe not ignored, but they deserved to be made a bigger deal out of. I feel like in Naples the most important thing to do is look up as up high is where your eyes really get to see the goods. 

It was absolutely boiling whilst we were there, we really wanted a beach day and so many people said to go to the Amalfi coast which and have a tour of the villages and the pictures we saw look incredible but unfortunately we were not rich enough to go. I also really wanted to to go Cumae because one of the texts I read in classics featured that destination and I just find it so amazing seeing things from what I've learnt in Classics because its so 'woah'. We went to the Archaeological Museum there which is humungous and full of statues, as well as being as sucker for snacks I'm also a sucker for statues, so that was pretty amazing.

We also went to Pompeii, we didn't have much time there but Pompeii was so cool. As you walk in to the ruins area they have preserved bodies they found of people who were there, and it was so cool yet spooky because their bodies were like mid running, and one of them was curled up with their head in their hands. For an additional price we could have gone on an actual tour of the volcano but alas, we did not leave ourselves enough time when booking the coaches so that wouldn't have worked. 

A lot of rambling here. I'm going to sum it up in bullet points. There is probably a lot more to do, I just went to eat some left after BBQ food though and lost my writing flow. 

Pompeii and the volcano.
Tour of the Amalfi Coast
Archaelogical Museum
Underground city (Roman remains- very cool and also very many)
Chapels (I have no specific ones but damn they are beautiful) 

Also okay so the pizza there looked incredible however I am a coeliac so it was pretty hard for me to find places that catered to this so I often had to stick with salads. On the last night though I got my long awaited pizza and personally, I was disappointed. My pizza came with no tomato sauce just oily vegetables! But I only have myself to blame I think because everyone else pizzas looked incredible. Plus my boyfriends pizzas and pastas always looked good. By good I mean amazing. If you're a Diet Coke lover and Coke Zero hater then I don't recommend Naples because Diet Coke doesn't seem to exist. Only Coke Zero. Also ice cream is a must, I was low-key disappointed but I just didn't go to the best ice cream shop. My plan was to have gelato everyday, I had it once!

Tip for Naples for all of you if you ever go: get ice cream every day. Actually, thats my tip for any country you're in. Ice cream everyday!


  1. It looks so beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Italy, looks like my kind of place!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Ah it is so pretty! To be honest Italy would be the best place ever if they had Diet Coke alongside Coke Zero in my personal opinion

  2. Looks soso beautiful! I literally thought Naples was in Greece until you said it wasn't ahaha, I'm so bad at geography. Loving the first picture in the post too and super jel of you visiting pompeii!! x x

    1. Ah thank you!! Coming from the queen of photography aha. Pompeii was incredible I just wish we had more time there or that we had done a tour because although it was cool I didn't have any idea what I was looking at half the time ! x

  3. I do love Greece, but Italy is lovely too lol ;) I'm glad that your holiday surprised you in a good way, the photos look incredible xxx

    1. Thank you! Aha honestly when I found out it wasn't in Greece I was so confused. I'm glad I was pleasantly surprised too I was so worried we would spend the entire time in our air b&B too scared to explore!x

  4. sounds like you had the best time (even if it wasn't Greece haha) and I looove your dress in the last pic!!!

    1. Thank you!! IT was from Asos ages ago but it is so good and flowwy (although not that great for sweating I will admit) x

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  6. I was actually just in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast and it was lovely, myself and my boyfriend really wanted to do Pompeii but it was so hot that we just could not bring ourselves to do it, walking around in that head with no pool seems like torture! Your blog is really lovely here, I loved having a read through it.. well done you! x

  7. sounds like you had the best time!!!

    Tasha x


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