'Hot Milk'- a strange novel

22 November 2017

I've been meaning to write a review on 'Hot Milk' for ages and I've struggled, because it's such a strange book. A beautiful book, but strange nonetheless. It's about a 25 year old woman  (Sofia) and her damaging relationship with her mother (Rose) as they move to Spain to find a cure for Roses unexplained illness with the help of Dr Gomez, an unconventional doctor. As well as exploring the relationship between parents and children, there's also a slight coming of age tone as Sofia floats through life, having a degree yet working in an artisan coffee shop and meeting her seamstress lover. 

Despite it being short, it's a very heavy book but that's not what makes it weird. It's the narrative that makes it weird, and often I enjoy when things are changed up but I've never read a novel before that's written like this. It's hard to put into words. It's slightly hard to follow the novel, as everything seems so whimsical and dreamlike. Sometimes you end up in a new part of the protagonist (Sofias) life and you're not sure how you got there, but it's not like the reader is just thrown in. You just kind of float through the novel. A review I saw said it had a dream like narrative and now I've read that I think that's the only way to explain the novel. There are also interludes in the narrative which aren't explained. It's just an outsiders perspective on Sofias life, yet you never find out who. It's creepy but just seems to fit with the whole curious tone of the novel. This is a train wreck. I just recommend you read the novel. 

Looking back at the novel there's a lot of symbolism and I think that it was really well written. As a reader we're never sure what's going to happen, and there seems to be no proper climax and the whole unsurity of the novel fits well with the main character. God I'm finding this novel hard to write about. I'm not even sure how to explain the plot. I'll tell you this though, the one thing I didn't like about the novel was that the dialogue seemed unnatural. However, the descriptions were so vivid- for some reason the image I have of Spain in the book is so solid in my brain. 

My reading has been slacking a lot lately, I'm not sure why as I can't say I've been overly busy. I hope in December I read more. It's ironic that this is the final month of the year, I've been four years into my gap year and I've hardly read anything. Please recommend me good books. 


  1. This book sounds so interesting! I want to know how the book is written in a dreamlike way. I'm currently reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. It's such a good book. Not the kind of book I would normally read but it pulled me in. Try taking a look at it!

    Simply Me

    1. I'll have a look. It is an interesting book, I enjoyed it but I'm not desperate to read it again. It's just very strange ha x

  2. This book sounds so weird! I've never heard of it, but now I for sure want to read it to experience it for myself. Thanks for the recommendation :) I've not been reading much either lately


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