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5 January 2014

I know most of the posts I've been uploading recently have begun with 'I'm sorry for not uploading blahblah' but I honestly am and I'm struggling a bit to come up with things to post. However, I have quite the selction of perfumes/body sprays and just generally nice smelling stuff and also got a few for Christmas so I thought I would show you some of my favourites.

My first favourite is 'Fantasy' by Britney Spears. I've had this for quite a while and I have another mini bottle, it's one of my favourite sprays and I always spray a bit on when I'm not sure what else to use. I don't know how to explain the smell, even though I'm sure you already know the scent, I'll try to explain! Really it just smells quite girlie and fresh and the smell lasts for ages,  which I love.

'Mist You Madly' from Soap and Glory. I mentioned this before but if I'm talking about my favourite sprays I can't leave this one out! When I got it I was worried it wouldn't last very long as I got one of the smaller bottles, since the Soap and Glory are quite pricey...I was only a few pounds off the bigger bottle. However, when you squirt it you get quite large sprays, so you don't have to use as much as you think you would and like before, the spray lasts a while. It also smells fresh but not as girly as the Britney one, and is better for everyday use in my opinion since the smell isnt as...prominent? I guess you could say..

This I absolutely love, I don't get it much. I really only get it when friends go to America and I ask them to get it for me, or if they go at Christmas they know that it's one of the best Christmas presents for me. Even though we have a Victoria Secrets in London, I rarely  go and if I did I feel like this spray would lose it's special-ness to me. Its Pink and I'm not really sure what it's called, I'm guessing what it says on the bottle. Now again, the way I'm describing all my perfumes, it does make you smell fresh and clean (like it says on the bottle), not very flowery.  This one is only a little bottle, easy to take out and about with me just in case I need to spray myself throughout the day.

Now, you probably all know this, the good ol' 'Our Moment' By One Direction. Before I had smelt it, I thought it wouldn't smell very nice to be completely honest. I thought it would be sickly sweet or something, but it's not at all! Like most of the above, it lasts long and I really have no idea how to explain what any of these smell like but it just smells lovely and if you like Fantasy you would definitely like this. The bottle is also adorable, I feel like a princess when I use it!:)

Now I know that this isn't a perfume or body spray, but I absolutely love this brand. Their ranges of soaps all smell lovely. I got this for Christmas and it smells sweet and it does you make like it for quite a while! When I move I do get a waft of this and I absolutely love it! I also used the Coconut and Cream one I think it's called a while ago, they smell sweet and just oh so lovely, but not so sweet that it makes you feel ill! Well not me anyway. Although from the picture it looks like quite a small bottle it is big and would last a while, but I use so much at once, I just can't get enough of the smell! I think it's called I love... then depending on your scent depends on what follows, so this is I Love...Strawberries&Cream . If you want a nice smelling soap literally, ANY from this collection smells gorgeous, oooh I love it so much!

What are your guys favourite perfumes/sprays or soaps? Have you used any of these? I would love to hear some of your guys opinions!


  1. Fantasy is my absolute favorite scent! Loved the post!


    1. thank you!:) I know right and I love how it lasts for ages!:)x

  2. I really want to try that soap and glory spray! My favorite body sprays are VS vanilla lace, mango temptation, and coconut passion, and I recently did an I Love Perfume Tag on my blog,I also really like your blog so I am now following you :)

    1. Ah thank you! I don't think I've tread any of them! Might check out your blog then and give you a cheeky follow..;)x

  3. I absolutely adore Our Moment by One Direction, not only because of the scent but the bottle is so adorable! Love this post! My fashion, beauty and craft blog:
    <3 <3 <3


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