29 January 2014

For as long as I can rememebr, I have loved piercings. I know its weird, but I just love those random bars of metal that people put in their body, and recently it's all I can think about so I thought, why not share with you guys some of the piercings I want?

None of these are mine

I already have my lobe, first and second, pierced and my tragus on my left ear.
To 'complete' my left ear (if you will) I want my cartilage pierced, which is in the third picture, the piercing at the top of the ear and my third lobe piercing.
On my other ear I would like my forward helix, which you can see in the first and second picture, the bar at the top front of the ear. I also really want my mid cartilage, but I couldn't seem to find a nice picture of one but I have no idea which ear to get it one.

On the bottom row I would get either of those piercings that are at the top of the ear (triple cartilage I think its called and rook) because oooh the idea of the pain scares me! And I don't think it would really suit me, but I do like them.

When I'm older, I will definitely get my nosed pierced (in the picture of Demi you can see) and I also really want my lip done, but I feel like my body doesn't really like piercings, since my tragus keeps getting infected, but who knows! I really hope not since as you can see... I want loaads but I would feel so worried about getting my lip pierced because imagine getting that infected! And I feel like it would be so easy to, if you were ever applying makeup or lipstick it would be soo easy!

Back of the neck piercings are also really pretty in my opinion, but personally I don't like the ones where you can see the bar underneath the skin, so if I were ever to get it done I would have to get the one where they like screw it in, argh I've completely forgotten what its called! But yeah I love them, but would never get it done, since I don't even wear my hair up much, so whats the point!

Finally I really want my belly done. I'm really fussy about the bars people use, I don't like huge ones because I think it looks like their belly button is throwing up jewelry, but if I were to get it done, I would obviously use the type of bar I liked so it would be all good. I don't know, I just feel like girls stomachs look so empty without either a piercing a tattoo on it, but that's just me personally, and I probably think like that since I'm so used to seeing belly 'decorations' since my mum and sisters have their pierced and so do our family friends that we go on holiday with, whose stomachs I see since when you're on holiday you bikini it upp, and probably because Im so used to it, I find it weird to see people without decoration.


  1. hello! I've nominated you for the liebster award, sorry if you've already had a nomination! check my blog for the post:)

    Lucy |Make Up Your Mind

  2. ahh great post, I love piercings :)
    The neck piercing looks really pretty, but I wouldn't like the bar underneath visible either I don't think, not that I'd get one anyway, I'd only nick it every time I brushed my hair!
    L xo


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