The Things About University

30 September 2018

I feel like before I came to university I was constantly asking my friends for advice for starting and most gave the same advice of just saying yes and properly throwing yourself into the university experience. I was told that so many times. I was also told so many times that everyone is in the same boat so don't feel isolated in your fear. No one tells you though how fucking important cushions are, I bought one nice cushion and I think I need at least four more. Top tip to all you guys- advice doesn't always need to be deep, sometimes materialistic advice is very important.

The thing about university is that nothing can truly prepare you. Nothing can prepare you for how alien it feels to wake up hearing new sounds, rather than the usual morning routine of your family members. It feels bizarre living with new people, seeing the foods they decide to stock their fridge with, finding out which teas are their favourite but fuck me is it exciting.

I was always aware of the magnitude of my university and how much of a university city Leeds is but nothing could have prepared me for all the different people I'd meet. All my friends are gorgeous, but I've seen them almost every day for years, but here there is so much new beauty to see and become accustomed to. I don't really know how to get this across, but I feel like no one warned me (warn is too foreboding a word, but I can't think of anything else) of all the different people you will be exposed to.

I didn't think freshers would feel busy, but it does and I can't imagine things getting busier but I know that they will. I thought I had become pretty good at using my phone, but the beginning of university has been a whirlwind and I've hardly been able to speak to my friends back home. I get worried that they think I'm replacing them, but I know that they understand how hectic the beginning is.

I was out the other night and really got hit by the fact that this is my life now, it feels so surreal that eventually I will know this city like I know home. Every time I go to turn on my bedroom light and end up turning on the bathroom light I'm reminded that this isn't home yet, every time I go to use the wrong key I'm reminded that this isn't my life yet, but soon it will be. I'm proud to say though that I've already become close pals with the walk to and from Sainsbury's.

I'm enjoying university at the moment. My flat is lovely, the flat across is lovely and I'm yet to come across someone who challenges the happiness I'm currently feeling. Of course there are bad moments, I think most of mine are yet to come though. I'm bloody terrified of lectures actually beginning though and looking towards the future is equally as terrifying as I realise the end of freshers may bring an end to the constant sense of friendship I feel in my block.

ps- I thought of this blog post was getting my student ID, so I couldn't write any of my ideas down but in my head this was one heck of a post, but now in my hungover state it is lacking a lot of the heck I was hoping for but xx enjoy anyway xx


  1. Sounds like you are getting the hang of things :) Haha I love how randomly ideas can come into mind. Simply getting an ID card sparks inspiration. I enjoyed reading your words. You always have something meaningful to say. I've loved following you through out your blogging journey.
    Simply Me

  2. i miss u and now I've started uni i 10000% see why people go flaky at replying bc there 100% are just not the hours in the day to manage it all and sleep and socialise and have time to urself, but still here for u as always even though our communication has dropped by about 3/4 lmao. Starting uni is literally the weirdest thing eva and I'm super proud of us for doing it and so happy that a) your happy and b) its not as bad as you thought it was gonna be lol. Love u and facetime me soon yeh xoxo

  3. This all sounds so exciting Libby ahh! I'm so happy you're enjoying it and embracing the change, uni is a really fun experience and I bet you're gonna love it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. Have a great time at uni Libby, enjoy it xx

  5. This all sounds so exciting and I love how u captured it!

  6. This was really interesting for me to read because I was going to do an exchange program to study and live in Leeds back when I was in uni! I didn't end up doing it because of schedule clashes with my classes, but I've always wondered what it would have been like.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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