Platform Sandlas

21 May 2014

I never know how to introduce these posts, hello guys! (I'm working on it..)

Remember in this post I was complaining a way about how I got sandals but I had to send them back despite the fact I loved them yaddayaddayadda, well I kept them. I couldn't resist.

I've never had platform shoes before, but they didn't take long to get used to. Although I'm a very clumsy, off balance person and my feet always slip to the side of my shoes, which is usually fine, however in platforms not so much. Honestly the amount of times I almost fell over! Although if you're not as clumsy as  me, I have a feeling you would be able to walk easily in them after a while.They're super comfy if you wear socks. (Also I know socks and sandals, but they were cute little sparkly ones and I thought they were cute) but my socks kept on slipping and I got really bad blisters, which suck but oh well! The shoes are quite a bold fashion choice I think, and if you like them you like 'em but if you hate them then... thankfully me and all my friends love them. I was worried they were all going to take the mick out of me but fortunately not!

They're such fun shoes I feel and perfect for summer! I don't think they'll be that easy to pair with outfits, these definitely don't go with everything, but the outfits they do go with will look fabuloouuus. They were £17 I think from eBay, so far i think they're good quality. Well they must be, I spent the whole of Saturday walking in them, but when I went on swings and dragged my feet to stop it the white left a mark which I don't know if that was them rubbing off, it probably was. Now I know for next time no swings though!

Example of them in use even though you cant really see...

I would say only buy them if you think you will keep them though because it's always such a hassle on eBay sending things back and stuff, then again do as you please!

I'm glad I have these shoes but the wedding is getting so close, when I'm writing this it's two weeks away and I still have no shoes! DO you guys know anywhere to get cream, white or tan nice shoes? I know this is quite a wide variety of options but I just can't find any anywhere! Also, preferably cheap ones because I already have so many shoes and there's one more pair I want to get so I don't really want expensive one of these. I don't know if this makes sense.


  1. I like this sandals! are they comfortable?

    1. They are, but make sure you do them up tight enough! I didn't and got really sore blisters because the heel strap bit kept on slipping!:(x

  2. Love the sandles, they look so comfortable! They seem like they will be great for everyday and evening wear as well.

    1. They would! Also I love the extra height they give you :)x


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