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6 July 2014

Hello! I lied! I'm sorry! I didn't post Wednesday but soon, soon I will sort everything out and posting schedules. I even brought (a really ugly) diary to help prepare me, but let me tell you as soon as its 2015 I will be on top of things and I will buy myself a pretty diary straight away.
Also I'm still sorting out my blog, so please excuse the picture at the side, I will sort out everything eventually.

But today is yet another outfit posts, I have a future post coming about all the things I got from Camden because today includes on of those items and although the post has been in my drafts for ages, they shall come soon. Although I didn't really take any pictures whilst at Camden, because I didn't want to take my camera (I wish I had the confidence to just take it places) and my phone camera is really bad, but hopefully soon I'll either build up my courage and take my camera out with me more often, or I will get a phone upgrade..Even though that's not till next year but oh well.

I have a thing for animal tops and there is kind of a story behind this one but I think I've written about it in my future Camden post so I won't bore you with it twice. I also have a unicorn top which I posted about here and then this time I decided to go for a wolf top. I know, such a contrast, a light and fluffy unicorn to a dark and mysterious wolf. But yeah, I love animal tops and the sole purpose of me going to Camden was to get one, even though I'm pretty sure you can just get them off the internet. Both the tops I have a from a brand called The Mountain T-Shirts I think and although I only have two tops from them, they are both so comfy. Also the picture doesn't fade after a wash and you know when you have a picture on a top and you feel like you could just pic it off and it just feels like paint? (I hope other people get that anyway..) These t shirts aren't like that at all!
I took these pictures very late at night and in the second picture my face was just so terrible I had to cover it up, also sorry for the bags everywhere. I have no idea why i didn't more them at the time!
Top- Camden (similar online here)
Leggings- I don't know where from, lets just go with Asos
Socks- Topshop
Hoodie- Primark (mens)
Bandanna-Camden (similar here
I went comfy, and paired it with leggings and a green hoodie, but also some frilly socks. I can't remember what I was doing the day i wore this, but I remember being so comfy and feeling so clean. I hadn't worn leggings in so long and then I finally did and I forgot how different they feel to jeans, although to be honest my jeans are really comfy.
I also somehow managed to do an alright messy bun that day (although by the time I took the pictures I had to redo the bun which wasn't half as good as before) and I put it with a bandanna I also got from Camden. I love bandannas so much recently, I have this purple one and a red one which I've had since a long as I can remember and I just want more! I also think they look so cute with a bikini, so when i go on holiday Ill definitely be taking some. I think I might order a blue one soon ready for summer.
Meant to be a close up of the tshirt so you can see it better but it didn't really work. Oh well
Goodbye for this week guys! I felt so determined earlier to write out ideas for blog posts and all that stuff but I'm too tired now. I always do this. I feel so motivated to blog but rather than write anything in my notebook I make a blog post and then after I'm too tired to write in my notebook so I go to sleep then by the morning I've forgotten my ideas. Oh well!
Also guys in this post I talked about this face product and I cant even explain to you guys how much more my skin has improved more than last time. In the mornings my face looks awake and clean and I don't have that many blemishes and I just cant get over how amazing it is! I feel like I've been sponsored or something, but I just really love this product and want you guys to know what a savoir it has been to my skin! But yeah, adios amigoooos.

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  1. It's really pretty! And I love the way you've shown it!



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