L'Oreal #TXT

14 May 2014

I love sea salt spray, and when I brought the L'Oreal #txt wave creating spray, I thought it would be just like sea salt spray but without making my hair feel all sticky and knotty and smell like the sea when I used it. In that aspect, it is a good product, but I really don't like it. It makes my hair feel like straw and creates no waves. To be fair though, I don't always put it in after I've washed my hair and dry it in the specific way the bottle says to, but I was hoping that I could just spray it in my hair whenever to get the wavey look sea salt creates. But it doesn't do that, and when I did put it in after I washed my hair and followed the steps (but without blow drying my hair-I can never be bothered) it didn't create any waves

I also got the L'Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray which  claims to give your hair volume and it really
does! I put it in and it instantly gives my hair more volume, but I do need to use quite a bit to see a difference. I don't really know if it's a hairspray too though, because it doesn't hold my hair in place and the effect doesn't last for more than a couple of hours, but it does create more volume! Unfortunately it's not really what I was looking for , I more wanted a hairspray than something to give me volume, but this is okay. I'm sure it works better on people with thinner hair, because there's less to lift and if you want a volumising spray this is good, but not the best. It leaves my hair smelling nice, but not feeling nice (just like the wave creating spray). This was also £3.79 and I won't be repurchasing this one wither.

I'd love to know some of your guys favourite hairsprays and sea salt sprays  in the comments below. I've only recently started venturing out in to the world of hair products and I'm pretty clueless! If there are any products you love that create beachy waves, or gives you a messy hair look or just holds your hair in place, please let me know! I know there are so many, but I'd rather go out and buy a good one then buy one which I don't really like. Partly because I can never be bothered to go out, but mainly because of money.

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  1. Hi, I love your blog and have nominated it for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on my blog :)
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