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16 May 2015

Yo guys! Today, for the first time ever I am doing a recipe. Wow, I know. What a time to be alive. I was going to say stepping out of my comfort zone, but I'm not. I make this all the time with my friends because it's fun (who doesn't enjoy making their ideal pizza lets be real you're making it there are no restrictions) and tasty and you guys are my friends. It's not a particularly hard recipie, nor does it have an amazing qualities. Its fun though and tasty, and healthier than normal pizza and has the possibility to be made even healthier if you're that type of person. Its less expensive than ordering pizza, and if you're with friends you don't have to shy around the awkward 'oh no I don't mind whatever yeah margherita is good' when really, let's be honest, if you're ordering pizza, why go for plain. Like seriously you can get anything don't get plain. Although I do like plain pizza, but to be fair I prefer the pizzas you buy then cook yourself if I'm going to have plain. I dont like when you order and it's all greasy because I'm just like that.
ANYWAY pizza wraps. I make them with my friends. You are my friends. I will share with you the recipe my sister passed unto me. 

First things, you can make this healthier by using wholemeal wraps, different toppings and what not but this is how I do it. Also, just giving you the heads up now, this isnt a very 'professional recipe'. There aren't really any quantities to follow because it's basically making pizza but a different base, and nicer, in my opinion.

1) 2 plain wraps for each person
2) Tomato puree 
3) Pesto (I recommend the green kind personally)
4) Any Pizza toppings you desire!! (I have spinach, parma ham, sweetcorn and mushrooms. I went all out. If I'm going all out I also like to include onion but I forgot)
5) Cheese (I used mozzarella because I'm a pro like that)

Pre heat your oven to 180.

1) First, cover one of your wraps with a thin layer of pesto. I don't care if you don't like pesto. You cant actually taste it (unless you put too much on but I'm assuming if you don't like you'll put minimum on anyway) but it is essential for the structure. 

2) Put the other wrap on top of that, so its like a sandwich of wrap, pesto, wrap. The pesto is to keep it stuck together and you have to have two wraps because otherwise its flimsy. Just don't miss out the pesto, I've witness it with my own eyes, Just do it. Unless you're allergic, then find an alternative.

Not trying to brag, but how professional is the second picture. I wish I took a better picture of the first one though, but oh well!
3) Now you basically just do what you do with a normal pizza, whack on some tomato purée and whatever toppings you desire. 
What I done (because I'm the chef here so Ill tell you my every move) I put on the tomato purée then I done the spinach, cut up some mushrooms, sweetcorn (shout out to Green Giant because I'm a sweetcorn enthusiast and their sweetcorn is the nicest I've ever tried, green giant if you're reading this hmu I can promo you) then I ripped up some parma ham and then threw some mozzarella on top.
I usually do it on a plate by the way, then put it on an oven tray after.

4) Pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes. 
Don't make the mistake I did. I put it in for 10 because that's what my dad said, even though he never eats pizza wraps so I don't know why I trusted him. I however, make them on the regs so I should have just trusted myself. But yeah I put them in for too short then when I got it out I knew it wasn't ready. the mozzarella clearly wasn't cooked and I can't explain what it looked like but the pizza wrap looked done slightly but the cheese gave it away that it wasn't yet I still went in there and had  a few bites. I stopped myself though, because it wasn't enjoyable and I needed to stop being so greedy because I knew it wasn't done and pooped it in for seven more minutes. So yeah. Don't be me. Don't be greedy. 15-20 minutes in the oven at 180. ALthough maybe less time if your pizza isn't as full on as mine. If you don't have as many toppings as mine check it after ten minutes, Just in case. 
Not very artsy but WOLAH. Is that how you spell it? Should I just say tadaa? TADAA
Bam! You're done! What a fun and tasty meal! Enjoy! I hope all your exams are going splendid and are going better than mine and hope you're not pushing yourself too hard! (NOw I need to go back and delete half my waffling what fun). Also, I'm aware this isn't the best recipe post, but oh well. I am learning, but in the future I may do more, I have some in my head because, as well as being a sweetcorn enthusiast, I am also a breakfast enthusiast. Kind of. I mainly repeat the same things but still, I have had enough cereals and granolas and overnight oats and porridge in my life to be able to recommend some popping things. I wanted to read some posts after I posed this but I am pooped!


  1. This looks delicious! I usually make sisomething like this when we're out of pizza bases :)

    Sarah |

  2. omg, I'm definitely doing a pizza wraps, I never thought of doing my own pizza this is great recipe. I'd do a very nice Greek pizza wrap, with shrimps and feta and mozzarella cheese, black olives onions... well you see where I'm going! Anyway, thanks for the recipe :) xx

    1. That sounds so good! I never even thought of putting shrimp on pizza, it sounds so extravagant!:)x

  3. I just came across your blog and I seriously love it! It's nice to see another blogger who doesn't try to stick religiously to categories like beauty/fashion/lifestyle but kind of does their own thing :)

  4. "wolah" Libby bby it's "voila"

  5. this is definitely how i'm going to survive at uni! xx


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