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9 October 2013

I am in desperate need for mom jeans.
I can't wait any longer for them- I NEED THEM
Fun story- I found a super nice pair on Asos, they had my size but I decided to order them when I ordered my friends birthday present. When I went to order the present THEY DIDN'T HAVE MY SIZE.
So then earlier I thought I'd look again, this time on Urban Outfitters. I found a pair I love and a few other items that I love.
I added everything I loved into a basket (not even like, love. If it was everything I liked pretty sure I'd have put the whole shop in there) and my price came to £495. THAT'S ALMOST £500 THAT IS NOT OKAY

I really like the pinafore midi dress, but firstly if I remember correctly, it was over £50 and for that amount you would have to wear it loads, which I'm not sure I would because it could easily look too formal.
I love the big shirt (the very first picture) because ahh I don't know but it looks so comfy and in case you don't know this about me even though I'm pretty sure I mention it all the time, I love shirts.
I like the kitten&leopard tee, and I do think I will get one but it's a sham that they are quite expensive, but I would wear either one of them a lot, either tucked into high waisted skinnies, or over leggings or maybe even with a black skater skirt.
The two coats at the bottom I adore, I really want a Harrington jacket or a mac like this, but this one (the burgundy one) I would wear a lot- but I wouldn't be able to wear it to school and if I'm going to spend a lot on a coat, I want to be bale to wear it at school as well.
The end coat, the green one is my ULTIMATE COAT it looks so comfy and warm but it costs £125!! If I had the money though, I would definitely buy it, I think it would go with almost everything except maybe a midi dress.

The one thing I know I'm definitely going to get is those mom jeans.
And you can wear them with anything,you want to wear a tight top? Go ahead!
 You want to wear a any type of crop top? Be my guest!
 You want to wear a baggy top? You can do that!
You can wear them with anything and my sister has a pair and says they are super comfortable- even better!

What are your guys favourite shops? Could you recommend some to me that maybe don't cost so much?:)
Do you have any mom/boyfriend jeans? If you do let me know in the comments and maybe tell me where they're from so I can check them out!:)xo

Sorry for all the capital letters in this post, I don't know why they're there but guess clothes just make me very excited and shouty, ahah!xo


  1. I love those mum jeans!! How much were they!? Phix clothing have similar things to urban outfitters (vintage/apperally) and sometimes and is cheaper, so I would recommend trying their website out! xx

    1. Didn't mean the and before sometimes! X

    2. They were £45, but I would wear them all the time, so I would definitely get my moneys worth!!:) And thankyou, I'll check out their website now :)xo

  2. I love the tops with cats on them - am such a cat fan it's ridiculous!

    Just to let you know that I have tagged you in the Beauty Blogger TAG and I hope you'll join in :o). Xx

    1. Thank you :) and same, I love the cat one!:)xxx

  3. Miss Sefridge and Missguided have mom jeans £40 and under.
    I recommend H&M and New Look,their stuff is pretty nice:)x

    1. Thank you :) I love H&M and rarely go in there, but when I do I always come out with loads!!:)xo

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  5. Great post :)

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    1. I'd love to, but I never use facebook, so just over GFC and Bloglovin :)x

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    1. I'd love to, but just over GFC and Bloglovin, I never use facebook and don't have a proper twitter account!xoxo

  7. Love the mummy jeans so comfy too and easy to wear, also love UO, i just wish it wasnt so expensive :)
    Love Em x


    1. Same! But a friend of mine told me she got these Urban Outfitters jeans, then tried on a pair of Topshop Mom jeans and preferred the Topshop ones, which means I must go shopping soon to decide and maybe a gazillion items..!:)xx

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  9. I'd love a pair of mom jeans! Love your choices :) x


    1. Thank you:), I was going to buy a pir today and out of the three pairs there were they were all one size too big!:(x

  10. I have tagged you in my blog for the Liebster Award- www.confessionsofharriet.blogspot.com


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