Why Babies Are The Best

14 January 2018

I was going to do a post about some favourites of mine lately, but it was a lame post and then it deleted which was a sign that it wasn't meant to be posted. So instead, I'll talk about another favourite of mine- young humans. It was my nephews first birthday today and there was a big clump of babies and two kids there- and they're just so entertaining to watch. So, if you don't have the privilege to be able to surround yourself with kids/babies never fear, as I'm going to tell you some of the highlights of today, plus just some highlights of kids in general because they're great and not only that, but their innocence and simplicity seem to be a beacon of positivity lately and sometimes that can be hard to find!

I don't know why I look so scared/uncomfortable in the second photo. I wasn't very prepared for a photo 

(Warning before you read: by baby I mean almost one year old/being over one year old. Kids mentioned are 3 and 4)

-a baby called Ozzy was staring at me, just sitting and staring, and then he stood up so fast pointed at me, then sat back down shook his arms and just turned around. He stood up with so much purpose though only to point at me? Was funny
-my nephew crawled up to every baby there and touched their face and then would move on to the next baby. He only done this to the babies though, not to any of the kids, just the babies. I never fully realise babies could distinguish themselves from adults but I guess this was a sign. Or maybe it's because he couldn't reach anyone else face except the other babies.
-one baby was sitting on her mums lap and just kind of holding a ball having a good time, then she just conked out. Like she full on just collapsed into a deep sleep whilst there was so much noise in the background yet she stayed asleep for a solid half hour.
-I was in a room with this kid who was watching Cebeebies and then an adult (by adult I mean like 25) came in and the kid went to her' Do you want to leave?' so the adult said 'Yeah sure if you want to' and the kid went 'No you leave by yourself' and I stayed because I was on nephew duty and he was in that room, then the kid just stared at me until I felt too uncomfortable so I also left
-Whilst everyone was singing happy birthday my nephew started to lick the cake.
-My sister was eating cake and my nephew reached out to eat some and when my sister said no he just started making this really strange growling/moaning noise (very relatable)
-The kids were being firemen then one of the kids said to the other kid 'OH MY GOD THE FIRE IS ON YOU' and the other kid burst into tears
-My nephew would have these moments where he just done all his skills at once, so he'd be sitting there then all of a sudden would start waving and clapping and blowing kisses and bouncing. He would do this really fast then just stop and carry on as if nothing happened.
-One baby (Ozzy again) would suddenly get really excited at random times and would shake his arms and start screaming.

So there's some positivity for you, happy babies! Nothing better. Hope you all have a great week lads, if you have any good kid stories let me know- I just think they're the best.


  1. they really are the best, I used to not have enough patience for them but now I enjoy their company so much. one of the funny moments I remember right now with my cousin is her being on the living room alone playing her toy piano, totally unaware I was watching, and then when she finishes she goes up on the couch and says to the empty space in front of her "thank you all for being here, you are the best crowd ever!" ahahah I could tell 100 stories like this. nice to have little humans around.

    1. Little humans are the best to have around, aha that thing about your cousin made me laugh. I can't wait for my nephew to begin talking (I just hope he's not boring- but is any kid boring?!)

  2. This post is the cutest! It reminds me of how much I like little children as well! Ozzy sounds incredibly cute!
    Simply Me

    1. Ozzy was so cute, and he was so much bigger than all the other babies but the shyest! x

  3. This was so nice to read, I love it. I've always been the youngest in my family and never had relatives at the age to have babies yet so I've missed out big time so far! I used to volunteer at my local rainbows group and even thought they're aged 4-7, it brightened my week so much just being around they're innocence and the way they carelessly act!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Aha thanks, I just felt like some niceness was needed and what is better than babies! I'm the youngest too but I love kids. There is something about being around their carelessness and courage that just I don't know what it is but really makes you feel something

  4. I've never been a big fan of little kids as I was the second youngest in my family so didn't really grow up with a big group of little kids apart from my brother. But, babies and little kids can make your day feel a whole lot better no matter what that is for sure! The innonoence, the worry free & happiness they have too is so cute and you just wish for that for yourself and that they always have that!! I hope your Nephew had a great first birthday!! sending lots of love x

    1. Thanks Chloe, I think he did have a pretty great first birthday and even if he didn't there were so many snacks so I had a banging time. I think when you get older the big reassurance about kids is that now you're older you can snitch on them to their parents if they get too annoying/rude/whatever whereas when I was like 14 I would just accept a kids rudeness aha

  5. omg he is sO ADORABLE! You're so lucky to be around little kiddies - they're the best. Kids say the funniest things too.

    - Iona (asweetdestination.blogspot.com)

    1. They so do! To be fair I'm not often around kids but it's pretty lit when I am aha x

  6. ahahah this made me laugh so much I love it. Your nephew is soo super cute too! My cousins baby is about the same age and he cracks me up, I love how free they are aha. xxx


    1. Aha thanks, ah I love their freeness and how they act when they're discovering new things. They're the best!x

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