Summer Wishlist

6 June 2015

Hey guys! Only two more weeks left of exams, woo. Today, was meant to be a quick one about a summer wishlist. Online shopping is never quick though. I wanted to do it based on Asos but Asos is just so huge. Also, I wanted to include a bikini I wanted but looking at bikinis online just annoy me. No ones legs are like that stop lying to me!! I really like impractical bikinis as well, like the high neck ones or ones that would give you a really bad tan line.

shorts  |  bum bag  |  floppy hat  |  anklet & bracelet  |  daisy top  |  sunglasses  |  pajamas  |  dungarees dress  |  socks     baseball tee  |  cap  |  dress
Okay I'm going to keep chatter about these clothes short. Firstly, Asos have loads of cute pajamas. However they also have some really impractical ones. I'm not insulting anyone who wears some of these pajamas but they have like maxi dresses and playsuits? In sleep wear?? A playsuit to sleep in!? Imagine how frustrating that must be, it's bad enough getting out of bed in the middle of the night to pee let alone having to fumble around with a bloody playsuit. Although, they are adorable. Also, that denim dress is adorable, but I'm not too sure it would suit me, and I also really like the other dress but I think my sister may have one similar so I can just borrow hers. If she allows me. I really like dresses with dropped backs though and jus ah everything about this dress. 

The sunglasses I have been looking for these since like April, so good luck if you try to find them in real life, because they are impossible to find. I dont know why I dont just order them online. I know they suit me because I tried on my friends pair. Huzzah, what a revelation I just had, guess who's going to buy these! Meee! (false call they're out of stock, that was a roller coaster). And the cap, may I say I probably won't buy this because I wouldn't wear it often enough for the amount it costs, but on holiday I like to wear caps. I feel cool AND I'm protecting my scalp. Best of both worlds realy. The floppy hat I also probably won't buy but I have loads of 'imagined outfits' in my head including a hat like this. Again, I think my sister has one so hopefully we can share it over summer. I want to look glamorous.

Before I finish, can we just appreciate how adorable the bum bag is!? It's from American Apparel though so costs too much for what little use I would give it, but I'm going to Reading this year so I need a bum bag and just think this is so adorable! And the socks, I'm not sure why but recently I really want socks. I want sparkly socks, I want socks like these with stripes, I want socks that are mostly, I want socks with grids on them. I just want all the socks. Know what socks I have? White or frilly. Literally the only options in my sock drawer. Do I like frilly socks? On others yes, on me no. Why don't I just buy more socks? Because my sock drawer is literally overflowing with white socks. I asked my mum for them a while back and for some reason she brought me like three packets of white socks from Primark, like okay mum calm down I only wanted a couple of pairs not enough packs to keep me going till I'm 35. 

During this internet browse I've realised there are so many things I want. I'm not going to buy anything yet though, my friend Hollie is coming up from Devon to see me for a quick two days and since I would have finished school by then and everyone else will still be in school I'm thinking I might take her to Oxford Street since it won't be as busy as usual, so I plan on saving up for that. Plus me and my friends all plan on going shopping during summer. All these plans and probably none of them will happen. Ahah, oh well. Anyway guys goodbye for now, I'll see you soon! 


  1. Great post! I love all the items in your wishlist, especially the dungaree dress!


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