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17 March 2014

I feel like I should start saying something at the beginning of my posts...usually i just go so then witter on about whatever that post is about but I feel like I should give you a proper welcoming. Some people go 'Hello lovlies' and Louise (sprinkle of glitter) obviously goes 'Aloha Sprinklerinos!' and I feel like I should start welcoming you guys rather than diving straight in...but I have no idea what I'd say probably just like hey guys or something but I don't know. I just need to stop starting off with so!

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you guys some films that I love. Now I am a huge Disney/Pixar/animated film fan so it was tempting just to make a list full of them, but I restrained myself and only put two in. I have loads of favourite films and I can never choose which films are my favourites so I would just like to firstly say this is in no particular order and that I love tons of other films too, this is just what popped into my head when I was writing notes for it.

1) Coyote Ugly: My mum used to always bring up this film somehow, then one day me, my mum and sisters all sat down to watch it. This was around two years ago I think and let me tell you. I love it. It's kind of a chick flick and I wont give much away, but you know when you're with your friends and its like 'lets watch Wild Child' or 'Lets watch Mean Girls' even though we all know that everybody has seen each of these films a billion times. So next time, I recommend Coyote Ugly. Also it has an Australian guy in it, so who can resist!?

2) Prisoners: I went to go see Prisoners in the cinema a while ago and I think that it on On Demand now and probably on DVD. In these descriptions I'm not really writing about the films; it's just to help you decide what film to watch one day. Prisoners is more of a thriller and in no way is just a cute chick flick. Although it is quite long, you do not feel the time pass at all. It's tense and interesting and there is no time to look away. It is a little bit scary but more makes you think and get a bit scared rather than a full on horror film. Literally, the best way to describe it is thriller. However, there is blood and gore in it at a certain point and a few scenes which aren't very pleasant to watch; but it is such an interesting and intense film. It's one of those films where although you know what happened; you can watch again and again ((also Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman are both in it and I don't know whether to be ashamed to admit that I love them both so much!? )) I feel like the film poster lets it down and makes it seem like some tacky film, but trust me. It's amazing. 

3) Tangled: Yes I am talking about the Disney film, and if you haven't seen it then..go watch it! If you ask me my favourite Disney film it's so hard to choose because my absolute faves are Aladdin, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and really I could be here for ages! But with their most recent films, yes I love Frozen (I am a huge Disney fanatic) But Rapunzel is my number one. I don't know why I love her so much but I just do! I remember once I was off school because I was ill and I probably watched it three times that day. Whenever I don't know what to watch when I'm just lazing about on my laptop, I either go for Tangled or Rise Of The Guardians because I just love both so much! It's a bit sad because the other day I decided to watch Tangled because I hadn't watched it for ages and not only do I know all the words to all the songs, I also know the majority of the lines...

4) 50/50: I think ages ago I made a post about this film, but if you want to laugh and cry and just feel a whole roller coaster of emotions, then watch 50/50. I was laughing through my tears and it was just so good. It's a light hearted film which you have to watch properly once but then can easily put on in the back ground whilst your'e on you laptop or something. But just be warned; your emotions will be all over the place from this film.

5) Clueless: I feel like Clueless is one of those films which you just have to watch if you a re a girl. It's a chick flick and quite old, but I don't know, it's just such a cute lil film and perfect for a sleepover where you're at that part of the night where you need a film on in the background but don't have to pay much attention. It's one of those films you just have to see!

6) The Amazing Spider-Man: Really any super hero film. They're almost always good films and keep you interested throughout. I really liked Spider-Man and can't wait for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to come out some time this year! Soon, I think...This, in case you couldn't tell, is less of a chick flick and more of a film that if you like superheroes, well, your really have no excuse for not watching.

7) How To Train Your Dragon: Okay so this is another cartoon, but is more of a boyish one I would say and to be honest I'm just recommending you guys some of my favourite films, there is so specific genre, so why not throw in some some cartoons and stuff! I love this film and awhh Toothless, the dragon, in this is so adorable! After watching this film you might just have a life long desire for a dragon which you can never fulfill, which sucks, but maan this is a cute lil film! Also number 2 for this is coming out this year, around summer I think? Which I'm also so excited about :) SO MANY FILMS ARE COMING OUT THIS YEAR I CANT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT
8) House At The End Of The Street: This is another kind of scary/thriller one, it's really intense and you have to pay attention to it. It's not one of those films that can just be in the background, you have to pay attention, but it is so good. I don't think it's as long as prisoners, but you do stay interested through out. Also Jennifer Lawrence is in it and not only are you lying to me, but you are also lying to yourself if you don't admit that you love her. She's just such a great actress and this whole film is fab, you've probably seen it but hey-ho why not recommend it anyway. 

 9) The Last Song: I read the book before I saw the film of this and I loved the book so decided to watch the film. Jonathon Sparks wrote the book, and a lot of his books have been adapted into films and I love how none of them stray far from the book. It's kind of sad and happy and romantic. There are a lot of emotions but not as intense as the emotional roller coaster you experience from 50/50, but it does get sad and in the book I cried, in the film I cried so it's pretty safe to say it is sad. All his books/films are romantic and will make you cry at one part. You really can't go wrong with any of his work. They may get a bit boring on the middle to some people (well not The Last Song, but in Safe Haven, the film. I did get a bit bored, but not much) but are definitely worth watching.

10) Shutter Island: This is a film you can watch over and over again and never get tired of. Every time you interpret the ending in a different way and I love it. It is a thriller and the more times you watch it the more you pick out and ahh it's just amazing. I don;t really know how to describe it other than it really plays on your mind. It is a little bit scary but more causes you to think. A lot.

Sorry this is a bit of a different post, but I didn't know what to post so just thought why not! It's not even that I don't have post ideas, I just can't be bothered to snap the pics and edit them and etc etc. But I have had a really busy weekend which is when I usually post stuff, and I do have a few drafts but there is a reason they are drafts and not actual posts... Anyway on Saturday I went to an Indian festival with my friends and it was AMAZING, which I plan on telling you all about as soon as I get pictures! Maybe Ill go crazy and do a mid week post, oooh scanadlous! Probably not though..anyway, thanks for reading and I'll see you soon! Sorry for such a long gap between posts!x


  1. You have an absolutely amazing taste in films there!
    Really nice, i'm going to watch that tangled cause everybody is raving on about it!
    Hope you're okay xx

    1. Thank you:) Tangled is probably one of my favourite films, if I could be any princess I'd definitely be her! Or Ariel, because who wouldn't want to be a mermaid..:)xx

  2. Coyote ugly is the best film!! x

    1. I know, I love it so much I always get nervous watching it with other people in case they don't like it!x

  3. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing!! We love her! We have actually never watched House at the End of the street, but we'll definitely have to get around to it because we heard she's amazing in it (as always!!). Shutter Island is a movie we would recommend, it can definitely do your head in!!

    1. I've only watched Shutter Island once but really need to watch it again because I've kind of forgotten it all I remember really is that it doesn't have a very 'satisfying' ending!x

  4. Good taste in films, please check out my blogspot I'm new to blogging hehe!


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