Birthday Beauty Wishes

29 March 2014

Since it's y birthday soon and I'm a mess when it comes to writing things down to know what I wat, I decided this year since I want sooo much I'd share them with you. I know I won't get half the stuff I'm asking for since I'm asking for so much, but at least this year I know what I want!:)

1) L'Oreal #txt Volume Supersizing Spray & #txt Wave Creating Spray
These are both £3.79 and I've heard so many good reviews about them. I'm in need of a new sea salt spray, I'm not sure if this is one but it creates waves which is what I want and I read post once ( I was going to link you to the post but I'll just link you to her blog ). Together they just create the loveliest waves and voluminous hair!

2) Body Shop Bronzers
Obviously I don't want both (then again I wouldn't say no to having them both) but my friend uses the second one 'Brush on Bronze' which is £14 and it looks so great on her! It creates a lovely sun kissed look and really helps define her cheek bones. The first one in the picture I've also heard great thing about, it's called 'Baked to Last Bronzer' and is £16. I've never used a Body Shop bronzer but everybody says their products are great and I do need a new bronzer and like I said, they sound great! Also since they are rather pricey, what better time to ask for them than my birthday!

3) Tanya Burr Lips and Nails
Again with these, I don't need both I just couldn't choose! It was hard enough narrowing them all down to two, in all her vlogs each one look gorgeous. I've chosen the shades Chic and Aurora, I like the pinkish tone to Aurora but Chic seems easier to wear on a daily basis. Personally, I'm more of a lipstick girl, but lipsticks are all so bold and terrible on dry lips, so I/m trying out more lip glosses sine they are usually less bold than lipstick and easier to wear. 

4) Eco Tools Blush Brush
As you may know, I love Eco tools brushes. I've got loads of RT brushes but no blush brush, so thought I should go for this, for more of a variety, plus it's cheaper than Real Technique and costs £7.99. These brushes are so soft and do the job perfectly :) well I've never tried this one, but I know from using them in the past.

5) Topshop Eyes Midnight Hour
I don't need more eye makeup, but I saw this and was oddly drawn to it! It's £6 and I like the mix of the two colours, but I think I have to see it in person to be sure I want it. I really should be moving away from such dark eye makeup since it is Summer soon, but like I said, I'm oddly drawn to this! And it's not that expensive. 

6) Soap and Glory Love at First Blush
I've seen loads of people use this and it looks so pretty! It costs £11 though which is a taad too expensive for a blush, but I have waned it for ages. Although now I know the price I'm not so sure.. I'm deciding between this one and this  but this is even more expensive, so who knows! I tried cream blushes for a while, but I just don't think they're right for me, so I'm sticking with pressed powder:)

7)Tanya Burr Lips and Nails
I really love these two shades which are Cream and Peaches and Bright and Early. I've heard great reviews about her nail varnishes and heard they last ages, which is a bonus! I like these because they're both so summery and I think Peaches and Cream will look great with a tan. 

I was going to say more about other things I want for my birthday but I think this is enough for one post today! I might do a miscellaneous wants post as well, then again, whenever I say I'm going to do a post I rarely do...but we'll see! Do you guys have any make up recommendations? Especially a concealer recommendation; I'm running low and need to find a new one! Although I love Collections concealer it just doesn't suit my skin at all!


  1. I really want to try one of the Body Shop bronzers as well, I have really sensitive skin so their makeup is perfect for me! would love if you could check out my blog :)

  2. I need some Tanya Burr products in my life!

    1. Same, everybody says they're amazing, plus I love Tanya, so even more reason to buy!x

  3. I have the body shop brush on bronze and it's so pretty and glowey!

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Ahh I'm so glad its good :) I want it so baad!x

  4. Ahhh I was just catching up on your blog and noticed you'd linked to my blog- thankyou! :) I hope you get everything you want- that Soap and glory blush looks beautiful! I'd also love to read a miscellaneous birthday wish list post too :)xx

    Pillar-box Post

    1. I might do one, but I've lost my wishlist and it's my birthday Saturday so I may just do some random stuff I get :) also I love your blog,of course I had to link you in :)x


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