Bring On The Baggy

22 October 2017

I keep wearing baggy trousers lately and I can't tell if I'm loving it or hating it. I like to wear belts to force a waist and none of my baggy trousers have belt loops. I also like to wear baggy t-shirts to hide my belly but baggy and baggy isn't always a look. I can't remember how I used to do outfit posts anymore haha. These trousers are so old but hardly ever worn- I was trying to sell them on Depop but now they've creeped back into my regular wardrobe because they're just so comfy. Also lately I've become such a fan of these cute lacey bralettes- they just make outfits look so much better! I need to buy more as I only really have one that I like and it's too small so the majority of the time I'm wearing it, one of my boobs is just hanging loose.

trouser- UO (old)  |  socks- Primark (such fun socks I don't know why anyone ever wears plain ones!)  | top-ASOS
unethical outfit I know but the trousers I got like back in year 10 and the top is a staple so I don't feel that guilty.  Also I trust ASOS. These photos are such bad quality I need a good camera but I spent all my money allowance for this month 
I feel like this weekend I've been productive than I've been for a while but at the same time I didn't do much. I went shopping both days, but bought a shit ton of stationary to help me feel organised- although I couldn't find the type of thing I was looking for so I tried to revamp a notebook I bought which I kind of regret but oh well. I also got my legs waxed and washed my hair and just done some things to make me less of a gross human being- not that having hairy legs makes you gross, it just made me feel unclean. I then bought makeup and clothes and now just feel exhausted. Although I feel happy as well because I've managed to cross one thing off my 'get done before 2018' list which is clear out my drawers.

I cleared out the vast majority of my A-level stuff and oh boy was it a ride. It's weird because that's like two years of the hardest work I've ever had to do just gone. I kept some stuff as a'just in case' but I don't know what the 'just in case' is for. It was weird though just getting rid of it and because I feel like my final grades aren't a true reflection of me and the amount of work I put in it just made it so much harder. But oh well- it is in the recycling now ready to become so more paper- or whatever happens to recycled paper!

I also feel optimistic that I'm going to begin one of my gap year goals of becoming an embroidery master as I keep watching tutorials for all these different types of stitching. Eventually I'll become so jealous of the tutorials that I'll finally begin. I also think I'm going to look for a Spanish Course after posting this. I lied to someone the other day saying I had begun a Spanish thing and now I have to live up to the lie to redeem myself. I'm not really sure why I lied about it. But I did. Also I bought letter writing stuff lately (Katie inspired me) so if you want to become my friend and write letters to me I'm down. If you want to become my Spanish friend and write Spanish letters to me I'm equally as down.


  1. Can I just say I MADE THAT LIE IN MY OXFORD APPLICATION and now I've got 1 sweet month to live up to it. Oh shit. Excited for the letter writing and pleased at your productivity WOOO.

  2. If you want a Portuguese penpal (that also speaks Spanish, so 2 in 1 ehe), I'm your gal :)

  3. super cute outfit!! also I hope youre enjoying your gap year so far, I feel like youre gonna achieve so much and do amazing things!

    Tasha x

  4. I've just started sixth form... so my 2 years of hard work starts now. It's so much harder than GCSE's.
    Aleeha xXx

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