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9 March 2014

I have only ever used two brushes from the Eco Tools Range; the Domed Bronzer Brush and the foundation brush and I have loved them both.

They are both extremely soft and do the job you need, and it's great to you're using a product that is recycled and 100% cruelty free. They both clean well and no bristles come out.

I'm on their website at the moment and although I have all the makeup brushes I need, I want loads more from here, but alas I gave in to the Real Technique hype, but I think I need to buy more Eco tools.

I don't use the eco tools foundation brush anymore as I use the Real Technique buffing brush, but this one was really good. It gave a good distribution of foundation and covered my whole face evenly. It left it with a nice finish and no streaks.
Probably worst photo ever, have no idea why its so blurry, sorry!

I, stupidly, brought the domed bronzer brush to use as a powder brush, even though it's clearly a bronzer brush. However it does apply it alright.
It applies my powder evenly and doesn't make me cakey, but it's very densely packed so you cant just fan the powder on quickly and I feel like it rubs some foundation off whilst applying the powder. Yet it is extremely soft and does leave with an alright finish.
Due to the fact it's so densely packed, it does take a long time to dry, definitely over 10 hours, and the handle is quite heavy to hold. It has a flat bottom so you can stand it up and I can't even exaggerate to you how soft this brush is, heck, how soft all the Eco tools brushes are!
As a bronzer brush, it doesn't really give you defined cheekbones but it gives you a nice sort of shadow, but I prefer to use my RT contouring brush for bronzer, but I'm curious to know what you guys use for bronze and blush brushes? Let me know in the comments below!

Overall though, Eco Tools brushes are really good, but you cant really swap the uses of the brush like people do with the Real Technique ones. When I have money again I will definitely buy the powder brush and possibly some more.
They are around £5-£10 which is really good price considering they are such great quality and last ages.

Making this has really made me want to go and get some more brushes, but I have no money at the moment because, I'VE FINALLY GOT A CAMERA! I love it so much and also thanks guys so much for 99 followers...1 away!! Ahh I'm so excited and I love you all so much!:)x


  1. I also bought the bronzer brush as a powder brush. These brushes are so soft.
    Bright and Shiny

  2. I have the bronzer brush and really like it! It's started to smell though even after I've washed it which is a bit worrying... :P I love your velvet crop top from the previous post, I'm dying to get one! Rachel x

    Pillar-box Post


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