Winter Wants

17 October 2013

So after having a marathon of beauty gurus yesterday, I now have a huge list of things I want, some of them aren't specific but I thought I'd share what I want with you!
  • Autumnal scented candles!
  • Blusher
  • Dark Nail varnishes
  • Black glittery nail varnish
  • Darker shades of Lipstick
  • Lipstick in general
  • Nail Kit (like one of those with a file, scissors etc)
  • Fun socks (I had some glittery socks for Christmas last year  but I'm 102% my sisters each stole a pair from me, even though they got them as well!)
  • Storage boxes, I just want some cute little boxes to keep my stuff in!
  • Candle holders
  • Suit Pajamas, if you don't know what they are don't fret, I will do a blog post as soon as I purchase some!
  • Lip balm
  • Carmex ( I know that's lipbalm but I also want some fun, fruity ones)
  • Hand cream
  • Bubble bath/bath bombs
  • NEW shampoo bar, lush ( I will definitely get this and when I've been using this for a while I plan on doing a review!:) )
  • Soap and Glory Butter Creams
  • Face masks
  • Lush face mask
This list was far bigger then I originally planned.. I don't know when I'll next go shopping but hopefully soon!
If you can, I'd love if you could recommend me any good products of the ones I mentioned, especially face masks, I really want a few but don't know which ones to get! The same for candles and I'm always up for nail varnish recommendations!:)


  1. I love the 'simple - kind to skin - deep cleansing face mask'. Having super sensitive skin, its to only one I have found that doesn't brake me out, and its super affordable for the drugstore : always a plus ;)
    Been really enjoying reading your posts recently!
    Katie xox

    1. Thank you :) and I might buy it, going shopping tomorrow and I need one for sensitive skin prefably!:)xox

    2. Your welcome! I nominated you for the sunshine award, all the rules are on my blog :)
      Katie xox

  2. I'm with you on a lot of these things. In particular, candles and bath bombs. Blissful beginning to celebrate the cooler months :) xoxo

    1. Same :) But today when I went shopping with my friends and I asked if we could go to Lush they all started laughing and I was like woah what's so funny what did I miss turns out my mum had told them not to let me go to Lush because she didn't want me to get bath bombs from there!xox

  3. Oh wow, sounds like you'll have a lot of fun shopping for these ;) I adore the lush creamy candy (I think that's what it is called) bubble bar so I recommend that :D

    1. Thank you:) Ooh I can't wait to go to Lush, it's heaven in there!xx

  4. Autumnal scented candles...I agree <3 they are the best x


    1. Oooh I know and it makes everything feel so cosy! Hoowever I never noticed before how expensive scented candles are! But my auntie might be going to America soon so if she does I think I might have to ask her to get 567 candles from Bath and Body Works...;):) <3x

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  5. Darker lip sticks are always top of my autumn beauty wishlist! So is Carmex :) it's the only thing that keeps my lips nice & soft when it gets cold xxx

    1. I am loving it at the minute! I really need to get a dark lipstick, the need is killing me!xxx

  6. Great haul, thanks for sharing! I just became your newest follower <3 Hope you can check out my blog and follow back if you want xx

    PS. I'm also doing an Urban Decay Vice 2 palette giveaway on my blog & Instagram if you're interested!

    TWITTER @sixthtractate
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  7. I had a lot of things on my wish list and you have now added some more to it haha :)
    I just came across your blog and I really like it! will be following you
    saida xx


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