Baked To Last Bronzer

20 July 2014

Hello! So in this Baked To Last Blush post I talked about the baked to last blush I got from the Body Shop and now I'm going to tell you about the baked to last bronzer.

This one was also pretty pricey and to be honest I don't think it was worth the £16.
Firstly, its very shimmery, which I guess you can tell from the packaging but still, mixed with the shimmery blush it is not a good look! I look like a giant speck of glitter!
Can buy here. Also I do use the same brush for bronzer and blusher, I know I should swap them but oh well.
However the thing I do like about this is that it makes you look you have a tan, but in a very subtle natural way. But this is the only thing it achieves. It doesn't really help define my cheekbones. It just makes me look tanned, which isn't really my aim when I wear bronzer. However I do really like the tanned look it gives.
At first it was quite hard to use. You have to be careful about how much you get onto the brush and you have to be quite a pro contourer to use it I think, because it can be quite hard to blend and if you take a smidgen too much you will look like you've wiped mud on your cheeks
When I made this blog post a while ago I didn't really like the bronzer, but now I love it. I think its because now I know how to use and how much to take up and where to apply and all that jazz and I have been complimented a few times on the bronzer. It doesn't really define your cheekbones that much, but it does a little bit and gives you a great extra tan, perfect for summer!

I tried to show a sawtch of it for you guys but it didn't work. Trust me though, it is good just very easy to mess up.

Next time, I think I'll buy a matte bronzer and reserve this for more summery days. I really want Hoola but it's a bit far out of my price range at the moment.
I also really want the sleek face form palette, but I don't really need a blush, but I do need a bronzer and a highlighter! I have brought the MUA highlighter but I found it doesn't last very long but since I've decided I do like contouring (I brought the cheap highlighter to make sure I would) I think I may buy the sleek face form palette. Unless you guys have any other ideas on a matte  bronzer I can buy, please let me know!

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