sweet moments

1 February 2019

I don't really know what I mean by 'sweet moments' because I don't mean sweet in the usual way, but sweet as in those times your head finds a brief moment of tranquility, or when there's a moment of catharsis that leaves you feeling tired but whole again. Those times which could be mistaken as happiness, but it's not happiness. By sweet times I mean times where you're able to realise things will be okay, a happiness with a hint of sadness. This post was meant to be my happiest of times, but I think sweet times are better because these memories just fill me with a warmth despite some not being overly happy.

need to get some winter pics, ones from summer are making me very much miss it 

- for some reason, the memory that is in the forefront of my mind right now is the time I was driving back from the gym in winter last year and I was sweaty and exhausted from my workout and my windows were down and I was just belting out Sam Smith after having gone through a break up. I don't know why this memory seems so poignant, and I remember feeling so sad, but so fresh after my breakup and my throat was raw from how awfully and loudly that I was singing, but it was a sweet moment. I think that was my first moment of realising break ups aren't all that bad.

- sitting in a field in soho drinking cheap cider with two of my friends feeling warm and cool just before going to a Jamie Isaac gig. We weren't speaking, just listening to music whilst slowly smoking cigarettes and just feeling the sun but we were all worried about how things would change once everyone returned from university, and slightly scared of the surrounding antics, but it was warm and we were wearing sunglasses and time was moving slowly- at the pace we wanted it to go.

- watching 'The Undateables' in bed all day with my ex, both knowing that the fling was going to end again soon but just relaxing in that moment, feeling warm and safe and wanted despite that awful awareness that it was only a momentary bliss. We both knew that there was going to have to be an ending soon, but it was nice and we learnt to just accept the complicated.

- strolling around Paris late at night and just talking forever about all my woes with katie.

- sharing olives with my nephew after work after he had dinner, because he's a kid and kids don't care how much of anything they've eaten and get excited for food and aren't afraid of any way they may be perceived.

- sitting in my car after new years eve with my friends, chatting about the strange events of the night, chatting about the people we hadn't seen in ages, chatting about what may go wrong in 2019. We were all a little sad thinking back of 2018, some of the friendships that didn't make it through to 2019 but we were with each other, just like we were at the end of 2018, and at the end of 2017.

- having a cigarette in the rain up north and realising the boy I was seeing was not the one for me, which is always a sad realisation but we had had a good time, it didn't last long enough for there to be any arguments or anything. It wasn't meant to be, but it was nice.

- realising short hair really doesn't suit me, but accepting the ugliness and not giving a hoot about it because it makes washing hair a hell of a lot easier.

- drinking a mocha after an infuriating day of house hunting, feeling bummed out at the lack of houses and the lack of agreements but happiness in the fact I had people to live with and knowing that the house hunting was coming to a close.

Sweet sweet moments with many more to come I hope.


  1. This was a v nice and simple and 'warm' post to read. I hope you're doing well!


  2. This was such a lovely post. I love the way you describe these moments as well, I'd never really thought of them as sweet but you're right they are sweet. Like a happy sort of sadness, I can think of a lot of moments like that. Also, I think you suit short hair - I love it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Ah I love that you've called this sweet moments, I defo think there's a difference between happiness and sweetness. I loved reading through all of your memories, defo related to some of them; at least the feeling? If that makes sense?? Ps you look so beaut with short hair, what you talking about!! Lots of love Libby, hope you're doing well and uni is ok! xo

  4. I want to write a post like this one. I will let you know if I end up doing it! <3 you are a lovely soul and I love how reflective you are. As an infj I can't just feel one thing so I understand how sweet moments are present. I understand you can't just feel one thing and call it good. I feel 130932 million things and don't know what to call it. Being human? Thanks for writing this Libby!

    1. ALSO, I love your short hair but understand you may not feel yourself in it. I have my hair short and love it because it makes me feel confident and foxy!

  5. Loved reading this, so nostalgic!! Always love your writing!

    Tasha x

  6. I read this late at night, sat in bed, alone in my uni room feeling all hormonal and it spoke to me so much - my mind is blown at how perfectly you've captured this feeling, and this quality that memories acquire in our minds but is so hard to put your finger on!

    I know pretty much everyone has said the same thing above but it's true, you seriously ROCK short hair. My hair is short, but pretty thick, and I love how it looks on you - it's the kind of hairstyle I'd see on Pinterest and show my hairdresser when getting it cut!

    Hope being back at uni is going well for you x


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