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10 May 2014

I never know how to start outfit posts...
But last week I spent my Saturday outdoors on a bouncy castle (so cool I know) and I really liked my outfit so I thought I'd show you. I always have a bit of a problem taking outfit pictures though, I can never get the whole outfit in, or my face looks a mess or the lighting is terrible but I fought through all those dilemmas, not very well though, and here is the outcome of my outfit pictures.

Top: Topshop here
Mom Jeans: Topshop here
Necklace: New Look - I got it ages ago, don't think it's still in stock, but you can find necklaces like these in most shops!:)
Cropped my head out because it's the only good whole picture of the outfit I have, but my face was just ew no

On my nails I am wearing Peaches and Cream from here. Also, how nice are these rings!? I'm not sure where they're from, the perks of having a Dad whose a jeweler!:)
The thing I love about this outfit, is that it's all so comfortable. Obviously, mom jeans are comfy but the top also isn't that tight, it's stretchy and not so tight that I'm sucking in my belly all the time! I like the high neck of this top too and the vertical lines, in real life this outfit made me look really tall too, not sure why, but it did! I think a choker would go best with this outfit, but I just stuck with the gold chain. It's a really spring/summer outfit and I love the pink of the top and think it would look even better with a tan. Also since I spent the whole day in my house/garden that day, I didn't bother wearing any shoes, but I think if I did, I would have worn my black jellys probably.
I got a really nice pair of sandals the other day off eBay to wear to a wedding I'm going to soon, but alas, they did not go with my dress so I had to send the back. But they were so cute! They were platforms, but not outrageously huge, and had silver straps. I really love platforms and that holgorpahicy/silver colour at the moment, so annoyed I had to send them back! They would be perfect for summer and were so comfortable, oh welll.

Let me know in the comments if you have found any platform type sandals, because even if I can't buy them, I love looking at them! Until after I get sad because I can't actually buy them..yet. Also, if you know anywhere that sells white shoes, heels or sandals, please let me know! The wedding is getting closer and closer and I still have no shoes!


  1. I love that top! Such a cute blog! xxo aribooxo.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love how you've styled it, looks cool x

  3. I love your outfit! Looks so comfy and it's also so simple and ah, just lovely x
    By the way, I am not blogging on Little Library of Dreams any longer, but on Pink-Mint Pijama.
    Here's the link to my new blog: http://pinkmintpijama.blogspot.ro/
    A follow'd mean a lot, of course, if you want to!

    Kisses xx

    1. Thanks for telling me, of course I'll follow you, I loved your blog!:) x

  4. Love this outfit! I recently brought that top but in grey and definitely agree with you about how comfy it is compared to other crop tops, I'm really tempted to buy it in another colour! :)

    Millie x

    1. I really want another colour too! I kind of want a less summery colour (be prepared for winter) or I can just wait for the sale and hope they're there..:)x

  5. I love this outfit!! You're absolutely adorable and are rocking those mom jeans!!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  6. This is super cute! I really want to get a pair of mom jeans, they seem very comfy and just nice to wear. :)
    Emma | the Earth through a Lens

    1. They're super comfy and surprisingly easy to wear with a lot of things!:)x


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